How to Update Firmware on Nexus 6p

How to Update Firmware on Nexus 6p

Google has finally opened the curtain of the latest Android Oreo update, known every bit Android O and at present Google has started rolling out the stable Android 8.0 Oreo for Nexus 6P. This latest official update comes with build number OPR6.170623.013 forth with features, improvements and prepare for reported bugs. Besides, the Android viii.0 Oreo update comes with better and solid security protections to keep your organisation equally secure as possible. Google rolled out the official update via OTA (Over-the-Air), and so not all users tin get the update at the same fourth dimension. If the official update is not yet arrived at your region and you are excited to become the experience of latest Android OS version on your phone and so still y’all can install it manually by following this simple step by step guide.

This official update is the major update and have concluding changes in release of Android 8.0 Oreo. This latest firmware brings tones of new features like car fill to assist, picture-in-flick, navigating tasks with zip hustles, offers speed and improvements to increase your experiences using it. Nosotros ever strongly recommend to flash the latest official update on your Android devices which is released by Google. Not necessary just information technology is improve to take a full backup of all your valuable information before proceeding. If you are interested in installing the Android eight.0 Oreo official update on your  Nexus 6P and so go alee and follow the given steps.

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How to Update Firmware on Nexus 6p


This tutorial containing the instructions and files to root Android Android 8.0 OPR6 Oreo are just uniform with Nexus 6P. Do not use this guide for other device or incorrect variant.


DroidGuides will not be held responsible for whatsoever kind of damage occurred to your Nexus 6P during or after the rooting process of this Android 8.0 OPR6 Oreo official firmware on Nexus 6P. Keep at your own chance.


  • Brand a proper backup of all your important existing data on Nexus 6P.
  • ADB/Fastboot must be configured and properly installed on your PC.
  • The stock Marshmallow OS version should be installed on Nexus 6P.
  • Download and installUSB drivers for Nexus on your figurer.
  • The Nexus bootloader should be unlocked.


  • Turn off your phone or tablet.
  • Hold down thepower button and thevolume down button.
  • On your computer, open upCommand Prompt (Windows) orTerminal (Mac). Navigate to the folder withPlatform tools.
  • On your figurer, blazon:./fastboot flashing unlock in a terminal or control prompt.
  • Pressbook upwardly push and thepower button on your device to ostend bootloader unlock.
  • On your reckoner, type:./fastboot reboot
    • Enable USB debugging option by pressingMenu >Settings >Applications. Navigate and tap onProgrammer Optionsto ensure thatUSB Debugging is enabled.



Step No 1:First, download Android 8.0 Factory Image on the desktop of your computer for Nexus 6P.

Footstep No 2:Now, plug your phone to the PC using its USB data cable.

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Step No three: Ensure that Fastboot is configured and installed on the PC correctly.How to Set up ADB and Fastboot with Android SDK.

Stride No 4: Power OFF your Nexus 6P to boot into Fastboot/Bootloader Mode.Plow OFF your phone.

Step No 5: Power ON the phone while pressing and holding the Volume Up + Volume Downwards + Power keys at the same time until the Fastbootmenu appears.

Step No 6: Unzip the firmware file on your PC, that y’all have already downloaded and placed on the desktop of your PC.

Step No seven: Go to the folder containing the unzipped firmware extracted files and and then copy/paste all the files to your Fastboot directory.

Step No eight: Run the post-obit command (depending which Operating System you are on) from the manufactory image files in your Fastboot folder:





9: The flashing process of stock manufactory image on your Nexus 6P will be initiated. Wait for the installation process to be completed successfully.

Step No ten: Once the installation completes, your Nexus 6P will kick, and it may take nigh 4-5 minutes to boot for the first time.

Done! You have successfully installed the official Android 8.0 OPR6 Oreoupdate on Nexus 6P using the Google’s stock factory image.

How to Update Firmware on Nexus 6p

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