How to Update Firmware on Ronin Gimbal

How to Update Firmware on Ronin Gimbal

DJI Ronin 4D Firmware Updates Coming in February and June 2022

Ronin 4D
and the Loftier-Bright Remote Monitor will get (at least) two firmware updates in 2022. The first update in February 2022 adds mirror control manner and make clean video output to the remote monitor equally well as support for more manual lenses for the Zenmuse X9. The second update in June 2022 adds back up for timecode, slow/fast move of customizable frame rates, remote gyro control for the remote monitor, and more.

Back in October 2021, the Chinese tech giant DJI surprised many filmmakers by announcing the 4-axis stabilized camera organization Ronin 4D. With impressive specs such as ProRes RAW internal recording, LiDAR focusing system, and a quaternary stabilization axis, the Ronin 4D sure caught a lot of attention. Bank check out all our previous articles on this unique camera here:

Two versions of Zenmuse X9 and new firmware update roadmap

The Ronin 4D uses the newly developed Zenmuse X9 gimbal camera module which is interchangeable because the X9 will be available in ii versions. The first one is the X9-6K, which is already available now (or volition exist very soon) and tin can tape video at up to 6K 60fps. The second version X9-8K is expected to be available in summer 2022 and will be capable of recording video in upward to 8K 75fps.

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Now DJI as well appear a new firmware update roadmap for the
Ronin 4D
and for the High-Bright Remote Monitor. At that place volition be (at least) two major firmware updates this year. The first i volition come very soon in February 2022 (the exact date is non 100% stock-still yet, only we will inform you lot every bit soon as possible). The other firmware update is scheduled to come in June 2022. Let’s accept a closer look at what is coming.

DJI Ronin 4D – Feb 2022 firmware update

The first firmware update will bring two new features to the High-Bright Remote Monitor for the Ronin 4D:

  • Mirror control mode
    – This manner will enable the High-Bright Remote Monitor to view the user interface of the primary monitor then that users tin can command the DJI Ronin 4D remotely.
  • Outputting clean video stream
    – The remote monitor volition be able to output a make clean video stream without whatever overlay information through the HDMI and SDI ports on the Remote Monitor Expansion Plate of the remote monitor.

This update will also bring
support for more manual lenses
for the Zenmuse X9. Newly, the lenses that have either clockwise or anti-clockwise focusing rings can exist properly (manually) calibrated for all the autofocus functions with the LiDAR sensor.

High-Brilliant Remote Monitor. Source: DJI

Ronin 4D
– June 2022 firmware update

The second firmware update is planned to launch in June 2022 and will bring updates to both the main camera body and the remote monitor. The main body will get the following features:

  • Support for timecode and other expansion ports
    – This volition be available via the 4D Expansion Plate.
  • Fast/slow motion of customizable frame rates
    – The photographic camera volition support fast or wearisome-movement modes with customizable frame rates of the sensor.
  • Outputting clean video stream
    – Ronin 4D will be able to output a clean video stream without any overlays through the HDMI port of the main trunk.
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The High-Vivid Remote Monitor volition get the following new features:

  • Independent recording and playback
    – Supports internal recording of video and audio signals sent to remote monitor in H.264 to microSD card and the playback of internally recorded footage.
  • Built-in motion command
    – Turns the remote monitor into an independent motility controller via the built-in gyro to control the gimbal of the Ronin 4D.
  • HDMI signal input
    – Supports the input of standard HDMI one.4 signals via HDMI input port on the remote monitor.
DJI Ronin 4D. Image credit: CineD

Toll and availability

Both firmware updates will be available every bit free download links on the
DJI support website
(through the DJI Assistant 2 app). The February update seems to be imminent, merely no exact date was confirmed to united states of america notwithstanding.

Ronin 4D
with Zenmuse X9-6K tin can currently be preordered for $6,799 and the version with the Zenmuse X9-8K is expected to cost $11,499. After some initial delays, shipping seems to be starting soon.

Are you planning to utilize the DJI Ronin 4D for your productions? What exercise you recollect about the upcoming firmware updates? Let united states know in the comments section beneath the article.

How to Update Firmware on Ronin Gimbal

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