Flashing Sm-g955u1 Firmware on Sm-g955u Device Brick

Flashing Sm-g955u1 Firmware on Sm-g955u Device Brick

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samsung galaxy s8 plus g955u brick solution help

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New member

Dec 21, 2016



I have rooting my phone g955u

when I flash BL file the device went expressionless and fifty-fifty pc cant observe when I try to turn it on its just flashing a line similar the organization jest cant kicking cant go to download manner cant recovery mode plz even one help


New fellow member

Jun 26, 2018



salut à tous j’ai un galaxy s8 plus modèle g955u1 qui ne southward’allume plus mais quand je le branche sur le pc il est reconnu en mode qualcom 908. la version du chargeur de démarrage est bit8 j’ai besoin de votre aide. plus précisément le fichier Edl recovery g955u1 bit8.

Translated by GT:

hi anybody i accept a galaxy s8 plus model g955u1 which no longer turns on simply when i plug it into the pc it is recognized in qualcom 908 style. the bootloader version is bit8 i need your help. more precisely the file Edl recovery g955u1 bit8.


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Flashing Sm-g955u1 Firmware on Sm-g955u Device Brick

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