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  • Page one SGH-a887 Series P O R T A B Fifty E Q u a d – B A N D Grand O B I L E P H O N E User Manual Delight read this manual before operating your phone, and proceed information technology for future reference.
  • Page 2: Intellectual Property

    (and will not effort to) modify, prepare derivative works of, opposite engineer, decompile, disassemble, or otherwise attempt to create source code from the software. No title to or ownership in the Intellectual Belongings is transferred to you. All applicable rights of the Intellectual Holding shall remain with SAMSUNG and its suppliers.

  • Page three SRS Labs, Inc. WOW HD technology is incorporated under license from SRS Labs, Inc. Your telephone is designed to make it easy for you to access a wide multifariousness of content. For your protection, we want you lot to be enlightened that some applications that you enable may involve the location of your telephone being shared.
  • Page v: Table Of

    Recent Calls ……..31…

  • Page vi Driving Profile ……..50…
  • Folio 7 Templates ……..109…
  • Page 8 Route Condom ……..161…
  • Page 9: Section one: Getting Started

    Setting Up Your Phone Prior to use information technology is necessary to install both the battery and SIM into their corresponding internal compartments. The microSD menu slot is too located in this aforementioned internal surface area.

  • Folio ten: Installing The Retentivity Card

    Note: If the menu is not inserted correctly, the phone does non discover the SIM carte. Re-orient the carte du jour dorsum into the slot. Installing the Retentivity Carte du jour Your phone also supports the apply of a memory bill of fare (microSD™) for information storage of such things equally data, music, pictures, and video files.

  • Page eleven: Charging A Battery

    Although you can utilise the phone while the bombardment is charging, doing so volition crave additional charging time. Note: Yous must fully charge the battery earlier using your phone for the first time. A discharged battery recharges fully in approximately iv hours.

  • Page 12 When charging is finished, remove the flat cease from the interface connector jack on the telephone. Alarm!: If your handset has a touch screen display, please note that a touch screen responds best to a low-cal touch from the pad of your finger or a non-metallic stylus.
  • Page 13: Switching The Phone On Or Off

    Once the network has been found, you can make or receive calls. Notation: The display language is preset to English at the mill. To change the language, use the Language menu. For more information, refer to “Changing Your Settings”…

  • Folio 14: Section 2: Understanding Your Phone

    Section 2: Agreement Your Telephone This department outlines some key features of your phone. It also displays the screen and the icons that announced when the phone is in use. Features of Your Phone Your phone is lightweight, easy-to-use and offers many significant features.

  • Page 15 GPS, Mobile Video, AT&T Music, Games & Apps, Mobile Web, AppCenter, YPmobile, My Stuff, Tools, and Settings. • While in the Carte du jour screen, this central is replaced with the Messaging key, whose function is to create new text messages. Lock key: (…
  • Folio xvi: Side Views Of Your Phone

    When receiving an incoming call, briefly press downwardly either volume key ( to mute the band tone. Press and hold either volume key to reject the phone call and send information technology directly to voicemail. Adjusts text size when reading a message or using your browser.

  • Page 17: Rear View Of Your Telephone

    Camera lens: is used to take pictures and shoot videos. Mirror: allow you lot to see yourself as you have a picture or video. Your display screen provides a wealth of information nigh the phone’due south status and options, as well as providing access to the new widget bar.

  • Page 18 The Widget bar provides quick admission to those functions you lot utilise well-nigh oft (Analog Clock, Digital Clock, Dual Clock, New Message, Photograph Favorites, Voice Recognition, AT&T Navigator, AppCenter, Mobile Spider web, Yahoo Search, MySpace, Facebook, Today, Calendar, Favorite URL, Photo, Altogether, Audio Profile, Bluetooth, Alarms, Computer, Mini Music Player, Videos, and Events).
  • Page 19 Displays within the Indicators surface area when a new WAP message is received. Displays when Inbox is full – Text Bulletin. Displays when you prepare an alarm to band at a specified time. For more data, refer to “Alarms” on page 133.
  • Page twenty: Using The Multitasking Menu

    ) launches the Multitask menu that tin can be activated from within whatsoever agile window or page on the phone. At that place is no need to end what you are doing, if you lot quickly want to spring out and actuate some other common feature.

  • Folio 21 Music Role player: allows you to launch the Music Player while using the • handset for other tasks. If an incoming call is received or you want to make a call, the Music Actor is muted. Games: allows you to quickly access Games while using the handset •…
  • Folio 22: Department 3: Menu Navigation

    • Touching an onscreen option activates the feature. • Long card listing tin be hands viewed past either using your fingertip to scroll either up or downwardly the onscreen list, or pressing the book keys up or downward.

  • Page 23 From the available list of options you tin can either: • Affect an onscreen entry to actuate it. • Firmly printing and slide your finger up or downward the screen to scroll through lists of carte items. • Navigate through a long list past pressing either book cardinal upwards or down.
  • Page 24 Note: Scrolling requires that you press firmly on the screen and then drag. When scrolling through a list make certain non to touch or press individual entries on the list as this volition open the list entry. Accessing the Telephone’s Main Bill of fare Once you display a menu list, tapping an detail causes different functions, depending on its part.
  • Folio 25: Widgets

    Create Alarm. and Events. This bar makes great utilize of the available infinite on your a887. The Widget bar is a pane on the side of the display screen that houses user-selected mini-applications and keeps them organized and always accessible.

  • Page 26 You can easily customize the Widget bar by allowing you lot to go along these mini-apps docked within the bar itself or they tin also be undocked past dragging anywhere onto your Idle screen. Adding and Deleting Widgets To select which items are displayed or hidden within the Widget bar: ➔…
  • Page 27 Consult the calendar past month, week, or day. Set schedules and note anniversaries. • Write memos to go on track of your schedule. • Set an warning to act equally a reminder, if necessary. • For more information, refer to “Agenda” on • folio 134.
  • Page 28 Photo: allows you to view the list of photos downloaded from the web server, received in letters, or taken past the camera. You lot can then assign the image equally the current wallpaper. For more information, refer to “Using the •…
  • Page 29: Widget Bar Navigation

    • a keyword, and click the lens. Widget Bar Navigation Y’all can drag the widgets to the desktop to apply the application or characteristic, then drag it back to the Widget Bar when y’all are finished. Note: Many widgets can exist used directly from the widget bar without dragging them onto the screen (ex: Bluetooth and Alarms).

  • Page 30: Understanding The Events Widget

    Apply your fingertip to scroll up and downwards forth the Widget bar. Tip: Motion picture the screen in an upwardly motion to chop-chop gyre through the listing. Understanding the Events Widget…

  • Page 31: Section iv: Phone call Functions

    Impact or printing Note: When you actuate the Auto Redial option in the Vocalisation Telephone call menu, the telephone will automatically redial up to 10 times when the person does non answer the call or is already on the telephone. For more than information, refer to “Telephone call Settings”…

  • Page 32: Making A Call Using Speed Dial

    Dialing a Contempo Number All incoming, outgoing and missed calls are recorded in the Calls carte. If the number or caller is listed in your Address Book, the associated proper noun also displayed. From the Idle Screen, briefly press Notice the number past touching the drib down pointer to the right to view the telephone call logs from the various options screens.

  • Page 33: Making A Call From The Address Book

    Call Answer), you tin press whatever key to reply a call except End the call by pressing Note: You tin can respond a call while using the Accost Book or other carte feature. After catastrophe the telephone call, the telephone returns to the previously active office screen.

  • Page 34: Video Share

    ###-####” displays. A message is sent to the recipient “###-###-#### Wants to Share Video With Y’all.” Important!: When establishing a Video Share session, only the sender of the Annotation: The Auto Tape selection (page 67) must be enabled for this popup to be displayed. and utilize the onscreen video clip tin can save the file.

  • Page 35: Recent Calls

    Video Share icon, or touching More than ➔ Share Live. During a phone call (while not in a Live Video Share session) y’all can share a recorded video for the recipient. Touch on More than from the available files in your Video folder.

  • Page 36: Viewing Missed Calls

    Bear upon the onscreen Missed Calls dialog. The nigh recently missed calls are displayed. Notation: If in that location is a voicemail sent by the aforementioned number, associated icons are displayed and tin can then be selected. Coil through the list of missed calls.

  • Folio 37: Phone call Time

    Touch Delete. Place a check mark adjacent to those entries you wish to select for deletion. • Touching All toggles the placement of a check mark next to every entry in the list. Touch Delete. at any time to get out the Missed Phone call feature.

  • Page 38: Information Counter

    Contempo Calls Data Counter. The following information items are displayed: • Last Sent: shows the size of the last data packet (measured in KB – kilobytes) sent by the telephone since the concluding time this counter was reset. • Terminal Received: shows the size of the last information packet (measured in KB – kilobytes) received past the phone since the last fourth dimension this counter was reset.

  • Page 39: Options During A Telephone call

    Speaker On/Off routes the telephone’s audio through either the speaker • or through the earpiece. – Slide Speaker to On to route the audio through the speaker. (You can suit the speaker volume using the book keys.) – Slide Speaker to Off to use the phone’southward earpiece.

  • Folio xl Notation: The caller currently on hold appears within the On Concord tab. Switching Between Calls When you have an agile phone call and a telephone call on hold, you may switch between the two calls, irresolute the ane on hold to agile and placing the other on agree.
  • Folio 41 Instance: You wish to say something to person in the room, merely practice not want the person on the telephone to hear you. Note: If you lot are already in Video Share or you have a call on hold, you demand to select Mute/Unmute.
  • Page 42 You lot are notified of an incoming telephone call past a call waiting tone. Note: The Join option combines all of the calls you have established with your telephone (both agile and on concur).
  • Page 43: Section 5: Entering Text

    The a887 comes equipped with an orientation detector that can tell if the telephone is being held in an upright (Portrait) or sideways (Landscape) orientation. This is useful when entering text. If the telephone is sideways, an onscreen keyboard is displayed. When upright, only the alphanumeric keypad is shown.

  • Page 44: Irresolute The Text Input Mode – Keyboard

    QWERTY keyboard. The available Text Input modes are: T9, 123Sym, and Abc. Refer to the Text Input way in the upper right paw corner to identify which mode yous are currently in. T9: activates the T9 mode in either abc (all lower…

  • Folio 45: Using 123Sym Mode

    Bear on each key just once for each alphabetic character. A list of word options displays and includes a number indicating the words bachelor to chose from. Use the up and down navigation keys in the discussion options box to select the desired word.

  • Page 46: Using Abc Fashion

    Touch the Text Input Mode button at the bottom of the manner has been screen and touch on Touch the desired alphabetic characters. Bear upon input an upper-case letter. The keyboard automatically reverts to lower case after the kickoff letter in a sentence is typed unless you select messages. Bear on previous screen.

  • Page 47: Using Symbols In Portrait Mode

    . Bear on and hold fundamental to clear the display. Tip: The cursor moves to the correct when you touch a different cardinal. When entering the aforementioned alphabetic character twice or a dissimilar alphabetic character on the same key, wait for a few seconds for the cursor to automatically move to the right, and and so select the next letter.

  • Folio 48: Changing The Text Input Mode – Handwriting

    Changing the Text Input Way – Handwriting You tin can write your message using the Handwriting style just if at any time you experience you can’t remember how to input text, yous can touch the Input Select field and select Keypad.

  • Page 49: Handwriting Mode-Entering Characters

    • Write HI or How-do-you-do (in either case the Abc manner causes the initial character to be uppercase while the balance are forced into lowercase.) • Draw a line ( ___ ) across the screen to insert a space. Since in that location is no letter that matches this icon, the a887 inserts an empty infinite.

  • Page 50: Handwriting Way-Entering Symbols

    • Draw a line ( ___ ) across the screen to insert a space. Since there is no letter that matches this icon, the a887 inserts an empty infinite.

  • Page 51: Section half dozen: Irresolute Your Settings

    ➔ Touch Settings Audio Profile • Touch the name field and not the radio button to the correct. Touch drop-down menu (upper-right of the screen) and select Call. Select the Telephone call Alert Blazon field and select one of the following and touch on Save: •…

  • Folio 52 • Vibration & Melody: the telephone vibrates and plays a melody simultaneously. • Mute: the phone is silent and does non play a melody or vibrate. Touch the Message Alert Tone field, impact to select a ringtone and touch Salvage.
  • Page 53: Silent Profile

    • Vibration & Melody: the telephone vibrates and plays a melody simultaneously. • Mute: the phone is silent and does not play a tune or vibrate. Drag the Phone Audio Volume slider to the book level you lot desire (range is 0-seven).

  • Page 54: Driving Profile

    ➔ Touch Settings Audio Profile • Touch the name field and not the radio button to the right. Impact drib-downward menu (upper-right of the screen) and select Phone call. Select the Call Warning Type field and select i of the following and touch Relieve: •…

  • Folio 55 • Mute: the phone is silent and does non play a melody or vibrate. Touch the Message Alert Tone field, then bear on to select Message Tone 1 – 6 and bear on Save. Touch the Message Alarm Repetition pull-downwards and select i of the following options and touch Save: •…
  • Page 56: Outdoor Profile

    In this case, you lot are outdoors and might not be able to hear the telephone, or demand an increased volume in gild to hear the phone. For example, you might be jogging and demand the telephone to vibrate and ring loudly.

  • Page 57: Brandish And Low-cal Settings

    • Vibration & Tune: the phone vibrates and plays a melody simultaneously. • Mute: the telephone is silent and does not play a melody or vibrate. Touch the Power Off Type field, select one of the following and touch Relieve: •…

  • Page 58 Pictures folder) for the wallpaper choice. Touch one of the following options: • Fix : assigns the current image every bit the new wallpaper paradigm that appears when the Chief screen. • Pictures: allows you to choose a photo from Pictures folder, that are displayed in a thumbnail view.
  • Page 59: Time & Date

    The backlight turns the screen on using a preset brightness level. When the time (set in this characteristic) runs out, the touch screen turns off. The phone can also be prepare to lock when the Backlight Time runs out. For more information, refer to “Locking and Unlocking the Phone”…

  • Page threescore: Phone Settings

    • Automatic : the phone automatically updates the fourth dimension and appointment according to the current time zone using the network service. Touch the Time Zone field and assign a new time zone by touching a corresponding expanse of the world map.

  • Page 61 • ➔ ➔ Settings Phone To mute an alarm – come across “Turning Off an Alarm” on page 134. • To kickoff or restart a timer – see “Timer” on folio 139. • Auto Keypad Lock The Auto Keypad Lock feature locks your phone when the Backlight turns off.
  • Folio 62 4 to eight digit phone password each time the telephone is switched on. Note: You will be prompted to create a password the first time this characteristic is enabled. To change the phone password, see “Alter Phone Countersign”…
  • Page 63 Use the onscreen keypad to enter your PIN2 Lawmaking and touch Notation: The PIN2 lawmaking is provided past AT&T. Entering an incorrect PIN2 code tin can crusade the phone to lock, at which point, you will have to phone call AT&T customer service for assistance. Change Phone Countersign The Change password feature allows you to change your current phone password to a new i.
  • Page 64 Enter the new countersign and touch on Re-enter the same password and bear upon Note: If you change your password, be sure to write it down and go along it in a safe identify. If you forget your countersign, your telephone will require AT&T customer service to have it unlocked.
  • Page 65: Call Settings

    Airplane Mode Airplane Manner allows you to utilize many of your telephone’s features, such as Games, Vox note, etc., when y’all are in an plane or in whatever other surface area where making or receiving calls or information is prohibited. When your phone is in Airplane Mode, it cannot transport or receive any calls or access online information.

  • Page 66 • Testify My Number: allows you to select how your caller ID is handled when an outgoing telephone call is initiated. This is what others meet on their Caller ID screen. This value tin can be made blank if you exercise not wish your number displayed to other users.
  • Page 67: Connectivity

    • Machine Redial: the phone automatically redials the concluding active number if the call was either cut off or y’all were unable to connect. – Touch either On or Off to actuate/deactivate the role. Save – Touch to store the new setting.

  • Page 68: Bluetooth Secure Mode

    • Your phone becomes visible to other devices when you transmit your device’due south name to others in your surface area. This allows other devices to discover your phone and request a connection. If your phone is not visible, you can withal detect and connect to other devices, while even so hiding yourself from others.

  • Page 69: Configuring Your Phone’s Usb Settings

    This menu selects the method of advice for the USB port. Annotation: The Bluetooth characteristic must showtime exist disabled before initiating a USB connection with the telephone. Prior to connecting the USB cable to the phone, install the latest version of the PC Studio application. This awarding installs the necessary USB drivers onto your automobile.

  • Page 70 • Protocol: prepare the connection protocol used by the WAP browser: WAP, HTTP, or Other. • Home URL: enter the URL address of the page to be used as your homepage. • Proxy Address: MEdia Internet gear up as the proxy server address and port.
  • Page 71: Applications Settings

    Affect one of these options: • IMS Service allows y’all to prepare the IMS service to On or Off. Important!: If you reset the IMS Service to Off, you lot volition not be able to apply the Video Share Option. • IMS Profiles allows you to set the server that service is coming from.

  • Page 72 Record Audio. Bear on either of the following fields and edit the information: • Default Proper name : allows you to use the onscreen keyboard to enter a prefix proper noun of all recorded audio files. Touch new name. • Recording Time : allows you to choose the maximum limit allowed for the recorded audio file (1 Infinitesimal, v Minutes, 10 Minutes, 15 Minutes, 30 Minutes, hr, or Limit for MMS).
  • Page 73: Memory Management

    • Fixed Punch Contacts: assigns phone numbers as FDN entries. • Used Space: displays the memory storage resource allotment (full bachelor and remaining) within both your Phone, SIM menu, and FDN list. Salve Touch (not all of the above options crave that y’all relieve).

  • Folio 74: Software Update

    ➔ From Idle mode, touch Update. Phone Data This option allows you to come across the phone number on the SIM card ➔ Settings Memory (within the telephone), the manufacturer, and the model number. This information may exist necessary if talking to Customer Service in the event of a problem.

  • Page 75: Department 7: Mobile Video

    After the stream has been buffered into retention, you tin can cull to either intermission or play the content. • Touch the Pause/Play button to toggle between the two functions. • Bear upon the Exit button to be taken back to the Mobile Video homepage. Using the Video Categories This group of media categories provides admission to an additional listing of streaming media.

  • Page 76: Customizing Mobile Video

    • Manage My Favorites: lists the current Favorites list and gives you the selection of opening the page or deleting it from your Favorites. • Add together to Favorites: selecting an item moves it to the Favorites listing. Do one of the following: to delete a Favorite.

  • Page 77 Bear upon each of the post-obit fields and use the onscreen keypad/keyboard to enter the information: PIN, Re-enter, contact email address. Bear on Save and permit a few minutes for your information to be received and accepted by MEdia Net. You can then use this information to activate the parental filters.
  • Page 78: Section 8: Understanding Your Accost Book

    Touch the paradigm icon and assign a moving picture to the new entry past choosing 1 of three options: • Remove although not an pick with a new entry, deletes any previously assigned image. • Take Photo to utilise the camera to take a new moving-picture show and assign it to this entry.

  • Page 79 Accost Book. Annotation: By default, Contacts are saved on the phone. To copy them to a SIM card, run into “Copying an Entry to the SIM Card” on page 83. Adding More Fields to a Number While in the process of creating a new entry or editing an existing contact, you lot can add additional fields to the entry’s list of…
  • Page lxxx Within the open Contact Screen, touch Fields). Note: Simply certain new fields may be deleted. If y’all have not added whatever new fields to the contact, the Delete Fields button will non appear. Touch each field you lot wish to delete and a checkmark will appear.
  • Page 81 More Bear upon Save to Address Book • Select Update if this was a previously created entry and your are calculation the current number to the previous entry. Enter the desired information, see “Saving a Number from the Idle screen” on folio 74.
  • Folio 82: Using Contacts

    Note: The default Address Book entries are: *Now – *669, Check Bill Balance – *225#, Customer Care – ane-800-331-0500, Directory Assistance – 411, Pay My Bill – *729, View Data Usage – *3282#, View My Minutes – *646#, Voice Dial – *08, and Music ID – #43.

  • Folio 83: Accost Book Entry Options

    Ability Search tab When found, impact adjacent to the entry to brand the call. While in the details page for a specific entry (seen below) you have ii sets of options, each attainable from two of the onscreen buttons. Touch…

  • Folio 84: Finding My Own Phone Number

    Scroll downwardly to the Fixed Dialing Manner field and touch On (to enable fixed dialing) or Off to disable the choice. Important!: With Fixed Dial Fashion enabled, you will NOT exist able to dial any number other than those created Fixed Dial Numbers.

  • Folio 85: Group Settings

    Annotation: If FDN is Off: bear on Menu -> Accost Book -> Accost Volume Settings -> Stock-still Dial Contacts -> Create FDN. And so follow steps 2-7. Enter your PIN2 password and bear on provided to you by your Service Provider. Touch Proper noun and use the onscreen alphanumeric keypad to enter a proper noun for this FDN contact.

  • Page 86: Address Book Favorites

    Touch Remove Member and place a checkmark aslope those entries you wish to remove from the electric current Group. Bear on Remove. Editing a Caller Group To edit a Group entry, in that location must be at to the lowest degree one member as role of the selected group. ➔ In Idle mode, affect Address Book Touch a current Group entry.

  • Page 87: Managing Address Book Entries

    Contact data. Information technology is also of import to notation that if yous motion the SIM card to another phone that does not support additional fields on the SIM carte du jour, this additional information may not be available.

  • Folio 88 Address Book entries. Touch Delete. When you are finished, press Annotation: Entries on the FDN Address Book must be deleted from inside the FDN Address Book You tin can view the list of Service Dialing Numbers (SDN) assigned by your service provider. These numbers may include emergency numbers, customer service numbers, and directory inquiries.
  • Page 89: Yellow Pages Mobile

    – Additional No. one: if you have added additional numbers to contacts saved on the SIM card, this is a counter of the number of SIM contacts with a 2d number saved on your SIM carte. – Additional No. 2:if you have added additional numbers to contacts saved on the SIM card, this is a counter of the number of SIM contacts with a third number saved on your SIM card.

  • Page 90: Department 9: My Stuff

    ➔ Touch My Stuff. Select from the post-obit: • Create Binder: create a new My Stuff folder on either the Telephone or Retention Card. • Manage: allows yous to move or copy an existing unlocked folder or file. • More than: provides you with the ability to Delete, Rename, Sort by, Ship via Bluetooth, Bluetooth Visibility, and Lock/Unlock certain files or folders.

  • Folio 91: Applications

    Touch Telephone or Retention Carte depending on where you lot want to copy or move the files to. Select the folder to copy or move the files to. Touch New folder to create a new folder. Touch Paste here/Move here to re-create or move the files.

  • Page 92: Games

    • Phone call Ringtone: allows you to assign the selected ringtone for utilise with general incoming calls when no other caller ringtone has been assigned. • Caller Ringtone: allows you to assign a ringtone to someone in your Contacts listing (Search Contact) or Create Contact.

  • Page 93: Picture

    From the Pictures page you can admission the following menu options (see “My Stuff Functions” on page 86.): • Create Folder: create a new My Stuff folder on either the Telephone or Memory Carte. • Manage: allows you to move or copy an existing unlocked folder or file.

  • Folio 94: Tools

    Color. • Transform: allows you to Resize, Rotate, and Flip the image. • Ingather: allows you to crop the image. Touch 1 corner of the paradigm and, in a single move, drag to another location to create the crop area, then bear on Crop.

  • Page 95: Used Space

    The Used Space menu selection allows you to view the usage and available retentivity for Applications, Audio, Games, Movie, Video, and Other Files. To admission the Used Space selection, use the following steps: ➔ ➔ Affect My Stuff Used Space.

  • Page 96: Section ten: Camera

    Taking pictures with your device’s built-in photographic camera is as simple as choosing a subject, pointing the photographic camera, then pressing the camera key. Note: When taking a photo in directly sunlight or in bright weather condition, shadows may appear on the photo. In Idle manner, press the Camera key photographic camera mode.

  • Page 97: Camera And Camcorder Options

    Annotation: The number of JPEG pictures remaining on the selected media appears in the upper-right of the screen. This is an guess number of total pictures which tin be taken at the current image size. If desired, before taking the photograph, you can touch onscreen icons to access various photographic camera options.

  • Page 98 Exposure Meter: allows you to gear up how the camera • measures or meters the lite source: Matrix, Center-Weighted, or Spot. Night Style: allows you to set the Nighttime Fashion to On or • Off. Paradigm Quality: allows y’all to set the prototype quality to: •…
  • Page 99 Options include: Play slideshow, Edit, Information, Send, Ready as, Delete, and Return to previous page. After you have taken a photo or shot a video, you tin admission various options from the Pictures/Video Folder folio. Image/Video…
  • Page 100 Color. – Transform: allows you to Resize, Rotate, and Flip the image. – Crop: allows you lot to crop the prototype. Touch one corner of the image and, in a single motion, drag to another location to create the ingather area, and so bear on Crop.
  • Page 101: Editing A Photograph

    Visible or Subconscious (this option only appears on photographs taken with your photographic camera). – Print via: allows you to make a selected graphic printable by either USB or Bluetooth printer. – Lock/Unlock: allows yous to secure a selected graphic by making it protected from accidental alterations.

  • Folio 102: Using The Camcorder

    Earlier shooting, touch and select Video Share. • Video Share allows you to make a Video Share telephone call by displaying a screen where you can input the number of a recipient that too has Video Share. (This choice will but brandish if you accept the Video Share service.) If the recipient accepts the Video Share call, you…

  • Page 103 – Delete: allows you to delete the Selected video or Multiple videos. – Rename: allows y’all to rename the video file. – Sort by: allows you to sort video clips by Proper noun, Date, Size or Blazon. – Send via Bluetooth: allows yous to transport the video to a Bluetooth device.
  • Folio 104 • – Video Share: allows you to send the video clip via Video Share. – Send via: allows you lot to ship the video clip via a multimedia bulletin or a Bluetooth device. – Display Mode: allows yous to select Total Screen, Full Screen in Ratio, or Original Size to view your video.
  • Page 105: Department xi: Messaging

    To apply this feature, you must subscribe to your service provider’s multimedia message service. Of import!: When creating a bulletin, adding an prototype, a sound file, or a video prune to a text message changes the message from a text message to a multimedia message.

  • Page 106: Additional Bulletin Options

    Note: If the number of recipients are less than 10, all members in the group will exist added. You volition demand to delete whatever unnecessary members in the list by selecting the trash tin icon and deleting unwanted entries. Note: Enter boosted recipients by separating each entry with a semicolon (;) then using the previous procedure.

  • Page 107: Viewing New Received Messages

    • Attach Files: allows you to add together either a file, carte, or other information such as a agenda entry, job, or note. – File: allows you to insert an audio, graphic, or video prune to your message as an attached file.

  • Page 108: Using Message Options

    Touch the View push from the New Messages pop-upward. Note: If you accidentally exit from this notification screen, you will demand to become ➔ ➔ to Menu Messaging Inbox to admission your letters. Touch a bulletin you wish to view. The selected message appears in the display.

  • Page 109: Using Mobile Email

    Updated entry. For more than data, refer to “Understanding Your Address Book” on page 74. – Move to Telephone/Move to SIM bill of fare: If a bulletin is stored in the SIM menu, it is saved to the phone’s memory. If a message is stored in the phone’southward memory, information technology is then saved to the SIM bill of fare.

  • Page 110: Deleting Letters

    Deleting Messages within a Folder – Settings: allows you to modify your Community settings. – Ship Msg to: allows y’all to send a message to a selected contact. – Saved Conversations: shows permanent records of your Instant Messaging conversations.

  • Page 111: Messaging Settings

    From Messaging Settings page, touch Auto Delete Inbox. Touch on one of the bachelor setting fields:. • Off: Messages will non be deleted automatically. • 1 Week Old: Read messages more than one calendar week old will be deleted automatically. Delete by Binder.

  • Page 112 – Get Read Report: when this pick is enabled, your telephone requests a reply along with your bulletin to the recipient. – Continue a Re-create: you specify whether you want to keep a copy of the sent letters on your phone.
  • Page 113: Templates

    If this is necessary, please obtain the information from your service provider’s Customer Service Department. Note: It is recommended that you practice not alter these fields without assistance from a customer service representative. From Messaging Settings folio, touch Vox Postal service.

  • Folio 114: Used Space

    You can rotate the telephone to utilise the qwerty keyboard. For more than information, refer to “Inbound Text” on folio 39. Impact OK. Impact Insert to place a picture, video, or audio file into the message. ➔ Templates Text Templates.

  • Page 115: Section 12: Games & Apps

    Section 12: Games & Apps Games & Apps The Games & Apps menu option allows you to access games and applications that are on the phone and also store for games and applications using AppCenter. Yous can download new games and applications, and then save them to the Games or Applications folder.

  • Page 116 Follow the onscreen options to purchase the new application. The file is downloaded and stored in the Applications binder. To access a new awarding, impact the entry from the bachelor list. For more information, refer to “AppCenter” on page 113.
  • Folio 117: Department 13: Appcenter

    Find the item you want to download and follow the onscreen instructions to purchase information technology. Note: You can recollect the letters from the server and then save the items in your phone’southward memory. You lot cannot forward these messages to other people or add the saved items to a Multimedia message.

  • Folio 118: Color Graphics

    MEdia Mall Home: takes you back to the AppCenter dwelling screen. • MyMEdia Society: enables y’all to bring together the MyMEdia Lodge, where yous can • earn credits to be used for tones, graphics, and games in the AT&T AppCenter. Annotation: A monthly charge is practical for MyMEdia membership.

  • Page 119 MEdia Mall Account: shows a history of your AppCenter account. • Recently Viewed: shows the most recently viewed ringtones, games, • videos, graphics, and respond tones. Leave: takes you back to the Main menu. • AppCenter…
  • Page 120: Section 14: At&T Music

    Music Player The Music Player is an awarding that can play music files. The music player supports files with extensions AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, MP3, WMA, 3GP, MP4, and M4A. Launching the Music Role player…

  • Page 121: Adding Music To Your Handset

    More: provides access to options such every bit: • – Add together to Playlist: allows you to add the current sound file to a selected playlist. – Send via: allows you lot to send the electric current file via a message attachment or equally a information file delivered to a Bluetooth-capable device.

  • Page 122: Store Music

    In order to download music from the computer to your handset, a microSD card and USB data cable are required. These items are sold separately; go to accessories/. Note: If the music file is protected, Media Player will block the playing or ➔ Music Actor Shop Music.

  • Page 123 Using your right mouse button, click Paste. This footstep begins the download process. Note: The Music Player does not necessarily support all features of a particular file format nor all the variations of those formats. The Music Histrion includes back up for Windows Media Digital rights Direction (WMDRM) which allows you lot to play some purchased or subscription content.
  • Page 124: Using Playlists

    Call: make or receive a call (music player is paused) • Messaging: send or receive a text or multimedia message. Music • continues to play unless an sound clip is received as a part of a multimedia message. MEdia Net: browse the spider web (music continues to play). •…

  • Page 125 Affect Add together and wait for the songs to be added to the current playlist. Irresolute the guild of songs in a Playlist ➔ ➔ Affect AT&T Music Touch a previously created playlist. ➔ Impact More Change Gild. Impact and hold 1 of the songs. The color bar changes colour.
  • Page 126 Note: The following steps reflect the procedure used with Windows Media Player. If you are using either Napster, or some other grade of media player, yous should refer to that awarding’south Aid files for specific directions.
  • Page 127 SGH-A887 Sync push button If non already active, click the Sync tab. Cull the destination location for the media files. The a887 Card entry (y’all named) appears in a drop-down list on the left side of the screen. SGH-A887 Sync Listing…
  • Page 128: Musicid

    Once the application completes the assay of the song sample, it then provides you lot with the name of the vocal, artist and album fine art as well as opportunities to purchase related content.

  • Page 129 • Profile: keeps track of the songs you lot observe. When yous find a song that you want to recollect, salvage it to your profile so you can look at it once again after. • Help: provides more information most using Music ID 2.
  • Folio 130: Xm Radio

    During the initial setup, touch OK to acknowledge the data service usage information and verify your subscription. Notation: This is a paid service, initially you will but be allowed a ten minute trial catamenia earlier you have to register for the paid service.

  • Page 131: Make Ur Tones

    Annotation: This service requires a subscription. You will accept a trial period, after which a fee volition be applied. ➔ ➔ Touch AT&T Music From the chief Music Video homepage, touch on Options. To view Aid content and access video player options, select from the following: Full Screen: enlarges the picture to make full the entire screen.

  • Folio 132: Department xv: At&T Gps

    Select an option and follow the onscreen instructions to activate a Navigator features. • Drive To: lets you get driving directions from wherever you are to wherever yous’re going. Choices include: – My Favorites: displays your favorite (marked) GPS navigation sites.

  • Page 133: Obtaining Driving Directions

    – Businesses: allows you to enter a business type or proper noun, category, or location. – Airports: allows you to employ either local airports based on current a GPS location or manually enter the three-letter airport lawmaking or proper noun. • Search: allows y’all to search for the address by either speaking it or past entering the information manually.

  • Folio 134: Where

    Touch AT&T GPS Where. A 7-mean solar day complimentary trial menses is provided with a find that if you lot exercise non cancel inside vii days so you lot are charged for the GPS service. Of import!: Later on the trial menses, charges for Where service utilize. Contact your service provider for details.

  • Folio 135: Department sixteen: Tools

    Annotation: This list of vox commands is briefly displayed. Say a Command Options Phone call <Name or #>: dials a name or number listed in your contact list. • If multiple numbers exist (i.e. abode, work, or other) say the proper noun and the number type (location).

  • Page 136: Record Audio

    There is no demand to use paused speech. The voice recognition software has been trained to recognize natural voice communication, and performs best when you lot speak naturally. In very noise environments, information technology may be helpful to use a headset or a • Bluetooth headset.

  • Page 137: Alarms

    – Send via: allows you to send your vox clip to other people using either a message or to a Bluetooth device. – Fix as: allows you to gear up the current memo every bit a Call Ringtone, a Caller Ringtone for a specific entry or an Alarm Tone.

  • Page 138: Calendar

    Press whatever key, such as: volume, – Or – If the phone is facing upward, flip the telephone over so that it is facing down to mute the alarm. If the phone is facing downwards, flip the phone over and so flip information technology over again and so that it is facing downward.

  • Page 139 Touch Set Details to configure additional parameters for the new event: • Stop Engagement: enter final date for this event to occur. This is useful if the alarm is for a repeating upshot. Affect Gear up to store the appointment. • End Time: enter terminal time for this repeating event. Bear on Set to store the time.
  • Page 140: Recent Calls

    This selection allows yous to create memos to add to your events. ➔ Effect List. A listing of Tasks This carte du jour option allows you to create a “to do” entry of tasks which are created in a similar fashion to previously described Calendar entries. ➔…

  • Folio 141: Reckoner

    • Details: enter a detailed description for this task (up to 100 characters). • Alarm: allows you to fix a fourth dimension prior to the result where the event alerts volition brainstorm. Options include Off, On Kickoff Date, On Due Date, one Solar day Before Starting, two Days Before Starting, and1 Calendar week Before Starting.

  • Page 142: World Clock

    Select the specific converter function by touching one of the to a higher place onscreen conversion functions. • Each converter function has a field for the blazon of unit to be converted, and the blazon of unit to convert to. An additional field allows yous to input the unit of measurement amount to convert.

  • Page 143: Timer

    Touch Start to begin the timer and bear on Stop to suspension the timer. Note: You tin can end the timer by flipping your phone over so that information technology is facing downward. Restart the timer past flipping it dorsum over. To ready your phone to utilize Motion Detection, see “Motion Detection”…

  • Page 144: Section 17: Mobile Web

    Navigation within web pages is all driven via touch points on the screen. * Browser Window Overview Navigation Toolbar View Mode (Mobile/PC Web) (Fullscreen/with Toolbar) Note: The default view for the browser is to brandish equally much of the web folio without the Web Toolbar. Magnification Web Toolbar Screen View…

  • Page 145 Reload: reloads the current page with updated information. Magnify: launches the magnification slider that allows you to zoom a web folio either in or out using the Up or Down Navigation central. Search: launches the Google Search window. Add to Favorites: bookmarks the current page and marks it as a favorite site.
  • Page 146 • Turn the telephone on its side to see a Landscape/Widescreen view of the current page. • Plow the telephone upright to see a Portrait view of the current screen. Viewing the Page in Full Screen Mode By default, only the Navigation Toolbar and Screen View icons are displayed on the screen.
  • Page 147 Drag across the screen in whatsoever direction. Annotation: The page must be magnified enough so in that location are unseen areas to where you would movement to. If the page is already being displayed in its entirety, you lot will non be able to move effectually it.
  • Page 148: Navigating Via A Url Address

    Bear on a search field twice to display the text input screen and the onscreen keyboard. For more than data, refer to “Entering Text” on page 39. Returning to the Previous Folio Touch from the left of the Navigation Toolbar’due south Address bar.

  • Folio 149 URL Address already be saved as a Favorite entry. Sending a URL ➔ A selected URL can besides be sent as a file attachment within a new multimedia message just besides transmitted to whatever paired Bluetooth device that tin receive the data.
  • Page 150: Browser Settings

    • Bulletin: attaches a selected Favorite URL Address to a new multimedia message. • Bluetooth: sends selected Favorite URL Address as a data file to a paired Bluetooth device capable of using the file. Affect a Favorite entry and touch…

  • Page 151: Using Your History

    Deleting Cookies A cookie is a small file that is placed on your phone by a web site during navigation. In improver to containing some site-specific information, information technology can also store some personal information (such equally username and countersign) which can pose a security risk if not properly managed.

  • Page 152: Setting Browser Preferences

    ➔ In Idle manner, touch the start-up homepage contains the post-obit selections: • Search field: allows y’all enter a text string into the field and and so search the Mobile Web database for matches. For more than Save to save the new setting.

  • Page 153 (WHAT’S HOT, Tones, Games, Pics, and Mobile Video) tin can not exist removed, the remaining entries can be toggled on or off. Touch a category entry to toggle it on (appear on the folio) or off (remove it from the homepage).
  • Page 154: Accessing The Mobile Web Site

    AT&T IMS. Use this menu to create and customize the profiles containing the settings for connecting your telephone to the network. You demand these settings to utilize the WAP browser or to send MMS messages or Email messages. Note: Although the agile connection tin can exist inverse past the user, it is recommended that this choice be made with the aid of either the retailer or customer service representative.

  • Page 155 • Protocol: ready the connection protocol used past the WAP browser: WAP or HTTP. • Home URL: enter the URL address of the folio to exist used equally your homepage. • Gateway Address: (WAP only) enter the gateway address of the proxy server.
  • Page 156: Department 18: Accessibility

    Section eighteen: Accessibility TTY Settings TTY (besides known as a TDD or Text Telephone) is a telecommunications device that allows people who are deaf or hard of hearing, or who take speech or language disabilities, to communicate via a phone. This phone comes TTY-ready and only requires the insertion of the TTY device to enable this feature.

  • Folio 157: Section 19: Health And Safety Information

    This is because the phone is designed to operate at multiple power levels so as to use but the power required to reach the network. In general, the closer you are to a wireless base station antenna, the lower the power output.

  • Page 158: Alert Regarding Display

    Warning Regarding Display The brandish on your handset is made of glass or acrylic and could break if your handset is dropped or if it receives significant impact. Do non use if screen is cleaved or cracked as this could crusade injury to yous.

  • Page 159: Ul Certified Travel Adapter

    FDA and other federal health and rubber agencies. When the phone is located at greater distances from the user, the exposure to RF is drastically lower because a person’southward RF exposure decreases rapidly with increasing altitude from the source.

  • Page 160 Even so, the agency has dominance to take action if wireless phones are shown to emit radio frequency energy (RF) at a level that is hazardous to the user. In such a case, FDA could require the manufacturers of wireless phones to notify users of the health hazard and to repair, supplant or recall the phones so that the hazard no longer exists.
  • Folio 161 RF exposure. Other studies exposed the animals to RF for up to 22 hours per day. These atmospheric condition are not similar to the conditions under which people use wireless phones, so we don’t know with certainty what the results of such studies mean for human health.
  • Page 162 What steps can I accept to reduce my exposure to radio frequency energy from my wireless phone? If at that place is a gamble from these products – and at this point nosotros do not know that there is – information technology is probably very small. Only if you are…
  • Page 163 RF emissions, will non be placed against the head. On the other hand, if the phone is mounted against the waist or other part of the torso during utilize, then that office of the trunk volition absorb more than RF energy. Wireless phones marketed in the U.S.
  • Page 164 Unlike “hand-free” kits, these and then-called “shields” may interfere with proper operation of the phone. The phone may exist forced to boost its power to compensate, leading to an increase in RF absorption. In Feb 2002, the Federal trade Committee (FTC) charged ii companies that sold devices that claimed to protect wireless phone users from radiation with making imitation and unsubstantiated claims.
  • Page 165: Road Safety

    Punch sensibly and assess the traffic; if possible, place calls when you are not moving or before pulling into traffic. Try to program calls when your car will be stationary. If y’all need to make a telephone call while moving, punch only a few numbers, bank check the route and your mirrors, then continue.

  • Folio 166: Responsible Listening

    “The wireless industry reminds you to utilise your telephone safely when driving.” For more data, delight call one-888-901-Prophylactic, or visit our spider web-site Important!: If you are using a handset other than a standard numeric keypad, please phone call 1-888-901-7233. Provided by the Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association.

  • Page 167 Equally a result, there is no unmarried volume setting that is appropriate for everyone or for every combination of sound, settings and equipment.
  • Folio 168: Operating Environs

    1-888-232-6348 TTY Internet: default.html Operating Surroundings Remember to follow any special regulations in force in any area and always switch your phone off whenever information technology is forbidden to employ it, or when it may cause interference or danger.

  • Page 169: Using Your Phone Well-nigh Other Electronic Devices

    (held to your ear with the antenna pointing over your shoulder if you are using an external antenna). Using Your Phone Nigh Other Electronic Devices Most modern electronic equipment is shielded from radio frequency (RF) signals.

  • Page 170: Potentially Explosive Environments

    Switch your telephone off when in any area with a potentially explosive atmosphere and obey all signs and instructions. Sparks in such areas could cause an explosion or burn down resulting in actual injury or even expiry. Users are advised to switch the telephone off while at a refueling point (service station).

  • Page 171: Fcc Notice And Cautions

    Restricting Children’s access to your Phone Your phone is non a toy. Children should not be allowed to play with it considering they could injure themselves and others, damage the phone or make calls that increase your phone bill.

  • Page 172: Product Performance

    • inflates with swell strength. Do not identify objects, including both installed or portable wireless equipment in the expanse over the air handbag or in the air bag deployment expanse. If wireless equipment is improperly installed and the air bag inflates, serious injury could effect.

  • Page 173: Availability Of Various Features/Ring Tones

    • surface, can potentially cause damage to the phone and battery. If you doubtable damage to the telephone or battery, take it to a service middle for inspection. Never use any charger or battery that is damaged in whatsoever style.

  • Folio 174: Care And Maintenance

    Extreme temperatures will affect the charging capacity of your battery: • information technology may require cooling or warming first. Exercise non leave the battery in hot or cold places, such as in a machine in • summer or wintertime atmospheric condition, as you lot will reduce the capacity and lifetime of the battery.

  • Page 175 Proceed the phone dry. Precipitation, humidity and liquids comprise • minerals that volition corrode electronic circuits. Do not use the phone with a wet hand. Doing so may cause an electric • shock to you or damage to the phone.
  • Folio 176: Section 20: Warranty Information

    Us or Canada. This Express Warranty covers batteries merely if battery capacity falls below 80% of rated capacity or the bombardment leaks, and this Limited Warranty does non encompass any battery if (i) the bombardment has been charged by a battery charger not specified or canonical by…

  • Page 177 Product or replace Product with a rebuilt, reconditioned or new Product. Repaired/replaced leather cases, pouches and holsters will be warranted for a period of 90 (90) days. All other repaired/replaced Product will exist warranted for a period equal to the remainder of the original Limited Warranty on the original Product or for xc days, whichever is longer.
  • Folio 179: Cease User License Agreement For Software

    Software on the local hard disk drive(due south) or other permanent storage media of ane computer and apply the Software on a single computer or a mobile device at a time, and you may not make the Software available over a network where it could be used by multiple computers at the same fourth dimension.

  • Page 180 Software. ix. DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTIES. You expressly acknowledge and hold that use of the Software is at your sole risk and that the entire risk as to satisfactory quality, performance, accuracy and effort is with you lot. TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT PERMITTED Past Applicative Law, THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED “Equally IS”…
  • Page 181 Software up to the corporeality actually paid by you for the Software or The states$5.00. The foregoing limitations, exclusions and disclaimers (including…
  • Page 182 Samsung Telecommunication America, LLC: 1301 East Watch Drive Richardson, Texas 75082 Phone: 1-800-SAMSUNG (726-7864) Important!: If you are using a handset other than a standard numeric keypad, dial the numbers listed in brackets. Phone: 1-888-987-HELP (4357) © 2009 Samsung Telecommunications America. All rights…
  • Page 183 No reproduction in whole or in part allowed without prior written blessing. Specifications and availability subject field to change without notice. Warranty Information…
  • Page 184: Index

    Address Book Calculation a New Contact Adding Pauses to Contact Numbers Address Book Entry Options Checking the Used Space Copying an entry to the Phone Copying Entry to Telephone Copying Entry to SIM Card Deleting all of the Address Book Entries…

  • Page 185 Playing Music while Using the Telephone Playlists Store Music Transferring Music From the Digital Music Stores Transferring Music Windows Media Player XM Radio AT&T Yahoo! Sound Audio Binder Backlight settings Bombardment charging Installing Depression Bombardment Indicator BellSouth Altogether Widget Cake Caller…
  • Folio 186 Articulate Phone Memory Cookies Deleting Options Copying a URL Digital Music Stores Display icons Inbound Text Changing the Text Entry Fashion Using 123Sym Mode Using Abc Mode Using Emo Mode Using Numeric Using Symbols Using T9 Mode Issue Widget Changing the Status…
  • Folio 187 Mural Lock Applications MEdia Net and WAP Accessing the MEdia Net Homepage Accessing the MEdia Net Site Irresolute WAP Profiles Downloading Multimedia Files Navigating with the WAP Browser Using Favorites Retention Used Infinite Retention Bill of fare Installation Retentivity Management Used Space…
  • Folio 188 Rear View Side View Switching On/Off Phone Information Phone Lock Telephone Safety Phone Settings Playlists Adding songs to a Playlist Creating a Playlist Importing a Playlist from Windows Media Histrion Removing songs from a Playlist Power Search tab Powering QWERTY Keyboard…
  • Page 189 Front View Rear View Side Views Unmute Copying to Message Inbound Manually Sending Used Space Using Favorites Accessing a Web Site Using Favorites Adding Favorites Deleting a Favorite Editing Favorites Video Categories Viewing a Video Clip Video Features Video Share…
  • Page 190 Windows Alive Hotmail World Clock Deleting an Entry Yellowpages Mobile…

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