How Install Firmware for Wd Internal Hhd

How Install Firmware for Wd Internal Hhd

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What is this?

You lot own a XBOX 360 Arcade… after a month of ownership, you chop-chop realized that you missed a lot of features because you lot don’t have a HDD for your Arcade!

There are lots of good articles talking about what you are missing without a HDD. In summary:

  • Cannot download Xbox Live® downloadable content
  • You cannot play original XBOX games without a HDD
  • Cannot salvage music and audio files

Nonetheless yous need to pay $150 to go a 120G HDD from MS! Not to mention that a 120G SATA HDD simply cost your effectually $forty!

You lot cannot just pop in a notebook SATA HDD to your arcade, because the XBOX 360 HDD has special security chip in it. Your xbox 360 won’t read any HDD without this security bit. The second thing is, you need a HDD enclosure for your to adhere the HDD to your XBOX 360.

Fortunately, thank you to hddhackr, a tool provided by TheSpecialist (TS), it can write the XBOX 360 HDD security bit to some Western Digital HDD, so you can apply it in your XBOX 360. We have also stocked the XBOX 360 HDD enclosure (include all the hardwares).

In this tutorial, nosotros will prove you how to flash a Western Digital HDD to work with XBOX 360, so nosotros will demonstrate how to install HDD to the enclosure we have provided online (at
http://world wide

The full cost to have a $120G HDD for your XBOX 360 is merely $70 – $80! That’s well-nigh fifty% savings!

OK, let’s get started!

Hardware and software

The following are required hardware and software for your to perform this work:

  • XBOX 360 (Any XBOX 360)
  • Any Western Digital WD-BEVS SATA 2.5 inch hard bulldoze, for example, WD1200BEVS 120G HDD.
  • XBOX 360 HDD enclosure, available at
    http://world wide
  • Admission to a SATA port (native SATA port from your female parent board, or VT6421a PCI-SATA controller, available at
  • Hddhackr 0.91, download from
    here. (V1.0 is buggy, we found 0.91 is the most stable version)
  • HDD security bin file. There are 3 security bin files available, 20G, 60G and 120G. You need to get ane for your size of HDD. However, if you take larger size, y’all tin can use the lower size security bin file, and the available size is the size specified in the security bin file. XBOX 360 120GB HDDSS tin can be downloaded from internet. You lot can google it.
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That’s all.

Western Digital Scorpio™ HDD

In this example, I am going to bear witness you how to flash the security bit to WD WD1200BEVS 120 GB SATA Hard Drive.

This is the HDD I bought from TigerDirect:

Brand sure the model number is WDxxxxBEVS. This is the but supported HDD at this moment. The model number is visible on the back:


Hddhackr runs in native DOS (not DOS prompt in windows). Y’all need to create a writeable bootable DOS media, e.yard. bootable floppy deejay, or bootable USB central. Please flow the instructions
to gear up a writeable and bootable medial.

Afterwards the bootable media is ready, re-create Hddhackr to the bootable media, likewise put the HDDSS.bin (downloaded from internet) in the same directory as hddhackr. Make sure the bootable media is writeable, considering hddhackr will need to write to it.

If you don’t accept access to native SATA port on you PC, yous demand a PCI to SATA controller, purchase it from
http://world wide

Then install information technology to your PC past following the instruction

Flash HDDSS to Your WD HDD

Turn off your PC, connect you HDD to your PC’s SATA prot via a SATA cable, and connect the power cable to it as well:

Turn on your PC, and boot from your bootable media, e.g. floppy or USB key. After information technology is booted, run
hddhackr -f
from command line, you will come across something similar to this screen:

Respond aye to question: “Want to flash this firmware to make information technology compatible with sector 16?” Then respond yes to question: “Do you want to create an undo file?”. (I forgot to take a screen shot of this, sorry!)

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Afterward a couple seconds, you will see this:

Now, plow off the PC and wait at to the lowest degree ten seconds. I mean power off. Restart information technology without powering it of is not going to piece of work!

I waited 20 seconds, just to be sure… then boot to the aforementioned bootable media to verify the wink by typing
hddhackr -f
once again to verify:

It’south confirmed that the HDD is flashed successfully. Now, yous save the bootable media to a safe place. You need to apply the same disc to restore your HDD to work with your PC because it contains undo files.

Install the HDD into the XBOX 360 HDD Enclosure

The HDD socket on XBOX 360 is a special socket, you need a HDD enclosure to connect your HDD to your XBOX 360. You lot can buy the make new HDD enclosure from
http://world wide

Open up the package, you will find the following items in your package:

Information technology has everything you demand, including the screws:

The screws are Phillips crosshead screws, they are not special ones.

Now, don’t connect the cable to the HDD yet, you need starting time slide in the HDD into the enclosure, then connect the cable:

Then, make sure the white rubber is aligned in the pigsty of the connector as shown in pic below:

Then push button the HDD into information technology’due south position and install the screws:

Put them together, and install last four screws, and then you are ready to attache it to your XBOX 360!

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Attache HDD Enclosure to XBOX 360

In my example, I attache information technology to a Arcade, but information technology applies to all xbox 360s.

Power off your XBOX 360 starting time. Remove the power plug from the back of your xbox 360.

Remove the side panel past press the release button:

Side console removed:

Firmly attach the HDD enclosure to your XBOX 360:

Format the HDD in XBOX 360

Before you format the HDD in xbox 360, you lot need to write down the XBOX 360 serial number. You can observe it by either look at the back of the motorcar, or access information technology from System card:

At present, connect power cable of your xbox 360, and power on it. Navigate to Arrangement -> Retentiveness menu, select information technology:

You volition see this screen. Printing Y to format it:

and press

Reply yep to confirm format:

Reply yes to enter the serial number:

Fill in your console’s series number in the box, and then highlight the
button, and and then printing

Format in progress:

Format finished:

Check the device, information technology’southward confirmed that you accept merely added a 120G HDD to your XBOX 360!

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How Install Firmware for Wd Internal Hhd

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