How to Update Firmware Version on Foscam Fi8910w

How to Update Firmware Version on Foscam Fi8910w

EDIT: I no longer own this camera and recently have upgraded all my cameras to Nest Cam IQ indoor and outdoor cameras.

This is a follow-upwards to the article on
how to prepare up an IP Camera on a Mac Os 10 motorcar. Rather than discussing hardware as in the original article, this write-up will provide instructions on how to update your IP Camera’southward firmwares and so that you are using the latest firmware that fixes whatsoever previous known security hole and update or add functionality. If you are still using the IP camera with an older firmware, I suggest that y’all upgrade your firmware as before long as possible.

Considering firmwares amend upon the camera’s functions either by enhancing security, plugging a discovered security pigsty and/or add together new features,

it is imperative that you upgrade your cameras’ firmwares as before long every bit they are made available

. Yous tin can always check
http://world wide web.foscam.the states
for the latest news and updates.

Yes, firmware
. The IP camera has 2 firmwares, one for the photographic camera hardware and ane for the camera’s user interface (UI).

I similar to start out past giving credit to

Chris for pointing out the directions on how to upgrade the firmware:

FIRMWARE Update. I was able to update the firmware on my ii Wansview cameras today! Yes! Lots of security vulnerabilities in the old firmware. Wish I could discover an update to the “Web UI”. Anyway, these cameras are basically Foscams. I have a Foscam 8910 and that’s how I discovered this update. My Wansview firmware was and is now To get the latest firmware for your camera, download the firmware from Foscams site (but google it). From there, you demand to make sure the two centre numbers are the same, in my example .37.two. where the aforementioned. The last number is the REAL version of the firmware, the other numbers identify the hardware.

This tutorial is based on the Foscam FI8904W outdoor weather-proof camera model. As you may already know, this camera is sold nether several brands, such as Piece of cake N Tech, Foscam, Wansview, Apexis, Hootoo and Agasio. To make matters worse, the
exact same
camera has a dissimilar model name under unlike brands. For example, equally an Agasio brand, this camera is an M105I. Under Foscam, it is an FI8904W. As a Wansview, it is an NC543W. As a Hootoo, information technology is an HT-IP212F, etc. Chances are, if your photographic camera looks anything like this photographic camera:

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How to Update Firmware Version on Foscam Fi8910w

Then you take the same hardware regardless of the model number mix-up. If yous take not updated your firmware since purchase, information technology’s highly recommended that you practise so to accept advantage of the latest security patches every bit well as the nicer web UI. These instructions will give you the bones guideline on how to perform a hardware and UI firmware update. Go along in heed that these instructions are written solely for education purpose simply, based on my feel. Warranty is neither expressed nor implied, follow at your own risk.

These instructions will work with any IP photographic camera models manufactured ShenZhen Technology Co., Ltd. (i.e. Foscam, Hoo-Too, Noon, Easy Northward Tech, Agasio) and all the latest firmwares are available on Foscam’s U.s.a. support web site (; direct links to firmware versions every bit of this writing located beneath (be sure to check Foscam for newer firmwares, if bachelor).

Determining your firmware version number

To determine your IP Photographic camera’due south current firmware version numbers, log in to your IP Camera’due south web UI as an administrator, and so click on Device Info. The current hardware firmware version will be listed under “Device Firmware Version” and the web UI firmware will be listed under “Device Embedded Spider web UI Version.” While there are two firmwares, take note of the firmware version for hardware only. In my instance, the version number is

Web-based UI in ActiveX Mode under Internet Explorer

Web-based UI

When downloading your firmwares from Foscam, take note of the ii middle numbers, i.e.
20.35.ii.twenty. This is the firmware hardware identifier. The concluding number,
, is the firmware’s version number on your IP Camera. The first number,
, varies depending on the brand. For instance, equally an Piece of cake North Tech or Agasio branded camera, it is iv. Nether Foscam branding, it is an 11. You lot should only be concerned with the centre ii sets of number and the last number (ensuring that the firmware you are nearly to install is more than recent than the firmware in your IP Camera).

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Once you’ve determined the correct sets of numbers,
in this example, information technology is fourth dimension to download the firmware package from Foscam. The download links are at the bottom of this article.

The link for the latest firmware upgrade for this particular camera, as of this writing, is:

FI8904W – Version –Upgrading from 11.35.2.xx

The middle two set of numbers matches the firmware description, and the firmware version number is 51 compared to version 43 of the firmware that is currently installed in the IP Camera. Information technology is of import that you download the correct firmware package, even if there are ii versions of your camera resulting in slight variation. Applying the wrong firmware can render some characteristic useless or even brick the camera altogether.

Foscam’s message:

Earlier yous upgrade, nosotros’d like you to be enlightened of a few things before proceeding. There are usually two dissimilar firmware upgrades for each Foscam MJPEG compression camera model. The reason for the being of two different firmware is hardware related. If you lot load a newer camera firmware into your camera with older firmware, make sure that the first four numbers of the firmware version are exactly the same. If they are not, you will most likely experience some bug (wireless not working anymore) as certain firmware versions are designed for specific camera hardware. For case, if your current firmware starts with xi.22, yous must make sure that the firmware yous are upgrading to also starts with 11.22. In order to determine which is the latest firmware, look at the final ii digits of the firmware version – these final 2 digits should exist greater than the last ii digits on your current firmware.

Upgrading the Firmwares

In one case yous’ve downloaded the appropriate firmware package, unpack them to your desktop. You should have two directories; one for the hardware firmware (/Arrangement firmware) and one for the web UI firmware (/Spider web UI) along with a readme text file and a PDF instruction from Foscam:

M105I FI8904W firmware package

Log in to your IP Photographic camera’south web UI equally an administrator, so click on the “Maintenance” link to access the firmware update utility:

Permit’south upgrade the camera’s firmware first. Click on the “Choose File” button under “Upgrade Device Firmware.” Side by side, open up the directory where you lot’ve unpacked the firmware files and open upwards the “/System firmware” directory.

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Select the only *.bin file in the “System firmware” directory and click Choose.

Back at the firmware update utility page, the file name of the system firmware we just selected should populate the “Upgrade Device Firmware” cell.

Click on the button “Upgrade” under “Upgrade Device Firmware.” The IP Camera will reboot itself and upgrade its system firmware. You’ll see a threescore second inaugural. Once the IP Camera has upgraded its system firmware, information technology should take you back to the Device Info page. Your firmware version should now be up to appointment:

System firmware upgraded from version 43 to 51, i.due east. to

Now information technology is time to upgrade the Web UI firmware. Render to the firmware update utility page past clicking on the “Maintenance” link. Just equally updating the system firmware, click on “Choose File” nether “Upgrade Device Embeded Web UI”. Open up up the “Web UI” folder in the directory where y’all’ve unpacked the firmware files and select the just *.bin file inside and and so click “Choose.”

Back at the firmware update utility page, the file name of the organization firmware nosotros just selected should populate the “Upgrade Device Firmware” cell.

Click on the button “Upgrade” under “Upgrade Device Embedded Web UI.”

The IP Photographic camera will reboot itself and upgrade its system firmware. You’ll see a 60 2nd inaugural. Once the IP Camera has upgraded its web UI firmware, information technology should take you dorsum to the Device Info page. Because the Spider web UI updates key built-in HTML pages within the camera, the old Web UI will be rendered obsolete. Refresh your camera’s Web UI to access the newly updated and upgraded Spider web UI.

Your firmware version should now be upwardly to date:

Note that all custom branded Web UI specific to the make of your camera will be wiped out and replaced by a Foscam-branded Web UI.

Foscam’s firmware download links:

For the latest firmwares, it is recommended that you lot become to the Foscam web site.

How to Update Firmware Version on Foscam Fi8910w

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