How to Do Firmware Update Vizio 55 4k D Series


Vizio is releasing its
2022 TV models
— an update to the company’s D-, G-, V- and P-Series.

The entry-level D-Series remains bare-boned, while the V-Serial is an entry betoken for 4K resolution. The midtier K-Series boasts some higher-terminate features that will appeal to gamers, and the flagship P-Series, with local dimming zones, should bring the about precise content-viewing experience.

As a whole, Vizio is aiming to deliver a sharper and more vibrant picture, cheers to panel improvements and better processors for 2022. Here’s how they stack up.


isn’t the nearly exciting, but it is the starting point. Information technology’s a basic offer of 720p or 1080p Hd TVs. For the most part, nosotros recommend making the jump to a 4K Tv, as you’ll go a longer life out of information technology and the content volition look fifty-fifty improve. The V-Serial TVs, forth with the Yard- and P-Serial, offer 4K resolution and upscale lower-resolution content. The same goes for other Telly models from

Only the approach here is a responsive Hard disk (720p) or Full HD (1080p Hard disk) picture in a Idiot box that doesn’t expect similar it’s from the ’90s. With 24-, 32-, 40- and 43-inch sizes, the D-Serial on paper seems like an excellent choice as a secondary TV. As in, you wouldn’t likely want this for the biggest screen in the house. All of these feature Full Array backlighting, which should deliver better contrast points in an image. In that location is notwithstanding a possibility that colors on a black surface might have a wave effect to them (what’s known equally blooming), but with an improved backlighting panel we’re hopeful these don’t wash out the residue of the moving-picture show.

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Don’t expect a jaw-dropping paradigm on the D-Series, though. It’south powered by the IQ Processor and will run Vizio’s custom entertainment hub, SmartCast, out of the box. In our testing on 2020 and 2021 models, SmartCast isn’t our first pick and can exist sluggish at times, but it offers access to many streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Peacock, Apple TV+ and Amazon Prime number Video out of the box. Here are the D-Series you can currently society now:


Moving upwards the line is the
5-Series, Vizio’s entry-level 4K Television set ranging in sizes from 43 to 75 inches. And the brand is aiming to cast a wide cyberspace with screen sizes, but know that nigh all of these feature the same tech powering the experience inside. These are all powered by the IQ Active processor, which should deliver better upscaling and a smoother experience when navigating the SmartCast interface.

Some content standards are supported on the 5-Series likewise: HDR10, HDR10+, HLG and
Dolby Vision. These all brand eligible content expect the best it can on these TVs. Full Assortment backlighting backside the screen should allow for sharp and accurate colors forth with strong contrast points. Vizio is as well focusing on gaming with the V-Gaming Engine on every 5-Serial model. This lets you game at upwardly to 4K 60 Hz resolution, which is a standard refresh rate that shouldn’t drop frames while playing a popular title like Fortnite. You’ll besides find HDMI 2.1 ports on the V-Series (M and P as well), which means information technology’s ready for the latest gaming consoles,
PlayStation v
Xbox Serial 10

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Vizio’s calling card with the more expensive
is Quantum Color — essentially the ability to evidence more than colors than other TVs without sacrificing vibrancy. It’s an impressive feature that
we liked on previous Thou and P models, as it makes content more lifelike and aids in immersion. In past years, Vizio restricted this to higher-end M and P models. For 2022, though, Quantum Color is found on all models to a degree. With the wider color calibration in play here, colors should look more true to life and popular on all of these. The
college-terminate MQ6
or MQ7 should deliver college brightness and more than colors, thank you to local dimming zones. Similar the V-Series, you’ll find support for content standards and the IQ Active processor inside as well. Chiliad-Serial spans from 43 to 75 inches.

  • 55-Inch Vizio M55Q6 Tv set ($498, originally $579.99;
  • 65-Inch Vizio M65Q6 TV ($598, originally $679.99;

Last is the flagship
with the faster IQ Ultra processor and Breakthrough Color. These are the models competing with Samsung’due south Neo QLED and Sony’s higher-cease LED offerings. The improvements to flick quality starting time with private local dimming zones, which give the Boob tube the power to precisely create an prototype — for example, with a scene like a starry night, it will light the individual clusters of stars (or a single star) versus the unabridged expanse where the stars are set in front end of the vacuum of space.

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The IQ Ultra processor inside is meliorate equipped than the Active or standard IQ for upscaling content and making TV shows or movies alike expect great on the big screen. The P-Series also supports 4K resolution at upwardly to 120 frames per second, making it peculiarly compelling for loftier-frame-charge per unit content like sports, racing or games. Vizio’s P-Serial will kickoff aircraft in July of 2021.

A new voice remote volition as well come with all Five-, G- and P-Series models. This voice remote aims to get in easier to observe content within SmartCast, and information technology should be less of a pain than using navigational buttons. The remote itself will communicate to the Television over Bluetooth, and SmartCast can now handle vocalisation input.
take offered vocalization for a while, just nosotros’re intrigued to see how Vizio’southward offering performs.