Flashing Upgrading Huawei Devices Without PC

How to upgrade Huawei with Sd Card method without any Pc.


  • Download Firmware For Huawei Devices
  • Prepare a capacity of more than 4G SD card, we recommend using
    Sandisk, Kingstone, or Kingmax.
  • Format the SD card (optional).

Normal upgrade

  • To confirm the presence of update.zip file dload directory, then the entire
    dload copied to the SD card root directory.
  • Insert the SD card into the phone and switch it on, the main screen Go to
    Settings -> System Update -> select the menu -> Local upgrade, for backing up data,
    select the backup data; after -> installation, the phone began to upgrade. As shown Below:
  • There will be a upgrading process bar,after upgrading process bar finished,restart the phone.

Upgrade Forcibly

  • Place “update.zip” upgrade file is under “dload” folder in the SD card .
  • The phone is off
  • First press the power key, and then press the volume up key and the volume down key.
  • Proceed 5s, first release the power button, (continue pressing the volume up and down keys).
  • When the vibration and boot logo appears , then release pressing the volume up and down keys


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