How to Open Cash Drawer With Receipt Printer

How to Open Cash Drawer With Receipt Printer


HP Cash Drawer – HP Cash Drawer Does Not Open Automatically

The cash drawer does not open up automatically after printing the receipt.

Step i: Correctly connecting the HP Greenbacks Drawer

Follow these steps to make certain that the HP Cash Drawer is correctly continued to the receipt printer or to the cash drawer port on the computer.

RP5700, RP3000, and AP5000 retail systems do non have cash drawer ports. Therefore, you must connect the cash drawer through the receipt printer.

RP5800, RP5810, RP7800, RP7100, RP3100 and RP2000 retail systems take greenbacks drawer ports which yous can configure with cash drawer directly connected to the computer or through the receipt printer. A sticker might cover the cash drawer port.

  1. Turn off the Indicate of Sales system, the estimator, and the printer.

  2. Place the cash drawer on a apartment surface virtually your Point of Sales work centre.

  3. Connect the Point of Auction printer interface cable to the MultiPRO® interface underneath or on the rear of the cash drawer, and and so connect the other end of the cablevision to the printer or to the cash drawer port on the computer.

    : Connecting the printer interface cable

    How to Open Cash Drawer With Receipt Printer


The printer interface cablevision that is provided with the cash drawer is designed to work with HP Signal of Sales printers. If yous are connecting the cash drawer to a printer other than HP POS printers, select the advisable interface cable for your printer model.


HP Cash Drawers simply support 24 volt printers. If you lot connect an HP Cash Drawer to a 12 volt printer, the printer might non perform as expected, such as the cash drawer non opening or opening unexpectedly, in addition to the possible harm to the cash drawer and printer.

Footstep 2: Making sure the cash drawer lock is in the Online position

Use the security key that came with the cash drawer to plough the lock to the Online position. Find you’re your greenbacks drawer model from the following options to see the Online and other lock positions for your model.

Stride three: Downloading and installing the latest printer commuter

Follow these steps to download and install the latest printer driver. The drivers enables the cash drawer to operate electronically.

  1. If the Software & Driver Downloads page opens, asking for your operating organization, skip to Footstep 3.

    If the HP Customer Intendance page opens, request for your product number, follow these steps:

  2. Select the operating organisation (such equally Microsoft Windows eight.1 – 32-flake) that is used on your tablet, and and so click or tap


    If the operating system that you need is not listed, updates for your tablet are not available from HP at this time.

    The webpage lists the available updates for your HP Stream Tablet.

    : Select your operating organization

    Image: Select your operating system

  3. If a Printer category is listed, select that section.

    : Software – PoS – Receipt Printer

  4. Click or tap the name of the BIOS update to get to the Download options and data page.

  5. Click or tap
    Download, and so click or tap
    when prompted to save the file on your desktop, or another easy to retrieve location.
    Practice non
    select the option to
    a BIOS update over the network.

    : Download link

    Image: Download link

    The latest version of the BIOS for the HP Stream Tablet is now saved to the tablet. Continue to the side by side section to install the BIOS update.

Step four: Testing the cash drawer

Ostend that you can impress with Windows Drivers.

  1. Click

    , and and so type
    in the

  2. Select
    from the list of results.

  3. Type a sentence, and then select the choice to print.

  4. If successful, the typed text displays on the printout.

    If the cash drawer is fastened to the printer and the cash drawer driver was installed, the printer prints what was typed on the receipt and the cash drawer automatically opens after the receipt prints.

How to Open Cash Drawer With Receipt Printer

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