How To Flashing Installing Blackberry Firmware

Actually the tutorial how to reinstall this BlackBerry can be applied on several other types of Blackberry like torch 9800, curve 9320, 9330, 9220, z10, 8520, amstrong, 9790 and other BB Os.

In this post UnBrick.ID try will give special Guide for the readers who use the Blackberry smartphone, because that we will Guide about How to Upgrade and Flash Blackberry. For those of you who are curious and want to know how to reinstall hp blackberry, see full Guide below.

Before Upgrade, Flashing and Reinstall Blackberry OS there are some Tools that must be prepared include:

  • Blackberry Desktop Manager Application  – link.
  • BBSAK App – link Or SIC Multywipe – link
  • Original Firmware special this one you please download according type of blackberry – link

Example: i have “BlackBerry Curve Gemini 8520” Any operators you use will not be problematic because the file vendor.xml will also be deleted, I suggest you download the Original OS but this depends on the choice there again.

Now all File to reinstall Blackberry is available and we go to the next step.


  • First you need to install Blackberry Desktop Manager, BBSAK, and Firmware / OS on your computer or laptop.
  • Next you connect your Blackberry Hp to Desktop PC / Laptop.
  • Open Blackberry Desktop Manage until the device from your Hp in the recognize by computer / laptop, and backup data that you think necessary or important.
  • When you are done backup, unplug your device first.
  • Open the application BBSAK and do backups on all applications 3rd Party that you have previously downloaded. When the PIN is recognized then you just need to click Backup / Restore, fill in the name of the backup up to what the content depends on each of you, then click OK, and wait a while until Backup process is complete.
  • If the backup is complete then now we will WIPE ALL, to do WIPE still use the application from BBSAK, by click WIPE, if the question arises as shown below select “YES” and wait until WIPE process is complete.
  • When the above process is finished then your phone will restart automatically and if a message appears (Error 507). This error appears because your phone is not there any OS so do not be afraid of mistaken because you are right up to this step.
  • Now Go to the directory C: Program Files \ Common Files Research In Motion and delete vendor.xml file.
  • Still in the same directory, click loader.exe Next you follow the steps in the image below:
  • Flashing and Reinstall Blackberry OS Full Image Finish, then your mobile phone will restart automatically and will light up normally, Check your phone by clicking the settings then select About then your OS has changed version you installed earlier.
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If you have problems at stage 8 for example do not appear any please you follow the following steps:

1. Try repair on Mic.rosoft Visual C ++

2. Or you can try go to C: \ Users \ username \ appdata \ roaming \ research in motion \ blackberry \ loader xml \ vendor.xml and delete vendor.xml file

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