Firmware Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Sm-n910t Versiãƒâ³n N910tuvu2eqi2

Firmware Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Sm-n910t Versiãƒâ³n N910tuvu2eqi2

firmware for Samsung
Milky way Note 4 (SM-N910T)
zip file Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow is the new
Stock Firmware/ Official Firmware Update

for user Samsung
Galaxy Notation 4 (SM-N910T)
this update have
BUILD DATE: 21.09.2017
9385989 (Android security patch level:
August, 2017) released for

(T-Mobile Usa),

and now it is available, you can download information technology from
Galaxy Rom
Website and get assist to updating and installing it with our Complete Tutorial. There are several ways to install
N910TUVU2EQI2 Android half-dozen.0.ane
Marshmallow on yourGalaxy Annotation 4 SM-N910T
then, read this tutorial and you will exist able to go the new update easily.We recommended that yous always update your
Android OS
on yourAndroid Device
because it will improve the operation of your Phone.

Read this tutorial advisedly and practice information technology at your risk.

Galaxy Rom
 Website Team are not responsible for any harm caused on your Telephone, so be careful when you do anything and make sure that you are doing it with the right way.

Please read the notes before installing the Official ROM/Firmware Marshmallow half-dozen.0.ane
TelephoneGalaxy Annotation 4


If you are using any
Custom ROM
such as-
CyanogenMod,Paranoid Android,
etc, Carbon ROM-PACman ROM-LiquidSmooth ROM- Beanstalk ROM- Avatar ROM, Omni ROM SLIM ROM, LiquidSmooth ROM-Carbon ROM … then it’ll replaced by this official Stock ROM Custom Recovery(CWM
TWRP Recovery) will be replaced past Stock Recovery Later flashing official firmware, your device will no longer belongs to rooted device. However, you lot tin root your device any time after flashing the firmware.

before starting time update Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910T to N910TUVU2EQI2

  1. Installation of this ROM/Firmware on your own risk and equally we said
    Galaxy Rom
    Website Team are not responsible for any damage acquired on your Phone.
  2. The update is released for the Samsung Galaxy Notation four SM-N910T only, And then don’t install information technology on any other Samsung device. Bank check your device model and exist sure that is matched the same Model hither in this tutorial. Get to Settings > About Phone >Model Number.
  3. Make a
    for your personal data to avoid data losing.
  4. Make sure that your battery is fifty% at least before starting the update procedure.
  5. Don’t motion or remove the USB cable during the Firmware Installation Process.
  6. Attached images are examples merely so that you may find some difference, but all steps are same at all.
  7. Enable USB Debugging Way on your Samsung device by going to Developer options ( If you lot can’t find Developer Options you lot must evidence it by going to Settings >About Phone then tab 7 times
    on Build Number, and yous will get message tell you that the developer options are enabled , Meet the epitome beneath).

    Firmware Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Sm-n910t Versiãƒâ³n N910tuvu2eqi2
  8. All the to a higher place notes are very important, and you must follow them before proceeding the installation procedure.
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Update Details & Firmware Info

Firmware: Details
Model: SM-N910T
Model Name: Galaxy Note four SM-N910T
Version: Android

Files required for installing the Official ROM/Firmware Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow on Galaxy Note iv SM-N910T

File proper noun Details download the file
Samsung USB Driver | Here
| or you lot tin download Samsung Kies and you will be already accept the USB driver
Samsung kies Download Samsung program kies |
Desktop Odin Download Odin Tool (All Versions) . Odin program can assistance yous installing and updating the Official ROM/Firmware manually through it |

that you can download this Official ROM/Firmware for some other country and install it on your Telephone, but the version must exist compatible Samsung rolled out the firmware for the following countries. The firmware which is unbranded or not locked to whatsoever carrier, it doesn’t matter which country or region you will flash on any Galaxy Annotation 4

How To Install Update N910TUVU2EQI2 Android Marshmallow on Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910T

Afterward the download you lot can Now, follow our tutorial to learn how to installAndroid vi.0.1 Marshmallow N910TUVU2EQI2
official firmware on
Galaxy Note four SM-N910T
follow this explanation to figure out how to install Samsung official Firmware ROMS |How to update and install the firmware for Samsung
 phones by Odin /Kies/OTA|or follow our tutorial in that page You tin can install Official ROM/Firmware update on your Android Samsung Galaxy Telephone past several ways every bit we shown beneath , so do 1 of the following methods :

How To Install the Official ROM/Firmware via Samsung Kies and OTA (Over The Air) ?

Installing Official ROM/Firmware on Samsung Galaxy Phones through PC via Samsung Kies ?

  1. Be certain that your PC is connected to the Net, setup the Samsung Kies Utility, and connect your Phone to your PC Via USB Cable.
  2. Run the Samsung Kies Utility and it will recognize your Samsung Phone.
  3. On Samsung Kies Home Screen, you lot’ll encounter a notification say that a “New Firmware Upgrade is bachelor.” If it said that“You have the latest Firmware update” it means that you didn’t have the latest Firmware on Kies yet , And so you can check back afterwards, or attempt flashing this Firmware manually with (Odin).
  4. Click the “Firmware Upgrade” to start the update process.
  5. Follow the instructions that appear on the screen.
  6. Afterward finishing the updating process your Phone will reboot automatically.
  7. Afterwards the reboot, you lot can disconnect your Phone from your PC.

Installing Official ROM/Firmware Android Marshmallow on Samsung Galaxy through OTA (Over The Air)?

  1. Connect your Android Phone to a Wi-Fi network or mobile data (Internet) and be sure to accept a stable Internet connection (Information technology is not recommended to use Mobile Data considering of the high cost).
  2. Go to Settings>About and then click on Update or update option (if you received a message says that “The latest update have already been installed” and yous exercise non receive any updates yet, endeavour through Samsung kies , If not, do it with Odin manually) If you have a bulletin “ New firmware update bachelor “ Click OK to start the downloading and installation procedure.
  3. After finishing the updating process your Phone will reboot automatically.
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Installing Official ROM/Firmware N910TUVU2EQI2 Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow on Galaxy Annotation 4 SM-N910T through Odin?

The previous methods for receiving Official ROM/Firmware update
N910TUVU2EQI2 Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow
on your
Galaxy Note 4are the official methods, merely most of us doing it with the manual method through the Odin, And so the following steps will show you how to exercise information technology with Odin program.

  1. Install the Samsung
    USB driver.
  2. Unzip the ROM file, and y’all will have this file with this name
    G313MLUXXDLJ5_G313MLUODDDLI7_INU.tar.md5 It is the
    N910TUVU2EQI2 Android half dozen.0.1 Marshmallow

    Official ROM/Firmware update for Milky way Note 4
    open Odin.

  3. Now press the AP button and select the ROM file with .tar.md5 that you just extracted it. Come across the following picture:

    Now press the AP button and choose the ROM file with .tar.md5 that you just extracted it . See the following picture:
  4. Now we will go into the download mode in your Samsung device. To enter the download mode do the following, Turn off the device and then Printing and hold this three buttons (volume down push + Home push button + power button).

    buttons (volume down button + Home button + power button ) .
  5. You lot will have this alert as shown in the following flick, and so Press Volume Upwardly push to continue. Press Volume Upward push to keep.

    You will have this alert as shown in the following picture, so press Volume Up button to continue . press Volume Up button to continue .
  6. Afterwards pressing the Book Up push y’all are now on the download mode and ready for flashing. Y’all will find a screen similar the screen in the following picture.

    After pressing the Volume Up button
  7. Book Up push yous are now in the download style and gear up for flashing Now yous already have the Samsung USB Commuter and when you entered the Download Mode every bit shown in the previous moving-picture show, y’all can at present connecting your Samsung
    Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910T
    via USB Cablevision so yous will detect that your PC
  8. Now Get back to Odin to encounter if the ID:COM box’s color turned into blue color or not, this blue colour means that your Samsung Galaxy Note 4
    connected successfully and the Odin recognized information technology as shown in the following picture:
  9. Brand sure that the “Car
    Reboot” and “F. Reset
    Time” options merely are checked.
  10. Click on the Get-go button in Odin to start the flashing process, You volition discover the blue color progress bar then volition turn into blackness with white square ( Don’t touch anything in the Odin program or in your Phone and also don’t move your Phone or the USB cable to avert errors ). If the flashing process completed successfully yous will detect the
    Bulletin with greenish background every bit shown in the post-obit pic. It ways that the operation completed successfully and now you can disconnecting your Phone safely.

  11. If the flashing process completed successfully you will find the
    Pass!After installing that firmware your Phone will reboot automatically and we tin say to you at present congratulations you have now the Official Firmware N910TUVU2EQI2 Android 6.0.i Marshmallow on your Telephone Samsung
    Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910T.
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Another method :

  1. Download Android 6.0.1
    Firmware forGalaxy Note iv SM-N910T
    from the previous download links.
  2. Download Odin V
  3. Switch off your Telephone and enter the
    Milky way Annotation four SM-N910Tinto Download Mode by pressing and holding the
    Volume Down + Habitation +Power buttons(long press until the kicking screen appear), now press Book Upwards fundamental to go along to Download Way.
  4. Excerpt the downloaded cypher
    file and run the
    Odin3 v3.10.7.exe file every bit administrator (Right click on the .exe file and click on Run as administrator).
  5. Now connect your Galaxy Note 4 to your computer via
    USB cable.
  6. In Odin screen, you should run into a COM Port number like “0:[COM7]” at ID:COM section and yous will find a text appearing in the message box, it ways that your device has been detected by Odin.
  7. Make sure that the “Auto
    Reboot” and “F. Reset Fourth dimension” options only are checked.
  8. Now, extract the downloaded firmware goose egg file, yous’ll notice a firmware file with that extension .tar.md5 In Odin screen, click on PDA push and select the firmware file with the .tar.md5 extension (Y’all will discover the firmware file proper name looks like something like that :G313MLUXXDLJ5_G313MLUODDDLI7_INU.tar.md5.
  9. At present, click on the
    push to begin the installation procedure, await for a few moments until the installation procedure completed.
  10. When the installation process is completed, y’all will see the
    message with a green background appears in the ID:COM port.
  11. Your Telephone will automatically reboot after installation process finishing.
  12. Yous tin can now disconnect your Phone from your PC safely.
  13. It’s done !!

Solution Boot Loop

If your device stuck in kick loop after installing the firmware update likeN910TUVU2EQI2
Android vi.0.1 Marshmallow on
Galaxy Annotation 4 SM-N910T, then you can do the following method: If the Telephone has stopped more than than 15 minutes on the main boot screen or you meet a screen of death equally it known follow the post-obit:

  1. Remove the bombardment from your Phone.
  2. Power on your Phone in the Recovery mode by pressing the adjacent three buttons( book down push + dwelling button + ability button ).
  3. At present select
    Data/Manufacturing plant Reset
    Wipe Enshroud Partition. You can navigate within Recovery mode by using the sound buttons. After finishing you should now click on reboot
  4. Now the problem should stock-still.

Download Firmware update N910TUVU2EQI2 to Galaxy Note 4 model SM-N910T

Keep Mind!
You can download files upwards to 2GB in costless manner you volition need to Upgrade to premium if the firmware file more than it.

Country Mirror 1 Mirror tow

Firmware Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Sm-n910t Versiãƒâ³n N910tuvu2eqi2

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