Harga Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 Terbaru

Harga Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 Terbaru
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Each year, Samsung and Apple continue to try to outdo one another in their quest to provide the industry’s best phones, and consumers get to reap the rewards of all that creativity in the form of some truly amazing gadgets. With the recent release of the Samsung Galaxy S20, the company took another solid swipe at Apple by incorporating Night Mode photography and powerful artificial intelligence technology into their camera and video capabilities. The phones also capitalize on premium 5G technology to take streaming and downloads to the next level in speed.

The S20 series is also sleek and smooth, with plenty of visual appeal as well as the power of the latest Android operating system. The phones even have a couple of interesting new color options, depending on the model chosen. If you’re a fan of Samsung phones, you won’t be disappointed in the cool new features available on these models. Whether you’re searching for a phone for an upgrade or you’re just curious about the latest phone technology, we’ve gathered the top details you need to know about this addition to the Galaxy family.

Models and Colors

The Galaxy S20 model comes in three different iterations with a variety of features and colors. The base S20 konseptual is certainly no “basic” phone. It has a viewer-friendly screen size of 6.2 inches (measured diagonally) and a mighty Snapdragon 865 processor powered by an all-day 4000 mAh battery that uses 25W Super Fast Charging technology. It comes in Cosmic Gray, Cloud Blue and Cloud Pink with a sizable internal storage capacity of 128 GB.

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Photos Courtesy: Michael Short/Bloomberg/Getty Images

In comparison, the S20+ has an even larger diagonal screen at 6.7 inches and an internal storage capacity of either 128 GB or 512 GB. Also equipped with the Snapdragon 865 processor, the S20+ comes with a pumped up battery capacity of 4500 mAh and the same 25W Super Fast Charging technology. You can choose from Aura Blue and Cosmic Black as well as Cosmic Gray and Cloud Blue for this phone teladan.

The S20 Ultra Galaxy model works hard to blow the competition out of the water. It boasts all-day battery power of 5000 mAh that supports 45W charging in addition to 25W and features internal storage capacities of 128 GB and 512 GB. (Both the S20+ and the S20 Ultra can expand to up to 1.5 TB of storage using microSD cards.) Color choices for the S20 Ultra include Cosmic Gray, Cosmic Black and Cloud White.

Samsung went above and beyond in its reimagining of the Galaxy camera for the design of the new S20 sempurna. The base contoh shoots at an impressive 64-megapixel resolution, while the Ultra model maxes out at a whopping 108 megapixels. The artificial intelligence in Single Take sharpens all your photography skills without requiring you to take a single class. This feature uses AI to create a collection of photos and videos from a single shot, dramatically improving your chance of capturing the perfect photo of a lifetime.

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Think of it as taking burst mode and dialing it up about 10 notches. One tap is all it takes! Fortunately, the ample internal storage and expansion capabilities ensure you’ve tepi plenty of space to store all those high-resolution photos and videos.

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Additional perks that take the camera to the next level include 8K video recording, Space Zoom and Night Tendensi. This powerful zoom functionality allows users to zoom up to three times with no distortion, with maximum zoom capabilities of 30 times using a digital zoom feature called Super Resolution Zoom. This capability expands to 100X Super Resolution Zoom with 10X Hybrid Optical Zoom on the S20 Ultra. Night Gaya manipulates light to enhance night photos, prompting Ubergizmo to say, “Samsung has recaptured the night photography crown.” The feature uses multiple photos to create a final image without the distortions normally caused by low light.

8K Video Snap

Samsung phones have never been shabby when it comes to taking videos, but the latest 8K Video Snap technology takes video recording to a level never experienced before. But then, what else would you expect with a technology jump from 4K all the way up to 8K? The final result is four times larger than UHD and laser sharp. With the ability to create high-quality, 33-megapixel stills from your videos, you also never have to worry about how to snap pics and capture video at the same time ever again.

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Edge-to-Edge Display Technology

The stunning S20 screens all feature Infinity-O display technology and Gorilla Glass 6 for the perfect boost in strength. First introduced with the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note10 series of devices, Infinity-O screens provide what Samsung calls a “truly uninterrupted view.” With barely any bezel and a small, precise cut-out for the front camera, the S20 models deliver an immersive viewing experience while minimizing interference with photo quality.

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Photo Courtesy: Michael Short/Bloomberg/Getty Images

The phones also boast edge-to-edge screen clarity for optimal scrolling and smooth transitions. Although device sizes seem to grow a little with each new release, the S20 models still feel good in your hand without being bulky or cumbersome. As noted by Android Central in March 2020, “The Galaxy S20 is the perfect size for my life, but it’s also a powerhouse just like the big boys.”

Upgraded Security

The Galaxy S20 lineup of phones pumps up cellular security for Android users with protection for everything from digital pin numbers to pattern passwords and blockchain private keys. Both the software and hardware feature state-of-the-art Samsung Knox security protection that is on par with government defense security. In fact, governments around the world rely on the Samsung Knox mobile enterprise solution to meet their strict security requirements.

Photo Courtesy: Michael Short/Bloomberg/Getty Images

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Harga Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 Terbaru

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