How to Check Garmin Fenix 5x Firmware

How to Check Garmin Fenix 5x Firmware

If you’ve been around this site long enough, y’all know that one of my life-goals is to reduce the quantity of certain types of messages that end up in my inbox. Not merely the notices that I’chiliad apparently heir to Nigerian Royalty, merely as well those messages from readers like you lot implying you’re in some sort of country of confusion and frustration. Neither scenario is great.

And currently, the near common more-than-daily messages I’m receiving both here on the site and YouTube is
“Why is my Fenix 7 missing all the features you lot talked most?”.
Notably the ability to configure data fields from your phone, stamina, and other more advanced functions. These features are outright missing for people that take only turned on their watch for the get-go time.

And the reason is simple:
Your new watch is actually kinda old. And with it, it’due south got old firmware on it. Actually erstwhile firmware. Similar…firmware from last year on it (seriously).

Take for example this Fenix 7 base of operations unit I bought a week or and then agone. The firmware that arrived on it was version six.55. Roughly speaking, that puts it in the November timeframe. Which, is ironically the same timeframe that Garmin was already producing Fenix 7 units on the assembly line.

How to Check Garmin Fenix 5x Firmware

people are also
getting units with an even older firmware of 5.35. So what’south the problem here?

The bodily current production firmware for the Fenix seven/Epix serial is 7.24 (as of today).

When the Fenix 7/Epix released/appear back on January 18th, the production version was 7.20. The deviation between half dozen.55 and vii.24 cannot be overstated. There is a vast body of water of changes there. Like watching one of
those photo-a-twenty-four hour period for 20 years on YouTube videos. And that even sets aside the main lookout firmware doesn’t include updated versions of the wireless (e.yard. Emmet/BLE) and optical Hour sensor firmware versions, nor any GPS chipset bits either.

At present, normally what happens is that after yous pair it up to your telephone via Bluetooth, Garmin will download the latest firmware version behind the scenes using Bluetooth. Just the problem is this will slowly trickle over. One time information technology’due south copied to your lookout man, it’ll detect a time when you’re not doing much (sitting around quietly at a desk or such), and and so offer to install the firmware. It’ll no longer try and install at 2AM –
more than on why here. Point being, this entire waiting around period can take upwards of a twenty-four hour period for about people.

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The Quicker Fashion:

Now, while your watch will slowly download that update backside the scenes, the absolute fastest manner to get it done is to utilise WiFi to force a sync, and then manually choose to install it. Except, that doesn’t work. Not yet anyways. Encounter, even if you set upward your phone and configure WiFi, it won’t seemingly sync to Garmin’southward servers via WiFi until you’re on a later version of software. I tried, it merely gives a connectedness fault (see that in the video).

Instead, if y’all want instant-gratification, you’re gonna have to install Garmin Express for your desktop computer (Windows
Mac), which is the fastest way to update things. But hey, on the bright side it’southward also the fastest way to update the maps (since the watch’south own WiFi is much slower). Once installed, just connect your watch to the computer and it’ll prove up.

And so, go ahead and add information technology to your Garmin Connect account (since past now, you’ve probably already created that with the telephone). In one case that’s done, information technology’ll ask to set up any WiFi networks, and and then finally, information technology’ll go off and get all the updates:


From there, unplug it, and you’ll be immediately offered the ability to install the latest update:


Roughly five minutes later, and yous’re done!

Normal WiFi Update:

Now, outside of the first update to seven.24, you can normally strength-update your sentry using WiFi and this 2-step-tango procedure. Here’s how:

1) Concur the middle left button to get to Settings > Connectivity
2) Choose Wi-Fi
3) Then select Wi-Fi Sync
four) If yous oasis’t already added a Wi-Fi network, it’ll prompt you lot to practice so
5) Allow it sync

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Now, the WiFi sync process may accept a few minutes to finish. You can leave out of information technology if you’d like, or just wait. Once done, it’ll say information technology’s complete. Then, go back to the Software Update menu:

1) Hold the middle left push to go to Settings > Organisation
2) Select ‘Software Update’
3) Choose “Install Now”, and you lot’ll run into the software update ready to install

If not, there’southward no newer version. Y’all tin can usually observe the current version
available listed at the superlative of the Garmin Forums. Equally of this writing (March 7th), it’s 7.24.

But why?

Then the side by side question is why does this firmware version gap happen? Well, in the age of production announcements being timed to instant retail availability, that requires companies stockpile products ahead of fourth dimension. Which in turn ways companies industry said units ahead of fourth dimension. In most cases for big companies like Garmin, we’re talking months ahead of time for marquee launches. Others similar Apple and GoPro are the aforementioned – starting production hands 1-3 months before the product is announced.

Of course, software development continues to march forward on the spotter firmware. Bugs are squished, and features are refined, sometimes even features taken out (every bit was the instance for another sentry recently). However, also notable is that in an app-continued world, the app itself marches frontward as well. And then in this case, the new phone configuration feature for your information fields/pages did work long before product launch, but it was dependent on having a specific Garmin Connect Mobile version from that same time period – similar having two matching puzzle pieces. Thus, the latest Garmin Connect Mobile isn’t uniform with the November watch firmware for that specific characteristic (but is uniform for countless other features).

The problem here is that dissimilar GoPro and Apple, which force y’all to update the firmware upon setting it up, Garmin doesn’t. And while it’s overnice that they don’t
strength you, they besides don’t even hint or advise you update the firmware. Which is what gets anybody all dislocated. Nobody is aware that they’re missing 4+ months of software updates and features. This is where Garmin could practise better with the app-side start (when you’re pairing upward your watch to your telephone in most cases). Hither they could note to the user the firmware needs to be updated (as GoPro, Apple, Samsung, and others do).

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And and so secondarily, Garmin should make it *easy* to update the watch firmware version on the watch itself, on-demand. Right at present, the update occurs on Garmin-fourth dimension. Which is similar island time, simply without the coconuts and fruity-umbrella drinks. Sure, on a Fenix/Epix scout you can do the WiFi check in one carte du jour, and and then get to a different settings menu to install it, but most people wouldn’t know to exercise that two-pace tango.

Ideally, at that place would be another pick inside the existing Software Updates carte du jour:
Cheque for Updates. Considering every bit outlined above, doing a WiFi sync effectively does the aforementioned thing, but then notwithstanding requires a manual install after the fact. Oh, and since nosotros’re asking for things, if I may, this would be on every Garmin device going forward. A quick and simple instant-gratification bank check from the menu that everything is upwards to appointment. Easy-peasy.

With that – thanks for reading!

Oh, and if yous’ve just picked upward a Fenix 7 or Epix units, then first get your units updated, and once that’s done, yous tin can check out either of my two beginner guides. These are both long-class guides that walk you through using the watches footstep past step, including details of how the new features work.

Or of course, either of my in-depth written reviews,
the Fenix 7 ane here, and
the Epix ane here.

How to Check Garmin Fenix 5x Firmware

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