How to Roll Back Firmware Update on Hp Laser Jet Printer M476nw

How to Roll Back Firmware Update on Hp Laser Jet Printer M476nw

[German language]In this blog mail service, I provide communication on how users who have been surprised by an automatic firmware upgrade on HP printers tin become the devices back to the previous firmware, if necessary. This is helpful, if an unwanted HP firmware update blocks the use  of 3rd-political party ink or toner cartridges on a printer. The article is a brief summary of hints given in various blog posts and the reader comments fabricated at that place.

HP blocks tertiary-political party cartridges via firmware

Hewlett Packard (HP) has a nasty surprise from time to time for its customers: They are blocking the apply of third-party cartridges via firmware updates. I reported on this practice the last fourth dimension within my blog postal service
HP firmware update for ink/laser printers blocks third-political party cartridges (November. 2020)
– merely there are other posts on similar actions at the end of the article. Thank you to these articles, I get to know relatively quickly when such an HP action has happened once more..

The hurdles of firmware downgrades

HP printers do not accept a simple push button to switch back to the old firmware later an automatic update. Users have to exercise downgrade manually past installing a saved erstwhile firmware version onto the printer. Blog reader Matias de Goycoechea posted instructions on how to continue in
this annotate
(cheers for that). I can’t test it due to lack of a printer, so note that downgrading is at your own run a risk.

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At that place is another
article hither, providing hints for installing firmware updates on HP printers (and with an old firmware, it’s a downgrade). User fmillion had summarized his steps inside
this post. Some users are reporting trouble installing the firmware, so exist sure not to use a Wi-Fi connection. Unplug the LAN cable, uninstall the LAN drivers, connect the printer via USB, and install USB drivers. Afterwards that steps try to downgrade the printer firmware using the methods outlined inside the linked articles.

Just in case you still see issues, browse the comments within my article
HP firmware update for ink/laser printers blocks third-party cartridges (Nov. 2020). My readers take given several hints, what to do.

Where to obtain old firmware?

The biggest problem is probably getting an old firmware version for your printer. There are some links in the comments of my blog post
HP firmware update for ink/light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation printers blocks tertiary-party cartridges (Nov. 2020), then you lot might get lucky. However, the links my pause or time, considering HP very apace removed all older firmware versions from its pages. Yous can
visit this page
and check, information technology a firmware for your printer is bachelor.  And at that place is a German site
offering a contact form to obtain older firmware versions for the following devices:

HP Colour LaserJet Pro M 254 dnw
HP Color LaserJet Pro M 254 dw
HP Color LaserJet Pro M 254 nw
HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP 1000 280 nw
HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M 281 fdn
HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP K 281 fdw
HP Colour LaserJet Pro MFP Yard 281 fw
HP Color LaserJet Pro M 154 nw
HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M 180 fndw
HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP 1000 180 n
HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M 181 fw

So if yous own one of these printers and need a firmware downgrade, but don’t take an one-time firmware version, maybe the sources given within this blog post might help. But annotation that I tin can requite support, that links my pause, and everything is at your own adventure.

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How to Roll Back Firmware Update on Hp Laser Jet Printer M476nw

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