How to Find Sanguino in Th3d Unified Firmware

How to Find Sanguino in Th3d Unified Firmware

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Creality CR-10 and CR-10S Models – What Printer do you have?

Confusing Model Names

This guide applies to the “original” CR-10 and CR-10S series machines. This does NOT apply to the CR-10 V2, CR-ten V3, CR-10S Pro, or CR-10 Max. Those printers were all released after the original CR-10/CR-10S models.

Why Creality chose to continue the same model numbers is a mystery to us. It is important to realize that those 4 models listed higher up are completely different printer models. These models use different boards and other parts compared to the original CR-10/CR-10S series.


Please make sure you know what printer you have. There are 8 Dissimilar models from Creality. There are 2 different boards beyond these models. The easiest manner to identify what 1 you have is if it has a filament sensor or not. If it does then you have a CR-10S machine. If information technology does not then it is a CR-10.

Just considering you have a CR-x S4 or CR-10 S5 that does NOT make it a CR-10S.

The S4 and S5 sizes come available with either board versions. Once more the primary mode to tell is if yous accept a filament sensor from Creality or not. Whether y’all have Dual Z or not does Non affair. What matters is what board is in the enclosure.

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The CR-10S Pro is Not the aforementioned model or family as the CR-10 or CR-10S series. This is a completely dissimilar car and this guide does not employ to the CR-10S Pro.

Typically every CR-10S board came with a filament sensor. And so if yous don’t have a filament sensor then it is the CR-10 and you need to apply the CR-10 firmware.Yet, we take seen some CR-10 Mini machines ship with CR-10S boards. Use the beneath pictures of the boards that are in the wild to place what model you have. The important affair is to use the correct firmware for the board that is in your machine.

Also, the bootloader is Merely required on the CR-10 board. Exercise Not flash the bootloader on the CR-10S lath as you may damage information technology or forestall information technology from booting.Our included support does not cover helping yous fix this because you lot failed to make sure you knew what printer you have.

If yous accidentally flashed the bootloader on the CR-10S board to recover from that yous volition need to flash it again just selecting the MEGA 2560 equally the board instead of the Sanguino/1284p. And then flash the firmware over USB.

Creality CR-10 Models:

  • CR-ten
  • CR-10 Mini
  • CR-10 S4
  • CR-ten S5

Creality CR-10S Models:

  • CR-10S
  • CR-10S Mini
  • CR-10S S4
  • CR-10S S5

Hopefully, this clears some things upwards and helps you identify what printer you ain.

Board Pictures

CR-ten Boards – (observe the small Atmel 1284p Chip):

Note there are “V1.ane.3” & “” boards. These are the same as the V1.1.2 merely with a filter capacitor installed. “V1.i.4” as well has a CH340 USB to serial instead of the FT232R scrap. They utilize the same firmware equally the CR-x.

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The V1.i.5 is the same as the V1.1.4 merely typically has TMC2208 drivers installed and the PCB is black.

How to Find Sanguino in Th3d Unified Firmware
V1.1.10 Lath
Original CR-x Lath (Green)
Original CR-10 Board (Black)
CR-10S Boards – (detect the large Atmel 2560 Chip):

Notation there are “V2.1” & “V2.2” boards and they are the same as the V2.0 just with a few actress fan ports. It uses the same firmware as the CR-10S.

V2.X Board
Original CR-10S Board (Black)
Original CR-10S Lath (Dark-green)

How to Find Sanguino in Th3d Unified Firmware

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