How to Update My Smok Mag 225w Firmware

How to Update My Smok Mag 225w Firmware

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  1. Boodaddy

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    Hey Guys,

    I’ve been having problems with my
    X-Priv screen etc.. I couldn’t find the firmware anywhere on the
    site, or online. I finally heard back from Smok support, and they sent me the link to download it.

    It’s a newer version “1.0.9” from the “1.0.8” version that shipped with my
    mod. (Naught has visually changed)

    No instructions came with the file, so I made some below for people wanting to update.

    ane. Open the HPT tool
    2. Take the
    out of your X-Priv
    iii. Hold down the burn button & plug in the USB cord to the 10 Priv
    4. Let off the burn button
    five. Click “Connect” on the HTP tool
    6. Click “APROM” under “Load File” and cull X-PRIV_V1.0.9.hex
    7. Brand sure “APROM” & “Config” is checked under “Program” and click “Beginning”
    8. Afterward the update is complete you will meet


    you can disconnect the usb cord, and fire it up.


    A lot of people take been asking for information technology, so here information technology is…

    Smok X Priv Firmware


    If the Smok link above stops working just reply here, and I will upload a new link.


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  2. perfect you just need winrar

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  3. How-do-you-do,
    when I click APROM i can’t find the .hex file…need help

  4. @Noah27, 10-PRIV_V1.0.ix should exist located in the folder where you extracted the files.

  5. A SMOK
    lasted long enough that a firmware update became useful? Wow. That’due south a rare bird there.

  6. I idea the same!

  7. gsmit1

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    Give thanks you. Worked like a charm, and yes my X-Priv is over a yr old, beaten half to decease and works fine. Even for firmware upgrades.

  8. Just a tip to everyone, make certain y’all utilize the usb cable that came with your
    vape, otherwise you may have trouble connecting the HPT tool with your

    Thank you OP for sharing this! Amazing.

  9. Does anyone know what changed in this version ?

    I only updated to 1.09.

    for the file.

  10. καλημερα κατεβαζω το αρχειο αλλα δεν μπορει να βγει το rar ειναι ευκολο να το ξανα ανεβασεις ευχαριστω

  11. Does by any chance someone accept version one.08?

  12. i did just yous sayed and my x-priv dies, do non turn on, tin you help me

  13. Tin you still connect the X-Priv to your computer? If so, endeavor to repeat the update procedure. Only first, erase memory. This was necessary for my X-Priv,

  14. yes i do, merely how exercise you erase memory

  15. But Click on ‘Erase all’ on the tool and start.

  16. still not working i just did that any other option

  17. meaby it is the
    Firmware, can you lot upload the link again

  18. Did you update the x-priv over again subsequently the erase all?

  19. try this:

    Hold all buttons WITHOUT batteries and plug into a USB port. Continue holding for x seconds, throw batteries in while all the same connected, disonnect and reconnect to turn on. DO Not TRY AND TURN ON Commonly. Use the cable….

    This will work on any __-Priv series mod.

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How to Update My Smok Mag 225w Firmware

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