Firmware Interface Designed as a Replacement for Bios?

Firmware Interface Designed as a Replacement for Bios?

After launching Windows Virtual PC awarding technician receives error message stating that the Hardware-Assisted Virtualization (HAV) feature is not enabled on the computer. Which of the following steps might help in fixing this problem?

Increasing the corporeality of physical RAM on the system

Re-Installation of the WIndows Virtual PC application

Geting into the CMOS setup utility and enabling the virtualization technology setting

Rubber manner troubleshooting

The CMOS setup utility can be accessed past pressing:

Reset push on the front panel of a computer case

The cardinal set up by the motherboard manufacturer for accessing CMOS setup utility during boot

Del key during boot

F1 central while logged in Windows

CMOS settings can be set to mill defaults past: (Select all that utilize)

Using a jumper that c an exist establish on the motherboard

Changing settings in Windows Device Manager

Reseating the CMOS battery on the motherboard

Choosing the default configuration option in the CMOS setup utility

Which of the post-obit answers refers to a firmware interface designed as a replacement for BIOS?

What kind of user permission restrictions can exist set in BIOS? (Select all that apply)

Group Policy settings

Windows User Account Control (UAC) settings

User password required to proceed when the estimator is powered on

Password-restricted access to the BIOS setup utility (Supervisor password)

Which blazon of password provides the highest level of permissions in BIOS?




Power User

Loopback adapter

Security feature used for locating stolen desktops, laptops or tablets

Connector standard

RJ-11 plug

Which of the following terms refers to a technology that allows for storing passwords, certificates, or encryption keys in a hardware chip?

Admission Control List (ACL)

Encrypting File System (EFS)

User Account Command (UAC)

Trusted Platform Module (TPM)

While trying to enable the entire drive encryption feature in Windows technician receives the following fault message: “A compatible Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Security Device must be present on this estimator, but a TPM was not found”. Knowing that the arrangement has a TPM fleck installed, which of the following steps might assist in solving this problem?

Re-installation of the Bone

Enabling the TPM security feature in CMOS setup carte

Hard bulldoze replacement

Enabling the TPM security feature in Windows Command Console

A calculator supporting LoJack technology has two main components installed: an Application Agent residing in the operating organization which sends tracking signals to the monitoring center allowing the constabulary enforcement to locate and recover stolen device, and Persistence Module which restores the Application Agent and allows information technology to survive operating arrangement re-installation or difficult drive format. The highest level of security offered past LoJack can be achieved when Persistence Module resides in:

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Operation system

Partition gap on the hard drive

Computer’s BIOS

USB fundamental

Which of the answers listed beneath depict(s) the features of UEFI? (Select all that utilise)

Support for partitions/hard drives of up to 2TB

Network access

Which of the answers listed below describe(southward) the features of UEFI? (Select all that apply)

Support for difficult drives with a maximum of 4 partitions per drive

Secure boot

Back up for partitions/hard drives of upward to 2TB

Network access

A UEFI functionality designed to forbid the loading of malware and unauthorized OSs during organization start-up is known every bit:



Secure boot


Chassis intrusion detection is an option that can be enabled/disabled in the BIOS setup utility (if a BIOS comes equipped with this feature). Coupled with a hardware sensor mounted inside the computer case, this functionality can be used to check if the instance was opened and display a notification alert during next boot.



A standardized specification of a motherboard (including its dimensions, supported power supply types, and layout of components) is known as the motherboard’s:



Class gene


Firmware Interface Designed as a Replacement for Bios?

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