How to Tell the Firmware Version on Panasonic Tv

How to Tell the Firmware Version on Panasonic Tv

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Updating your Panasonic TV’s firmware is an easy way to set software issues with your Television and add together new functionality. Firmware updates are released later the TVs are rolled out to the public to resolve discovered problems and add functionality, such every bit making information technology possible for the Boob tube to recognize more types of files and continued devices. Firmware is released only as needed, and may never exist available for your specific model. However, if a firmware update is available, it shouldn’t take yous more xx minutes from start to finish, and it only requires a freshly-formatted SD card.

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How to Update Panasonic Television receiver Firmware

  1. Click
    to open the Panasonic home page.
  2. Enter the model of your Panasonic Television receiver in the Search box in the upper-right corner of the Spider web folio and then press “Enter.” A Spider web page with a listing of search results related to your query appears.
  3. Click the blue “Become Support” button to the right of your specific model of Panasonic Idiot box. The data page for your specific Panasonic Boob tube appears.
  4. Select the Drivers & Downloads tab beneath the image of your Goggle box, if there is one. If this tab doesn’t exist in your TV’s data section, there may not exist a firmware update available for your model. The specific firmware version, TVs information technology’due south compatible with, bug information technology addresses and enhancements it offers are outlined in this section.
  5. Click the “Download” choice below the firmware details and salve the file to your figurer.
  6. Insert a freshly-formatted SD card into the SD card reader on your computer. If you don’t have an SD card reader built in to your reckoner, connect an SD carte reader to your computer via a USB port.
  7. Move the firmware file yous downloaded to your figurer onto the SD card. The firmware file should be the merely file on the SD card.
  8. Power on your Panasonic Goggle box and and so remove the SD card from your computer or the connected SD card reader and and so insert the SD carte in the built-in SD carte du jour reader on the Tv set. An SD Download dialog box appears on the TV screen notifying you that the Tv set is reading the data on the SD card.
  9. Press the “OK” button on the remote control that came with the TV afterward the TV recognizes that the file on the SD card is a firmware update file to download the file from the SD bill of fare to the Tv.
  10. Select “Yep” and so press “OK” again to ostend that you desire to brainstorm downloading the firmware file on the SD card to the Goggle box. A message appears in the SD carte Download dialog box notifying yous that the system is upgrading. A progress bar is displayed showing the status of the upgrade.
  11. After the update reaches 100 percent, squirt the SD card from the Panasonic Tv set and and then hold downwards the TV’s concrete “Power” push for five seconds, or until the Television set powers itself down and then restarts. When the TV powers back on, a bulletin volition be displayed notifying you that the TV is initializing. This message should announced for more than five minutes, and disappears afterward the firmware update is finished installing. The Panasonic TV will restart one more time and and so will be fix for you to resume normal operation.
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from Greater St. Louis, Missouri on October 07, 2016:

Yeah, Bobby, this was written for newer-model TVs. Sorry it didn’t work for you.

on Oct 04, 2016:

This commodity is not worth reading. There is then much more to do. The files must exist unzipped and carte has to be formatted with SD formatter. Maybe it would work for the newer Boob tube’s not the older.

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on October 29, 2015:

When I insert the SD card with the firmware update into my Tv set, nothing happens. The expected “SD Download” window does not appear.

on March sixteen, 2015:


Can you please provide any info regarding firmware update for panasonic viera thursday-l32x33d Model,

I searched on panasonic site but not able to detect the same.

on January 10, 2015:

I estimate finding useful, reliable inrtomafion on the internet isn’t hopeless later all.

on January 09, 2015:

I tin can confirm the ISO pelobrm on k5, above 3200 picture is broken (greenish bands)I confirm flashing green screen as well.In any other attribute soft works great on seven x64 + k5 firmware 1.11thanks for that, and exercise not hesitate if you need : an open-source version would be a not bad news for Pentax customs Mgth

How to Tell the Firmware Version on Panasonic Tv

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