How Do I Update Firmware on a Panasonic Pt-rz21k

How Do I Update Firmware on a Panasonic Pt-rz21k

The World’s Smallest and Lightest 20,000-lumens Laser Projector

The groundbreaking Panasonic PT-RZ21K 3-Bit DLP SOLID SHINE Laser projector combines flagship picture quality from the world’due south first twenty,000 lm laser projector to characteristic a filterless cooling system and shielded optical unit, delivering unassailable reliability in dusty conditions.

With xx,000-hour maintenance-complimentary operation and software for expedited multi-screen mapping calibration, the rugged nonetheless lightweight PT-RZ21K delivers grade-beating colour reproduction with dramatically reduced running costs, making it the new first selection for event professionals.


  • Combines 3-Chip DLP™ with Panasonic SOLID SHINE Laser Phosphor Technology for Bright, Natural, and Immersive Picture Quality
  • Grit-resistant Design Featuring Hermetically Sealed Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation Modules
  • Efficient Cooling System for Stable Operation and Long Life
  • High 20,000 lm Effulgence in a Compact, Lightweight, Easy-to-Handle Torso
  • Detail Clarity Processor Clarifies and Enhances Fine Details with Advanced Processing Algorithm
  • Daylight View Office Improves Colour Perception in Brilliant Environments and in Mapping Applications
  • Free 360-degree Installation (Vertical and Horizontal)
  • DIGITAL LINK Supports Transmission of Uncompressed Full HD Video and Command Commands Through Single LAN Cable

SOLID SHINE Laser Engineering

Combining 3-Bit DLP™ imaging with original SOLID Smoothen Laser Phosphor technology, Panasonic 3-Chip DLP™ SOLID SHINE Laser Series produces vividly colored pictures rich in item with fantabulous brightness. Solid-state light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation light sources and particularly engineered oestrus-resistant phosphor wheels work together with three discrete DLP™ modules (R/G/B) for loftier effulgence, true color accuracy, and loftier dissimilarity in large venues.

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3-Chip DLP SOLID SHINE Laser projectors capture a more accurate color space than comparable laser projectors. Bluish lasers ensure greater precision while an expanded color gamut improves white-rest accuracy.

Dual Drive Laser

Dual-Bulldoze Laser Optical Engine groups laser diodes into ii discrete modules. A redundancy circuit works to minimize brightness- and color-uniformity loss should a laser diode fail, making supported products ideal for applications where picture presentation must be maintained.

Filterless Design

The Panasonic PT-RZ21K is the world’due south get-go 20,000 lm light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation projector to eliminate demand for a consumable air filter, enabling maintenance-free operational life of twenty,000 hours for the whole projector. This is achieved with a hermetically shielded optical unit of measurement and heat-pipe-based internal cooling system with a 1-manner airflow. The projector tin operate continuously for long periods in large-scale effect environments without regular maintenance, saving operators considerable time and coin. With no filter, light-source lifespan of 20,000 hours, and controlled, linear pic degradation, the projector leads the field for depression TCO.

120 Hz Real Motion Processor

Real Movement Processor interpolates images for a 120 Hz* frame-rate. Smooth 120 Hz* reproduction is possible via simultaneous inputs (dual SDI inputs or DVI-D/HDMI). Together with a refined optical engine to enhance focus, Real Motion Processor delivers a meliorate sense of resolution, contrast, and fluidity.

How Do I Update Firmware on a Panasonic Pt-rz21k

Digital Clarity Processor

Proprietary circuitry analyzes private video frames to place and clarify areas of the image containing fine details and textures. Algorithms pull information from iv frequency bandwidths, from super-high to low, to sharpen outlines, correct contours, and reduce ringing noise.

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Detail Clarity Processor 5

Dynamic Dissimilarity

Direct laser power output modulation achieves loftier dissimilarity with less power consumption. Digitally controlled frame-past-frame scene-linking modulation ensures precise output adjustment, while accurate xx,000:1 contrast is delivered even when vivid and nighttime scenes ofttimes interchange.

Arrangement Daylight View

This premium applied science stops pictures washing out in brilliant lite and assures dramatic bear upon for mapping and multi-projector applications. It uses sensor information to right sharpness, gamma curves, and colors to suit on-site conditions.

System Daylight View 3

360° Installation

SOLID Polish Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation enables free 360-degree installation through any axis. Together with powered lens shift and wide range of optional lenses, this projector tin project images from any orientation without picture distortion.

Digital Link

DIGITAL LINK transmits uncompressed Full Hard disk drive video and control commands through a single True cat 5e or college STP cable for distances of up to 150 m (492 ft)*. Optional DIGITAL LINK Switcher or Digital Interface Box further simplifies installation, reduces cabling and associated costs, and enhances reliability.

Geometry Manager Pro Software

Geometry Manager Pro software expands onboard functionality and simplifies multi-screen setup. The free software enables multi-screen color-matching, edge-blending, and more than via networked PC. Two optional plug-in kits are available: ET-UK20, which adds screen uniformity correction and creative masking functions, and ET-CUK10, which activates Auto Screen Adjustment for simultaneous and automatic setup of multiple projectors. The latter performs multi-screen and curved-screen calibration in 3 steps using a photographic camera* and networked PC, simplifying adjustment, edge blending, colour matching, stacking, effulgence, and blackness level setup.

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Masking Function (Custom Masking)

3D Projection

The PT-RZ21k projector is uniform with active 3D projection applied science. Click here to view information on 3D projection using a combination of external IR transmitter and active-shutter 3D drinking glass. Please contact your sales representative for information on passive 3D projection.

Multi Monitoring & Command Software

Panasonic Multi Monitoring & Control Software supports upwards to 2,048 devices over LAN and features system map visualization or auto-search of devices to be registered. The free software is available with Early on Alert functions (automated free 90-day trial available). These advanced functions enable existent-time monitoring, abnormality detection, and notification earlier servicing is required. Administrators tin achieve seamless control and real-fourth dimension monitoring while preventing potential problems, saving time, and enhancing system reliability.

Optional Lenses make install a breeze

Panasonic’s range of optional lenses, including ultra-short-throw lens and zoom lens for long throw distances, reducing toll of ownership for staging and effect companies with large projector inventories.

How Do I Update Firmware on a Panasonic Pt-rz21k

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