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Trading guide FAQ. LifeAfter Camp feature lets you access more functions and benefits.

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Welcome to another LifeAfter tutorial this is a highly requested video so i made it P Enjoy.

How to trade in lifeafter. Lets take a look at LifeAfter guide tips cheats strategies 2021. MY LIFEAFTER DISCORD – httpsdiscordggZae8tQz LIFEAFT. Gather during Spring season in the following maps.

Place the nontradeable resources in your mailbox or manor and then craft the items. Note This is the basic guide and does not cover information like territory trade city camp pond and strategies to grow camp. Aside from taxes camp members can make active donations to the Camp Vault in exchange for Contribution Pointscurrency used to purchase some items from the camp merchants To know what specific resources the camp needs operate the camps ATM and tap on Resources.

It takes the genre to the next level by mixing together a lot of different mechanics in order to recreate a realistic post-apocalyptic world. LifeAfter game features co-op mode that lets you team up with friends. One of the best features of the game is the Camp system.

Many players sell rare items rare guns armors and earn a huge amount of gold bars. Earning gold bars in LifeAfter game is quite easy. There is a total of 9 Certs available for you to choose in-game.

LifeAfter is one of the most successful survival games for mobile devices today. You can pretty much only sell on the auction house and that is only if you havent locked it to you used it yet. As we have mentioned above do not use your partner resources to upgrade armor because later you cant sell or trade it.

LifeAfters ongoing anniversary celebration is entering its final stage honoring survivors spirit of never giving up on hope. We fight collect and build not just for survival but also to have better lives New Map Area — Mount Snow. Clear-Sky Wheat Fields Assyrian Hills Blade Hunter Base Assyrian Grass Field Red Water Lake River Area Wolf Hunting Field Miska Town Silent Plain Gatey Woods Mount Gray Bear.

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There are many ways to earn gold bars. Lifeafter is a great game and as Ive said in my previous article that this game makes me play over and overprevious article that this game makes me play over and over. LifeAfter is a survival game by NetEase Games available on Android and iOS.

Subscribe and leave a likeFor daily content and game play instagram htt. You can sell the rare guns and items in the trade city or central markets trade stall. Check out this LifeAfter.

You can use friend points daily to use some stuff out of their lockers and give some stuff via gift in the gps icon but tradinggifting is limited to resource type stuff it seems. In this guide we will talk about all the Cert available in LifeAfter game and which one is the best. Check out our LifeAfter Camp Basics guide to create join leave.

The really good things weapons armor etc. Consistently donate the required resources as much as you can to help your camp reach its goal and update its period. Camps are similar to guilds in other games but it takes on a whole new meaning here.

If you find yourself struggling to earn gold bars in the game just read our LifeAfter trading guide for tips tricks and strategies. Check out Some More Guides On LifeAfter. Always check out your backpack before crafting any items.

Where do I trade celebration sweets. Following the games. The game allows you to sell an assortment of things including some of the items you pick up from gathering.

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LifeAfter is today revealing a new map section called Mount Snow. In LifeAfter you can create a team with friends and play together live together and do many things as a team. Trading is one of them.

The game will automatically set an average amount of the item between the current lowest and highest amount in the market. In LifeAfter game to earn a lot of gold bars you need to learn about its market and how trading is done in-game. Lets talk about them in details.

Tap the Sell tab in the following screen and select the item you want to sell. However you will end up earning little if youre just selling common items. A SUB NEVER KILLED ANYONE Click my previous video to show you how to buy seeds.

Check out our LifeAfter Friends guide Friendliness Invite Roommate Sharing. NetEase Games LifeAfter is a top-class survival game where you explore the wilderness team up with friends or random players to strike down infected zombies infected and fight for the. You can sell your resources guns and rare items in the central markets stall.

You can reset your Cert later in-game but will cost you premium currency. Gather in Mount Apparition abundance Redwood Town abundance Farstar City Utz Mine. If you have any rare item you can sell it for a huge amount of gold bars.

Basic building material that makes buildings stronger Potassium Nitrate is a very rare item in LifeAfter which is used as a material to craft Plastic Leather Smokeless Gunpowder Advanced Fertilizer20px Self-destruct Drone Chip Heres how to get Potassium Nitrate in LifeAfter In one of the Survival manual quests the players have to craft 6 units of Plastic and 6 units of Iron Casting. Access the Shopping Channel then tap the Go to Trade City in the upper right corner of the screen.

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