How to Change Firmware for Retrogame Rs 97 2.0

How to Change Firmware for Retrogame Rs 97 2.0

How to put RetroFW on your LDK / RS-97

RetroFW is the currently supported custom firmware for the RS-97 and LDK devices.
It allows you to play a wide multifariousness of consoles/computers thank you to numerous emulators available to information technology as well every bit ports of games such as Quake 2, Doom among others.

The RS-97 comes with a stock firmware based upon Legacy Dingux, while the LDK came with my Useless firmware. Both of which are now unsupported and information technology is advised that you upgrade to RetroFW as before long as possible.

Annotation that you absolutely need a USB micro SD carte du jour reader/writer such equally these :
How to Change Firmware for Retrogame Rs 97 2.0

If you don’t then you volition exist unable to put RetroFW on it and you should stop at present.

I’m as well assuming you are using Windows 10.

If y’all are on Linux, there will be a separate guide for it.
If you lot are on Windows 7, you can follow most of the steps below except for the fact it tin can’t mountain sd cards with multiple partitions which is our example so exist careful.

Step one. Download RetroFW and extract it

You can download RetroFW i.2 hither :

One time downloaded, you will demand to extract such zip somewhere.
Right click on the zilch and select “Extract All…”.

Select the location where the zipped file should be extracted and remember it well.

Become to said location and inside of the retrofw folder, you should find a bunch of bat files (RetroGame_v2.1_B, RetroGame_v1.0_S_B etc.. extensions may be hidden on Windows).

Stride 2. Take hold of the internal sd menu

On the LDK panel, this is fairly unproblematic : it is located in the battery slot. Just grab it from there.
Note that you are a bit careless, you may take to remove the 4 chief screws and open up it.

On the RS-97 consoles, you demand to remove several screws.
– 1 spiral holding the battery slot and some other inside of it.
– 3 screws on the back of the console.
– i screw property the GBA slot.

Remove the battery and try to open it from the GBA slot. Pry it from that location with a used credit carte or similar if yous struggle to open up information technology.

Your internal sd menu should exist hidden in a piece of foam close to the volume cycle : grab it.

Stride 3. Run the appropriate bat file co-ordinate to your hardware revision.

LDK owners : You tin can skip this part and double click on the RetroGame_v2.1_B.bat file.

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Throughout its life, the RS-97 had multiple hardware revisions : most of these would bandy parts like LCD screens or utilize a newer, more power efficient processor. (namely the JZ4760B in our case)

You can know this past removing the bombardment : revision number tin can exist seen from the battery slot.

This stride is important to follow otherwise y’all volition end up with a black/white screen.

If you ain a 1.0 revision

This is the starting time revision of the RS-97 : information technology is one of the rarest revision and it has numerous hardware bug. (Virtually notably, it is unable to go back from sleep due information technology not supporting the low clocks well)

Select the RetroGame_v1.0_v2.0.bat and double click on information technology.

Note that this revision should not exist confused with the 1.0S revision. (Run across beneath)

If you own a 2.0 revision

This is the second revision that came later on it : it used to be pretty common and it is equipped with a 4GB internal sd menu. This one fixed some of the issues revision 1.0 had.

Select the RetroGame_v1.0_v2.0.bat and double click on it.

If you own a 2.ane revision

At present here’due south where the confusing office is.

If your console came on a 4GB internal sd card (marketed as 600 Games in one), so you lot need to select the file and double click on information technology.
This revision came with a JZ4760.

If your panel came on a 16GB internal sd carte (marketed every bit 3000 Games in one), then y’all demand to select the RetroGame_v2.1_B.bat and double click on it.
(Detect the extra B in the file, be careful about information technology)
This revision came with a more than ability efficient JZ4760B.

If you lot own a 1.0S revision

This is a somewhat uncommon revision that is more often than not available in White but sometimes in black clear case.

It is impossible to know exactly what bat file yous need to run as some of these end upwardly being different from one to the other. (LCD screen, sd carte du jour, processor…)

Usually, running RetroGame_v1.0_S_B.bat should exist fine. (and become to the side by side stride)
If however you still got a blackness screen after doing that, and then yous demand to run RetroGame_v1.0_v2.0.bat.

If you own a 3.0 revision

The latest revision of the RS-97 that comes on a 16 GB internal sd bill of fare as well as a JZ4760B.

This i is straightforward : just double click on RetroGame_v3.0_B.bat.

If you own an RS-97 Plus

This is a and so-chosen “upgrade” to the RS-97 with the main addition beingness a joystick that is digitally mapped to the Dpad besides as the removal of the fake GBA slot and the relocation of the internal sd menu. (located behind the battery).

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RetroFW does not support the RS-97 Plus.

The RS-97 Plus suffers from a poor screen that is unable to reach higher than 30 FPS, as well as defective the vsync pivot. This results in terrible tearing.

If you ordered an RS-97 (without the joystick) and ended up getting a Plus instead then inquire for a refund or render information technology.

If you yet insist on using the RS-97 Plus, there’s an early on CFW for it available.
This guide will not cover how to use this Alpha release CFW for the RS-97 Plus.

Step 4. Flash the custom firmware

Only after you followed all of the previous steps should you do this one.

Brand sure to plug your USB micro sd menu author with your internal micro sd card inside.

Download the Etcher paradigm writer here :

Make sure to select the Installer version.

(Either Etcher for Windows x64 (64-bit) (Installer) or Etcher for Windows x86 (32-bit) (Installer))

(If y’all are unsure of the Windows version, select the 32-$.25 Windows version.)

Install said awarding and open up it.

Once you have the etcher application open, make sure to select the RetroFW.img file where the bat files are located.

If all goes well and your USB micro sd card reader is selected then press on “Flash !” and await for it to become flashed. (should have a few minutes)

Step 5. Initial boot

Put everything back together with your newly flashed micro sd bill of fare inside of the console.

At present ability on your console and you should get a different boot screen.

Upon the first boot, it should tell y’all that information technology is currently expanding the FAT32 partition to your micro sd carte du jour.

Depending on what micro sd card yous used with information technology, this can take from a few seconds to a few minutes.

And so information technology should reboot again and GmenuNx should appear on your screen.

Step 6. Put some games/emulators inside.

By default, GmenuNx comes with no emulators/games. Information technology is up to you to select the emulators/games you want to put on your console.

Said games/emulators are packaged every bit IPK files : huge files containing the apps/emualtors/games themselves.

You can grab IPK files from the following sources :
(Check out Supported IPK section)
(Gameblabla’s own IPK builds)

There are multiple ways of transferring files to your console :

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Mounting your unit of measurement over USB

Plug your device over USB and it should ask yous if you want to mount your console as Storage or Charge.
Printing the push button for Storage and if done correctly, a FAT32 partition should announced on your computer.

Now add your newly IPK files and add them at the root of the FAT32 sectionalization.
In one case done, safely eject it.

Note that you may have to press kickoff on your console if it stays stuck on a black screen with instructions.

Direct use the USB Micro sd card reader (Windows 10 simply)

Catch your micro sd card from your console again and put information technology back in your micro sd card reader.
3 partitions should appear, including i FAT32 partition.


Simply add your IPK files to the FAT32 partition and safely eject information technology once done.

Step 7. Install IPK packages

Once you accept IPK packages inside of your panel, you tin can at present install them.

Go to Explorer (navigate using the shoulder buttons) and select your IPK packages.
They should be located at / dwelling house / retrofw if you are not at that place already.
Once you selected ane of your IPK file, press A on information technology and wait for a while.

Notation that some games similar Quake 2 and SORR tin can take several minutes to install.
You may besides get a bunch of errors : these can be ignored equally long as they are installed properly afterwards.

If installation is done ($ sign should appear) and so printing B to become dorsum to explorer.
A new entry should now be added to your carte du jour.


I did everything as yous said but when it came to the initial boot, my console would not boot afterwards ! (black screen)

If your console accidentally powers off before it is done doing and then then yous may have to follow from Step 4 and try again.

I expanded the FAT32 sectionalization after flashing it and at present it won’t work !

Don’t do that, this is no longer needed nor required. RetroFW does this automatically.

Windows prompted me to format one of the drives so I did and now my panel won’t work !

Don’t practise that. This is because the LDK/RS-97 uses its own file organisation layout not detected by Windows. Y’all should ignore such warnings if yous get them. Do not format them.

How to Change Firmware for Retrogame Rs 97 2.0

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