How to Update Jb4 Firmware on Computer

How to Update Jb4 Firmware on Computer

How can I update iPhone on computer without iTunes?

“Equally indicated by some users’ reports, iTunes is running slowly, and if I use information technology frequently, it will too takes up more and more infinite on my computer, and then is in that location a way to update iPhone without iTunes on computer?”

How to Update Jb4 Firmware on Computer

In reality,
using iTunes to update the organisation is very common usage, but it has some disadvantages, for example, it is not as fast every bit updating directly with Wi-Fi, and sometimes it may ho-hum down the performance of some applications. Thus, yous may desire to update iPhone without iTunes on computer.

How to update iPhone on calculator without iTunes [Explained]

Actually, at that place is no mode to update iPhone on computer without iTunes. Merely you lot can update your iPhone without computer and iTunes.

Using iCloud to update iPhone nether Wi-Fi


Updating iPhone past using Wi-Fi is the easiest way to update without iTunes because you can complete the process through the wireless network without connecting to the calculator.

Before updating, you lot should cheque if your iCloud Fill-in is turned on, otherwise, there is a loftier chance of data loss on your iPhone after the update is complete.

Process: Go to Settings > Tap
Apple tree ID
> Find your device in the list > Click and check your iCloud Backup

iCloud Backup

So, you can get-go updating your iPhone using Wi-Fi, the steps are as follows:

Step 1. You should get to “iPhone Settings” >”General“> “Software Update“.

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Sofware Update

Step 2. Click “Download and Install”. (This option will appear when the iPhone finds that it can be updated.)

Software Update

Step 3. Tap “Install Now”.

After the update starts, you will see a blue progress bar that y’all tin watch to check your update progress. When the performance is over, your device will automatically restart.


  1. The update requires good network conditions.
  2. Make sure your iPhone has enough power (above half) for the update.
  3. The update should not exist terminated or interrupted; otherwise unexpected issues may occur.


 that may occur later on updating iPhone


 how to fix

Before you update your iPhone, it’southward necessary to accept a wait at the possible problems acquired by update.

  1. Engagement loss:  The nigh common response from users is the problem of information loss after the update. It is recommended to backup your iPhone before the update, though you can
    restore lost data after update via data recovery software.
  2. iPhone does not receive calls:  Turning off airplane fashion and resetting your device may fix the problem with your iPhone.

  3. Wi-Fi not working
    :  Yous tin can solve information technology by restarting the phone, rejoining the wireless network, resetting the network, etc.
  4. Cellular data non working:  You lot tin can endeavor to set information technology by checking for carrier updates, and hard resetting the iPhone.
  5. The software update failed: If this happens, you lot can restart your telephone or free upwardly some space on your telephone.
  6. Bombardment drains faster: You could turn off the location service or enable the low power fashion to fix it.

Safeguard your iPhone information before updating iOS

In case of data loss caused by iPhone update and similar incidents, you can fill-in iPhone usingAOMEI MBackupper.

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It is a professional iPhone fill-in software, which is uniform with diverse Apple devices from iPhone iv to the latest iPhone xiii. Information technology supports
full backup
and selectively fill-in every bit well, and you lot tin can make choices based on your backup state of affairs.

Function 1. I-click backup of iPhone data (Fully fill-in).

AOMEI MBackupper provides a graphical interface that allows users to perform full backup very easily.

Step ane. Open up the AOMEI MBackupper, and then connect your iPhone to the computer.

✦ Note: When your iPhone is connected to the reckoner, a prompt window volition announced on the computer interface, click
Trustto allow the calculator to admission the iPhone.

Trust Computer

Step 2. Click the “Full Backup”.

Backup Step1

Step 3. ClickFull Backup to backup all data on your iPhone.

Backup Step2

Step four. Encrypt backup data, select storage path, and tap “Get-go Backup”.

Backup Step3

☞Note: To backup privacy information like health data, y’all can enable backup encryption.

Role 2. Selectively fill-in your information.

Footstep 1. Run AOMEI MBackupper, and connect your iPhone to the calculator via USB cable.

Step 2. Tap the “Custom Backup”.

Selective Backup 1

Footstep 3. You can choose the data y’all desire to backup, and click the “OK” push button.

Selective Backup

Pace iv. Select a storage path, and and so click “Start Backup”.

Selective Backup3


  • You can preview the data you demand to back upward earlier starting.
  • Fill-in can be restored to any Apple device (iPhone/iPad/iPod).

Bottom Line

If you wonder how to update iPhone on computer without iTunes, sorry to tell yous that it’s unavailable. Only you can directly update your iPhone nether WiFi without iTunes.

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To avoid information loss caused past update, it’south highly recommended to utilise AOMEI MBackupper to backup important data on your iPhone to PC before updating. Actually, it can transfer data too, which is useful when yous desire to upgrade to a new iPhone without losing data on the old iPhone.

How to Update Jb4 Firmware on Computer

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