How to Update Firmware on Hp Photosmart 6520

How to Update Firmware on Hp Photosmart 6520



How to Update Firmware on Hp Photosmart 6520


HP Enterprise, HP Managed – Update the printer firmware

Learn how to update the firmware on HP Enterprise and HP Managed printers.

Similar to service packs for operating systems, HP provides firmware updates for printers to help address any known problems and add new features throughout the support life of the printer.

To make sure the printer is upwards to appointment, HP recommends updating the firmware for HP Enterprise and HP Managed printers. Run across the
Applicable printers

Practise you have a new printer?

Before using your new printer, HP strongly recommends that yous upgrade to the latest firmware version.

For information on how to upgrade the firmware on your new printer, view the post-obit video:

Update the printer firmware

Learn near the unlike methods bachelor to update the printer firmware.

There are 4 supported methods to perform a firmware update on this printer depending on whether the printer is in a prepare land or an error land:

  • USB flash bulldoze – Maintenance menu (set up land) (locally)

  • Embedded Web Server (EWS) (prepare land) (remotely)

  • USB flash drive – Preboot menu (error state) (locally)

  • Web Jetadmin (prepare state) (multiple printers at one time)

Earlier yous begin

Before upgrading firmware, make sure that any solutions used with the HP printer(south) will back up the new firmware version and review these requirements:

  • A firmware update requires a network connection or USB flash drive, and internet access.

  • This printer cannot be updated using FTP, LPR, or Port 9100 methods.

  • If you have a tertiary-party solution, contact the vendor to make sure that the latest firmware version is compatible with the solution.


    If device resets are performed equally office of the update process, these solutions might need to be reinstalled or reconfigured.

  • If a solution also needs to be updated to support the new firmware, HP recommends updating the solution beginning
    earlier updating the printer

  • A firmware update can require 10 to 30 minutes or more depending on the figurer speed and connection type.

  • Remote firmware downgrades are not supported. For more than information, see the section
    About firmware downgrades.

  • The steps in this certificate apply to but HP Enterprise and HP Managed printers. See the section
    Applicable Printers.

  • Y’all might need administrator privileges or a passcode to perform these steps.

Applicable printers

This document applies to the following printer models:

  • HP LaserJet Enterprise

  • HP LaserJet Managed

  • HP Officejet Enterprise

  • HP PageWide Enterprise

  • HP PageWide Managed

For an older small business HP LaserJet printer, use the WJA method or get to
HP LaserJet – Update the firmware.

For an HP LaserJet Pro printer, utilize the WJA method or refer to
HP LaserJet Pro – Update the firmware.

About firmware downgrades

If yous try to downgrade the firmware from a remote location to a version older than FutureSmart Version 4, the downgrade will fail and y’all will receive a
command console error and a

error in the effect log.

This is due to a new security feature that requires someone to be nowadays at the printer in gild to perform a firmware downgrade and prevents HP SureStart printers from being downgraded remotely. For more than information near this characteristic, become to
Embedded Security Features.

HP recommends using the latest firmware available only if a downgrade from HP FutureSmart 4 to HP FutureSmart three is absolutely necessary, and then utilize the Preboot menu and avoid whatsoever errors.


If yous downgrade the printer firmware, all solutions, stored jobs, and current settings will be lost. The machine will exist reset back to factory settings.

Print a Configuration page

Learn how to print a printer Configuration page.

The control panel display and steps to print a configuration folio will vary co-ordinate to the installed firmware level.

Control panel images with HP FutureSmart 3 vs. HP FutureSmart 4 and 5 firmware versions

How to Update Firmware on Hp Photosmart 6520

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