Ozobot Classroom is a web-based
LMS platform
that enables educators to manage student coding progress, assign projects, and more than when using the

Ozobot Evo

robots in the classroom.

one. The Ozobot Classroom software is compatible with anywhere from 2-18 Ozobot Evo robots (perfect for Ozobot Classroom kits).

2. The latest Ozobot Classroom updates work best on Google Chrome and include all-new pacing guides and simplified student assignments.

iii. Using the Ozobot Classroom features requires teachers to access the dashboard on a figurer or laptop.

iv. Information technology comes with a full-access, lifetime license code for v user accounts too equally other add-ons.

5. Evo robots may need to be updated before the offset time students use them with the software.

6. Google Classroom users can too import classes and add Ozobot lessons direct to the platform.

Ozobot Classroom is a free platform for educators to use in measuring educatee learning with the Ozobot Evo. It
‘due south completely
web-based, making it like shooting fish in a barrel for teachers to access and it’southward very much intuitive for those without a lot of

computer science educational activity

experience. Substantially, i
t helps simplify
grade setup by making it easy for teachers to assign both lessons and a personal robot to each student or student group while also providing insights on educatee progress (or difficulties). Peculiarly in a time in which southward
tudents might non be coding
every twenty-four hours, the software can assist illuminate any struggles and assist teachers provide solutions.

What’s new in Ozobot Classroom?

Recent updates to the Ozobot Classroom platform have seen it get more conducive to today’southward teaching and learning. Of course, millions of students effectually the globe have hadvert to deal with

learning loss

and time outside of the classroom. This has, understandably cut into their Stalk development only this LMS can help educators address some of those gaps.
Ozobot Classroom
is very
with a low
learning curve for the teachers who’ll be using it. It
seamlessly connects with

Google Classroom
, besides, which is great for students in whatever lingering remote or hybrid learning.

Other additions to Ozobot Classroom include plenty of updates to the online Ozobot Lesson Library.
Due southtudents and teachers
tin utilize these purposefully designed coding lessons in
the classroom
and they’re definitely
worth checking out for anyone westward
ho’s new to Ozobot Classroom.
The Ozobot team is ever releasing new coding lesson plans as well every bit sharing instructor-created activities. With a shift to a
greater focus on

SEL in the classroom

, however, information technology’s not just Stem and informatics lessons that you’ll find. In addition to those, there’s enough of content for facilitating social-emotional learning using the Ozobot Evo, likewise.

How Do I Update the Firmware With My Ozobot

Too that, they recently released a brand-new upgrade to

coding with the Ozobot

Evo. Known as the MetaBot, this AR-inspired robot pairs perfectly with private coding activities in the classroom or at home. Similar to creating

OzoBlockly programs
, students would need a connected device (either a smartphone or a tablet) to make use of the MetaBot and its AR environment. While others have released and perfected

virtual robotics

and coding tools, especially since the onset of the pandemic, the Ozobot MetaBot is the first that specifically makes use of

augmented reality
. Though it may seem intimidating, it’s actually quite simple to utilize. In fact, all students need is the same device they’d apply in programming their Ozobot Evo and they’re all set.

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To admission the MetaBot feature, students can open the OzoBlockly editor on their preferred browser. But like earlier, teachers tin can admission OzoBlockly through their Ozobot Classroom business relationship and go from there. Typically, students meet five programming levels when launching the editor with the option to toggle between the Evo or Bit. In the latest version of OzoBlockly, notwithstanding, there’s a third option chosen MetaBot. Inside the MetaBot interface, students but take access to Levels 1 and ii of OzoBlockly but that’s okay. There’s still enough they tin do on the screen and with their augmented Ozobot Evo. They can use the icon-based movement, light effects, wait, and sound blocks in Level ane and the hybrid motility, low-cal furnishings, timing, loops, and sound blocks from Level 2.

Programming in augmented reality.

One time they build a program, students may also notice that, in the MetaBot surround, in that location’south an boosted push button below the programming field. If you hover over it, it volition read ‘MetaBot’ likewise. Clicking on that push presents students with a QR code that they can browse with their phone’s camera. Once scanned, their OzoBlockly plan will open up in their phone’south browser and they tin can click Launch or add a costume. This opens the AR surround and on-screen prompts may tell them to move their phone from side to side. Either manner, they’ll be able to run their

OzoBlockly plan

and watch as their on-screen robot moves effectually in a unique and heady AR-enabled surround!

Besides the newer updates, including the MetaBot, the coding lessons in Ozobot Classroom go along to provide a ton of value. Almost lessons are compatible with unlike in-person or out-of-school learning environments and platonic for students in Grades 2-v. The lessons and guides are designed and then that students can complete them on their own if they’re working independently. They as well assistance bring almost
self-paced learning advantages
 for capable students besides. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel for educators to admission the Ozobot lessons, which involve a lot of coding and problem solving but they’re also aligned with many other subject areas, including math, ELA, and even history. They typically take 30-45 minutes for students to complete and educators can find a grade level breakdown, including incredibly easy-to-follow video guides,

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Ozobot Classroom compatibility.

Ozobot Classroom works best on the Google Chrome browser and it’s compatible with Chromebooks, Macs, and Windows 10 computers. If accessing Ozobot Classroom on a Windows 10 device, students would want to use the Chrome or Edge browser. There is no need to download any apps or software (there is no mobile app) but, to get the full feel of Ozobot Classroom, you must have the Ozobot Evo robots. Students, yet, can utilize the Evo past Ozobot app to explore coding lessons in the classroom or at home. Unlike Ozobot Classroom, it’s uniform with both smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android).

Before beginning your first lesson, information technology’s also important to check for firmware updates through the dashboard. Upon logging in to Ozobot Classroom, there should be a ‘What’due south New’ message and a ‘New Firmware’ message displayed at the top of the page. From this dwelling dashboard, educators can as well access the Ozobot Educator Preparation (Bot Camp). This content essentially serves as basic grooming for

teaching with the Ozobot Evo
. It includes examples of student-facing lessons and ideas for how to all-time introduce students to coding and the Ozobot Evo.

The in-depth coding lesson library.

As for the Ozobot Lesson Library, this area features hundreds of Ozobot Evo lesson plans for all academic subjects. Whether y’all’re teaching Stalk or computer scientific discipline, ELA, or even SEL, you’ll find something that’s relevant and aligned to standards for students in whatsoever M-12 grade. To access the Lesson Library, yous tin click the Lessons icon on the left side of the Ozobot Classroom dashboard. Too, that’southward where the pacing guides come up in. These guides aid educators discover age-appropriate lessons and move from color coding to

block coding

in a methodical way. The pacing guides include all the fundamental information educators need to know about each robotics lesson. They’re very helpful and clearly spell out each lesson’s name and ideal grade levels. They also provide a brief clarification, what students will larn, and what standards information technology covers.

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In terms of devices, once you’re logged in, you tin can control this attribute past navigating to the Devices department. Information technology’southward best to update, name, and label each concrete robot in your classroom for articulate identification. You tin can find detailed data about that process
 and find updates on the Ozobot Classroom dashboard every bit they’re made available. Starting time by plugging your Evos into their chargers and select Evo from your reckoner’s Bluetooth bill of fare to pair them. Once the device discovers the robots, you have the pick to name them. Most chiefly, click Update All Devices to begin updating your Evos! This will take approximately 5 minutes per robot, so make certain your computer doesn’t get to sleep. We recommend doing this at least once every vi months.

Using the versatility of Ozobot Classroom.

Also, as we mentioned, Ozobot Classroom is too compatible with Google Classroom. To provide instruction within Google Classroom, educators tin can start by signing in to Ozobot Classroom
. You lot must select the pick to sign in with Google or log out if you are already logged in so sign back in using your Google account. Then, you tin import a class from Google, find lessons, add lessons to your class, and assign lessons to students. You can find more detailed instructions for this procedure

ozobot classroom

Fifty-fifty in this era of redefined learning, teachers who utilise Ozobot Classroom still do good from the interactive Bot Camp training. Information technology’due south like shooting fish in a barrel to set up up classrooms with a unmarried click and incorporate Ozobot activities in all grades and subject field areas. Using the provided pupil engagement insights and, with the added option for Google Classroom integration, students tin can go on coding education from wherever it is they’re learning.

If you’re already using Ozobot Classroom or looking for insight on whether it’s the right tool for you, we promise this blog gave you lot some helpful tips for moving forwards! You can notice the Ozobot product line, including the latest versions of the Ozobot Evo Classroom Kits with the lifetime license codes, Bot Camp grooming, marker sets, charging bases, and more, on our store (below). If you lot have whatsoever questions or would similar to brand a purchase, please let united states of america know! Be certain to follow u.s. on
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