How Do I Get Dd-wrt Firmware on My Nighthawk R8000 Router

How Do I Get Dd-wrt Firmware on My Nighthawk R8000 Router

Why flash DD-WRT on your NetGear R7000?

DD-WRT, due to it’due south open source nature, comes with tons of functions y’all won’t find on commercial router firmware.

A few advantages I really liked:

– Fine tuning of your Wi-Fi (channels, signal forcefulness, etc),
– VPN support (the Router will setup the VPN connection!),
– DNSMasq support (advanced DNS and DHCP functions),
– Realtime graphs, monitoring traffic one ach network connection,
– Enhanced Quality of Service settings,
– Scheduling for ethernet and both Wi-Fi bands,
– Samba build in (sharing files),
– etc.

With the current, very stable, version created and maintained past Kong, I’ve but found ii weak points:

– Wi-Fi throughput is not as strong as Stock firmware (although you might not notice during daily use)
– Wi-Fi connections occasionally “freeze”, only this could exist my lack of experience …

For more details see as well the
DD-WRT Wiki and
this article at FlashRouters.

: There is at this time no Tomato plant Firmware available for the R7000, only maybe in the most future a R7000 version can exist found at I’d most certainly try that 1 right abroad when it becomes available!

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Earlier we begin …

Some warnings and tips … and don’t blame me if you lot screw up your router …

Alert and Set up (2019) – Newer NetGear Firmware actively blocking DD-WRT and the likes …

It seems NetGear has build in a machinery to block flashing your ain firmware (see
this discussion
below) in the proper name of “security” (in other words: they don’t like you tinkering with your own stuff). Please read up on the affair and see if in that location is a workable process available in instance yous make up one’s mind to buy a new R7000.

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There seems to be a working prepare for this effect (confirmed
to work):

R7000’due south are now (as of March 2019) preventing downgrades from the current Netgear firmware (1.0.ix.64_10.2.64 as of this writing) which prevents the current (K3_R7000, build from ix/23/eighteen).chk file from being uploaded via the Netgear web interface (this chk file has a lower version number, ane.0.5* that Netgear disallows).

Until a new Kong chk prototype is available, y’all can
use this mod version
that works around the consequence by providing a large version number (cheers to @jclehner).

Alarm! Go on at your own risk!

Please exist aware that this activity can brick your wireless router! A bricked router means that your router will exist not-functional, ii de-brick guides I’ve found, but didn’t demand:
opening the router
soft de-brick.

 The presented firmware is

Once more: You’re doing all this at your OWN risk!

Circumspection! Earlier you proceed …

a router, I follow these rules:

  1. Download the Stock Firmware
    of your
    NetGear R7000
    so you can go back if needed.
  2. Downloaded the latest DD-WRT version
    for your
    NetGear R7000.
  3. Disable WiFi on the computer
    (desktop or laptop) that you utilise for flashing your router.
  4. The
    computer you’re using for flashing should exist wired to the router

  5. Make certain the
    ability source of your router and computer are reliable.
  6. Make a fill-in of your router’s config.
  7. Make sure you
    have your Cablevision/DSL login info handy
    (if applicable).
  8. Articulate the browser cache
    before and after flashing.
  9. Reset the router always to default settings later flashing.

File Formats: .bin vs .chk

Recently Kong changed the way he publishes new versions by using .bin files instead of .chk file.
A .chk file is needed for you lot first wink to DD-WRT, which is the “initial” version you tin can download here.
After your router runs DD-WRT, .bin files tin can be used to update it to the latest build.

Flashing DD-WRT on a NetGear R7000

Earlier nosotros start the flashing process, we outset want to download the firmwares nosotros would like to take available even when nosotros have no Internet. In both cases these should be
files (you might have downloaded a zipped file, which yous might desire to unzip commencement). It may not be a bad idea to print this guide either – but so you have it handy.

– Download: Latest

NetGear Stock R7000 Firmware

– Download: Latest

DD-WRT firmware for the R7000

– for all release check out

Kong’due south webpage

You can download the files I have used from Tweaking4All, only with fast evolution of firmwares these days, I
recommend using the two links in the list above.

Wink the Initial version FIRST when you lot’re withal running NetGear firmware!

Download – NetGear R7000 Initial Chk

Filename: dd-wrt.K3-R7000.initial-chk.nil
Platform: Undefined
Version: initial
File size: xix.viii MB
Appointment: 2014-08-nineteen
 Download Now

Ship me a cup of Java

Download – DD-WRT NetGear R7000

Platform: Undefined
Version: Kong three (24760)
File size: 21.1 MB
Date: 2014-08-02
 Download At present

Send me a cup of Java

Download – NetGear R7000 Stock Firmware

Filename: NetGear-R7000-Stock-V1.0.3.56.null
Platform: Undefined
Version: 1.0.three.56
File size: MB
Date: 2014-06-07
 Download Now

Transport me a loving cup of Java

Step 1 – Articulate your Browser Cache

It might not be needed, but it’s recommended by the developer of the DD-WRT firmware.

Read:  Jbl Charge 3 How to Update Firmware

For Google Chrome, you can detect it nether the “File” menu (Windows) and for MacOS Ten under the “Chrome” card.
Wiki How
has a page that covers most browsers.

Stride 2 – Go to your Router’due south admin page

Go to the admin page of your router and login. The default admin page for your router (a NetGear R7000) is:

Which should piece of work, unless you really inverse the default settings of your router’s LAN configuration.

 It’s recommended to really use the IP Address of your router and non the router proper noun!

If this doesn’t piece of work, look for the IP information of your network connexion and copy the IP address mentioned there for the “Default Gateway“.

Windows: blazon in a DOS box the control “ipconfig”.
MacOS Ten: Go to “System Preferences”
“Network” and choose your active network connection.
Linux: type “ifconfig” in a trounce.

Step 3 – Uploading the DD-WRT firmware

Get to “Advanced
Router Update” and click “Scan” to
select the downloaded DD-WRT firmware file
and click “Upload”.

How Do I Get Dd-wrt Firmware on My Nighthawk R8000 Router

NetGear R7000 – Getting ready to upload DD-WRT

Y’all’ll get a “loss of Net connexion” alert first, merely click “OK“, and after that a comparing of firmware versions appears.

NetGear R7000 - Firmware versions compared

NetGear R7000 – Firmware versions compared

In my instance information technology gave me the message that both version where the same, which of grade isn’t true, but it might also tell you that they are different (more correct) or fifty-fifty older. Either way, don’t worry, just make sure yous selected the right firmware file and if you’re certain click “Yes” to continue.

NetGear R7000 - Uploading DD-WRT firmware

NetGear R7000 – Uploading DD-WRT firmware

Once uploading is completed, your router will reboot:

NetGear R7000 - Rebooting ...

NetGear R7000 – Rebooting …

Stride four – Offset DD-WRT login

Subsequently the reboot, the commencement DD-WRT login volition appear where you’re asked for a new username and password. Enter a new username and password to login.

NetGear R7000 - First login for DD-WRT

NetGear R7000 – Beginning login for DD-WRT

After the login yous’ll be presented the initial System Data of your new DD-WRT Router.

NetGear R7000 - Initial DD-WRT Info Screen

NetGear R7000 – Initial DD-WRT Info Screen

Step v – Router Settings to Manufacturing plant Defaults

Now that nosotros have access to our DD-WRT configuration, time to flush potential left-overs from the NetGear stock firmware by doing a Manufacturing plant Reset.

From the chief tabs, choose “Administration
Factory Defaults
Apply Settings“.

The factory reset volition effect in a router reboot, and in some cases it might get stuck on a white page (http://192.168.ane.1/use.cgi). If the latter is the example, look a infinitesimal or so and attempt the default router address (http://192.168.1.ane) again. The sequence of new username and new password has to exist completed once more.

NetGear R7000 - DD-WRT Factory Defaults

NetGear R7000 – DD-WRT Factory Defaults

Footstep 6 – Basic Configurations Steps (WAN/LAN)

After the router rebooted and you lot logged back in over again (with new Username and Password), time to practice some basic settings so we go out LAN, Wi-Fi and Net going again.

Go to “Setup
Basic Setup” and look at the “WAN Setup” settings.

This is where we, if needed, setup our DSL (frequently PPPoE) or Cable connectedness.
Do the settings needed for your Internet connections.

NetGear R7000 DD-WRT - Setup WAN

NetGear R7000 DD-WRT – Setup WAN

Next we need to practice our “Network Setup” (LAN) settings, which almost probable are already done correct. Verifying these settings however is never a bad idea.

NetGear R7000 DD-WRT - LAN Settings

NetGear R7000 DD-WRT – LAN Settings

For your “Fourth dimension Settings“, those not used to using the “UTC” time: UTC tin be seen equally asynonym for GMT. If yous’re not sure most your timezone:
bank check this website.

Some for examples:
– USA, Central Time (GMT-6) is UTC-06:00.
– Amsterdam, Central European Standard Time (GMT+i) is UTC+01:00

A commonly used NTP time server (Server IP/Name) would be

After having washed all your settings click “Employ Settings“.

Pace 7 – Basic Configuration Steps (Wi-Fi)

Under “Wireless
Basic Settings” you can verify your Wi-Fi settings. The default settings will work just fine, just y’all tin do some tweaking here, and yous might want to gear up the “


 Domain” to you area/country to make sure your equipment is not breaking any laws … or maybe to do exactly that and boost your signals or channels used a little. I was unable to observe a clear list of limitations or advantages for 1 domain over another (seems that Australia and Europe provide a better signal than United States, merely that could also just be coincidence).

NetGear R7000 DD-WRT - Wi-Fi Settings

NetGear R7000 DD-WRT – Wi-Fi Settings

Note: Nether the 5Ghz section, I noticed a stronger signal when using “Extension Aqueduct” to one of the two “upper” channels.

Under the “Wireless Security” tab, security can be set for each of the Wi-Fi interfaces (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz).
In my case, I have no equipment that has bug with
WPA2/AES, and so I’ve set that for both.

NetGear R7000 DD-WRT - Wi-Fi Security Settings

NetGear R7000 DD-WRT – Wi-Fi Security Settings

Step 8 – Port forwarding (optional)

Since DD-WRT can be a little overwhelming when information technology comes to available settings, it took me a picayune to discover where the heck to ready the port forwarding. Once I knew, it was easy (of course).

Port Forwarding can be found nether “NAT QoS“, you’ll discover options like individual or range port forwarding, port triggers, uPNP, DMZ and Quality of Service settings.

More information tin can be found on the
DD-WRT Port Forwarding page.

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Additional Tips

Flushing Previously detected Wi-Fi networks

Since I have my lazy moments, I use the aforementioned Wi-Fi SSID and password for either firmwares, which tin cause issue on your computer. For example, my Mac does non seem to appreciate the change and so the “remembered” Wi-Fi connections should be deleted and re-detected. On the other hand; cheap “Made in China” IP camera’s had non noticed the divergence.

 This could exist necessary for all your Wi-Fi continued devices, like phones, tablets, etc.

On your Mac for instance, go to “System Preferences
Network“, choose your “Wi-Fi” adapter and click “Advanced” (lower right corner). In the list of “Preferred Networks“, select your old connections and delete them.

 DD-WRT: DNSMasq to Map Virtual Hosts (Apache) to the same IP Address

I of the main reasons to endeavor DD-WRT was, for me anyway, the use of DNSMasq and information technology performed amend than I expected.

The situation I was looking at, is that I take a test spider web server, for in-business firm utilize only, running (actually on my QNAP) with multiple virtual hosts (come across  also:
Apache documentation). Using virtual hosts allows you to run multiple web “servers” on merely one single machine.

: QNAP virtual hosts are defined in the “Command Panel
Spider web Server
Virtual Host“.

The problem still is that now multiple “servers” share the same IP-Address and most routers I take worked with practise non let you to assign multiple names to the same IP-Address. DNSMasq even sodoes
allow you to do just this, and the format is unproblematic.

As an case, my test web-server (QNAP actually) has the IP Address and is named “cookiejar”. So typing http://cookiejar brings me to the default webserver page of my server, and the QNAP admin folio tin can be approached via http://cookiejar:8080.

On this server I have defined several virtual hosts, for instance “multisite” and “testserver”.

To define these in DSNMasq, go to “Services
Services” and wait nether “DNSMasq” where you discover a field called “Additional DNSMasq Options“. Here we enter a line for each virtual host, in the format


In our hypothetical scenario:




After clicking “Apply Settings” all three “sites” translate to the same IP Address. Apache however volition handle these requests just fine and therefor http://testserver/, http://multisite/ and http://cookiejar/ will all result in unlike websites, as if they were dissimilar servers …

DD-WRT and DSNMASQ with Virtual Hosts for Apache

DD-WRT and DSNMASQ with Virtual Hosts for Apache

Going Dorsum to Stock NetGear R7000 Firmware

Going back to Stock Firmware is actually like shooting fish in a barrel … during my testing I did go back and forth a few times, and for that reason I made a backup of all my settings in the Stock firmware and in the DD-WRT firmware.

In DD-WRT become to “Administration
Backup” and click the “Backup” push at the bottom. A file dialog will ask you where to relieve it. This file, at a later on time tin can be retrieved with the “Choose file” and “Restore” part on this same page.

NetGear R7000 DD-WRT - Backup your settings

NetGear R7000 DD-WRT – Backup your settings

To restore Stock firmware, get to “Administration
Firmware Upgrade
Cull file” and select the latest NetGear R7000 firmware. Klik the “Upgrade” push button to flash the official NetGear firmware.

NetGear R7000 DD-WRT - Flash Stock Firmware

NetGear R7000 DD-WRT – Flash Stock Firmware

After the reboot, you’ll see a NetGear Genie welcome screen, which is not very helpful at this point (although strangely plenty the NetGear did connect to my DSL). Do a full manufacturing plant reset and to practise this we need to
press and hold the reset button on the back of the fouter for at to the lowest degree 7 seconds
NetGear R7000 Cognition base of operations).

NetGear R7000 - Reset button

NetGear R7000 – Reset button

After the hard reset,
admin) and
password) have changed to mill default, which you’ll need to login. Once logged in, go to “Advanced
Backup Settings
Browse” and select the settings fill-in file you made
you lot flashed DD-WRT and click the “Restore” push.

:  These are the settings we backed up manner in the first under de original NetGear firmware – Non the DD-WRT settings backup we but made!

After reboot all your previous settings volition be back.

NetGear R7000 - restore previously saved settings

NetGear R7000 – restore previously saved settings

How Do I Get Dd-wrt Firmware on My Nighthawk R8000 Router

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