How to Check Firmware Version on Samgsung Smart Tv

How to Check Firmware Version on Samgsung Smart Tv

Software or firmware updates bring new features, improvements, and problems fixes for amend performance. If you ain a Samsung Smart TV, you can make it smarter by installing regular software updates released by Samsung. You can download the Samsung TV software update file and install it manually past using a USB drive.

Samsung keeps rolling out software updates at times to add new features and fix bugs. Keeping the software of your Smart Goggle box up to appointment is very important. The best way to update the software on a Samsung Smart Television set is to plough the machine-update characteristic on. Still, if the automated software update is nor available for you or you lot are getting some issue, you can download the update bundle for your Telly and install it via a USB flash drive.

My Samsung Q60R has received ii updates since I bought it back in Oct 2019. To be honest, I didn’t observe whatever new features or new changes after those software updates. Below, I’ll exist describing Samsung Smart TV software update procedure for all models released in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.

Points to Notation

Keep in mind that the steps to update the software on Samsung TVs might differ from Series to series and model line upward. Depending on the twelvemonth your Samsung TV was released, the Smart Hub and Settings UI or appearance of the menus may vary. Also, please call back that a software update might reset your Samsung Smart TV’s settings to defaults.

Steps to Enable Auto Update on Samsung TV

The screenshots attached below take been taken on the Samsung Q60R serial Smart Television from 2019 line up. If y’all don’t want any software updates at all, skip this function and read our tutorial on
turning off automated updates on your Windows 10 PC.

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Before you lot go on, make sure your Samsung Smart Tv set is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

  1. Press the
    button on your Television receiver’due south remote to bring upwardly
    How to Check Firmware Version on Samgsung Smart Tv
  2. Go to
    and click it.
    samsung tv settings option
  3. When the Settings menu is launched, scroll to the
    tab, highlight the
    Software Update
    option and click it.
    samsung tv software update
  4. On the adjacent screen, become to the
    Motorcar update
    option and click it to enable automated software update on your Samsung TV.
    samsung tv auto update
  5. To check if there is an update available for your Television set, go to
    Update Now
    and select it.
  6. Your TV will start checking for updates and prompt you to install it.
    samsung tv checking for software update
  7. Since I had enabled Auto Update during the initial setup afterwards I purchased my Television set, it’southward already on the latest version.

Samsung Goggle box Software Update via USB

If you are unable to update your Tv set via the inbuilt software updater for some reason, yous can download the latest firmware update for your Tv set model and install it locally using a USB wink drive. If you desire to update your Television set’south software to set up connectivity bug, y’all should check out my guide on
troubleshooting and solving the internet connection trouble on a Samsung TV.

Practice not turn off your Goggle box or unplug the USB memory bulldoze while the new software is being installed. Doing so may cause a firmware error or serious damage to the mainboard of your TV.

  1. Visit the
    Samsung Download Center folio
    on your calculator.
  2. Click
    TV and Home Theater
    Select your product blazon
    or click
    Enter Model Number
    and fill in your Boob tube’southward model number there. Yous can discover the model number of your Idiot box on the manual that came with it. You tin can likewise find information technology by going to
    Settings > Support > Most this TV. Check Model Code under
    Production Data. In my case, it is QA55Q60RAXXL.
  3. On the Samsung Download Eye page, click on
    and select your TV type. I selected
    QLED TVs.
  4. Now, you lot will be asked to make a option of your Boob tube line up and model number. Alternatively, you can as well enter the model number of your Smart TV.
    select tv line up
  5. When you have selected the Year Line Upwards and model number, the
    button volition be highlighted. Click it.
  6. You’ll be taken to the
    Manuals and Downloads
  7. If you lot desire to know about the details of the firmware such every bit the compatible model numbers and changelog, click ‘?‘.
    samsung tv firmware details
  8. Now click the download push to initiate the firmware download for your Samsung TV.
    samsung tv firmware download
  9. When the file has finished downloading, locate the downloaded Cypher file, and extract it.
  10. Open the unzipped binder. Yous’ll find another folder inside information technology.
  11. Re-create this folder to a USB flash drive. Please brand certain y’all don’t copy the folder inside some folder on the USB bulldoze otherwise your Tv won’t find it.
  12. Turn off your TV is information technology is on and plug the USB wink drive into a USB port located at the behind of your Tv.
  13. Plough on the TV.
  14. Now printing the Home button on the remote and navigate to
    Settings > Support > Software Update > Update Now
    and and so select
  15. Select the
    option when prompted. Your Idiot box volition scan the USB flash bulldoze for the availability of the software update package. You’ll see ‘Scanning USB’ notification on the screen.
  16. When the software packet is detected, follow the on-screen instructions.
  17. The whole software update process takes merely a few minutes to finish and when it is completed your Samsung Smart TV will restart automatically.
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If your Boob tube starts commonly, information technology indicates that the software update went well. In example you desire to confirm the update, Go to
Settings > Back up > About this TV
and compare the
Software version
mentioned there with the one shown on the firmware download page.

samsung smart tv software version

Steps to Update Samsung Smart TV Apps

What actually makes TVs really smart is its adequacy to install apps. Samsung does not allow sideloading apps on its Smart TVs (Android TVs are exceptions). Y’all can install apps from the Samsung App Store via the Apps section. Even so, you lot can easily
delete installed apps on your Samsung Television set
and enable the auto-update feature so that the apps you apply stay up-to-date. Beneath, we’ll see how nosotros tin update apps on a Samsung Smart Telly.

  1. Press the
    Dwelling house
    push button on the Samsung Television remote.
  2. Navigate to
    and click it.
  3. Now, highlight the
    icon on the top-right corner of your TV’southward screen and click information technology.
    app settings on samsung tv
  4. On the next screen, highlight the
    Auto update
    button and click it to enable machine update for apps on your Smart TV.
    samsung tv auto update apps

How to Check Firmware Version on Samgsung Smart Tv

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