How to Change Uefi Firmware Settings on Lenovo Yoga 3

How to Change Uefi Firmware Settings on Lenovo Yoga 3

Changing the boot order, booting from USB or fixing possible kicking bug. At that place could be a number of reasons why you lot would want to access the UEFI settings.

In this tutorial, I’ll evidence yous three ways to access the UEFI settings in Windows ten:

  • Using the designated key at boot time
  • Using the UEFI settings from within Windows 10 (requires reboot every bit well)

Before you see the steps, please
verify if your organisation is using UEFI or BIOS.

Method 1: Apply F2/F10 or F12 keys at kicking fourth dimension to access UEFi settings

This is the archetype method of accessing UEFI or the BIOS organisation.

Turn on your system. At the screen that shows the logo of your arrangement manufacturer, press the
F2 or F10 or F12
cardinal. You may try pressing all of them one past i if you are non certain. Merely
be quick
when y’all do that otherwise it will boot into the operating system.

This primal is different for unlike make of computers. Some may fifty-fifty apply Esc or Del keys for this purpose.

How to Change Uefi Firmware Settings on Lenovo Yoga 3
Quickly printing F2, F10 or F12 keys at the screen showing your system manufacturer’s logo

If it works, you should see the familiar BIOS screen. UEFI is underlying mechanism and it adds a few options in the boot settings. But the kick settings interface looks the same equally the legacy BIOS system in many computers.

acer uefi settings
Near system will have UEFI settings interface same as the classic BIOS settings

I take seen some newer computers take a totally dissimilar kicking settings interface. This could differ from arrangement to system.

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Follow the steps below for accessing UEFI settings in Windows 10.

Step 1:
Login to Windows and click on Bill of fare. Search for
and get to
Change advanced startup options:

Accessing UEFI Settings Windows
Go to ‘Change advanced startup options’

Pace 2: In here, click on the
Restart now
push under Avant-garde startup option.

Alternative shortcut

What y’all did just above can be achieved with an alternative style. Y’all may click on the Windows menu, hit the power icon to display Shutdown, Restart and Sleep choice. Press and concur the shift central and click restart at the same time. This volition have the same effect as going to the ‘avant-garde startup option’ and clicking the ‘restart now’ button.

It will not restart your system immediately. Instead, you should see a blue screen with ‘Please wait’ displayed.

windows uefi settings selection

Now, some systems will requite you the UEFI Firmware Settings on this screen. Some system may require you lot to choose an Advanced options.

If y’all see the UEFI Firmware Settings choice, well, click on information technology. Otherwise, click the Advanced options.

accessing advanced UEFI settings from Windows

When you see the UEFI Firmware Settings, click on information technology.

Accessing UEFI firmware settings

It will notify that you’ll take to restart in order to alter whatsoever UEFI firmware settings (or UEFI settings in short). Click on the Restart button.

Restart boot settings UEFI

Your organisation will restart now and when it boots again, yous’ll observe yourself in the BIOS/UEFI settings interface.

acer uefi settings
UEFI/BIOS Settings Interface

That’s it. This is what you needed to exercise to access UEFI firmware settings in Windows 10. Whenever I
dual boot Linux and Windows, I use this method for using the
live USB of Linux.

I hope yous find this tutorial helpful. Whatever questions or suggestions? Delight feel free to leave a comment beneath.

How to Change Uefi Firmware Settings on Lenovo Yoga 3

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