Ez Label Printer Casio Kl 60 Manual

Ez Label Printer Casio Kl 60 Manual

Casio KL-60 User Manual


User’s Guide



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  • Page ane
    KL-threescore User’s Guide ESGFISw…
  • Page two: Of import Safety Precautions

    Important Rubber Precautions Note of the following safety precautions before using the label printer for the commencement time. Keep these rubber precautions and operating instructions on hand for time to come reference. Near safety precaution symbols The following symbols are used in this manual and on the product itself to warning you and others to the risk of personal and fabric injury.

  • Page 3
    Bonny sans-serif font Font furnishings (shading, underline, box) Built-in symbols Text retention All of this makes the CASIO label Printer the perfect tool for just about all of your labeling needs! Important! Contact a nearby dealer whenever you require servicing.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    To recall text from memory … E-13 Part eight Reference … E-14 Cleaning the Printer Head and Roller … E-14 To clean the printer head and roller … E-fourteen Initial Power On Settings … Eastward-xiv Initializing the Label Printer … E-fourteen To initialize the Label Printer …

  • Page 5: Function one Getting Acquainted

    This function of the transmission provides yous with important data you need to know in social club to utilise the Label Printer to its full potential. Be sure to read information technology carefully earlier using the Label Printer for the first time.

  • Page 6: Role 2 Getting Set

    Never mix batteries of different types Never leave dead batteries in the Characterization Printer. Remove the batteries if y’all do non plan to utilise the Label Printer for a long time. Supervene upon the batteries in accordance with the bombardment life marked on the side of the bombardment.

  • Folio vii: Turning Power On And Off

    Press ON/OFF to turn power on and off. Important! If you are using the Label Printer for the first time, you should reset it first. Resetting the Retention You should reset the retentiveness of the Label Printer before using it for the offset time, afterwards you lot have not used information technology for a long time, or if nothing happens when y’all turn power on, even after y’all change the batteries.

  • Folio eight: Tape Width Specification

    7. Return the printer head release to its original position by sliding in the direction opposite to that indicated past the arrow in the illustration in step 5.

  • Folio 9: Basic Blastoff-Numeric Input

    All letters you input in the caps way are upper-case. When the caps mode indicator is not shown on the brandish, all letters are input as lower-instance. Notation that the Label Printer stays in the caps style until you lot press the CAPS fundamental over again.

  • Folio 10: About The Lawmaking Primal

    About the CODE key… The Lawmaking key makes it possible to input punctuation needed for a number of dissimilar languages. The following shows the key operations you should utilize for each of the characters formed using the CODE key. Key Performance Input Cardinal Operation Input…

  • Page 11: To Delete Characters Using The Del Key

    Any character size specification you make is applied to all the characters on the display. You cannot make multiple specifications for specific characters. The Label Printer automatically adjusts the character size whenever you lot in- put a B symbol to create a 2-line label as shown below.

  • Page 12: To Change The Grapheme Size

    Note that you lot cannot input a B symbol if you are using 6mm wide tape. The Label Printer automatically adjusts the graphic symbol size whenever you de- lete a B symbol to change a two-line label to a 1-line label. Initial Size…

  • Folio 13: Function 6 Press

    During printing at very high density, printing of very long text, or repeat print- ing of the aforementioned text a number of times, the Label Printer may stop printing for about five seconds. This is not a malfunction, and normal printing should resume presently (indicated by the message “P R Northward T”…

  • Page fourteen: To Adjust The Impress Density

    To arrange the print density 1. Press FUNC and and then SIZE (DENSITY). 2. Apply H and J to move the underlining to the density setting that y’all desire. The lightest setting is 1, while the darkest setting is v. The standard setting is 3. Only four of the five settings that are available can appear on the brandish.

  • Folio 15: Part 8 Reference

    iii. Slide the printer caput release in the direction indicated by the arrow, and remove the tape cartridge. iv. Use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to clean the printer head and roller every bit shown in the illustration. Printer caput 5.

  • Page xvi: Troubleshooting

    Important! Before loading a tape cartridge into the label printer, always brand sure you take up whatever slack in the ink ribbon first. If the ink ribbon is broken, y’all must modify to another record cartridge.

  • Page 17: Error Messages

    Tape Cutting Cannot cut record. Possible Crusade Tape cutter blade is dull. Have the label printer to the dealer from whom you purchased it to have the tape cutter blade replaced. Printed text is cutting off by tape cutting operation.

  • Page 18: Alpha Characters

    Blastoff Characters Symbols Due east-17…

  • Page 19: Symbols: 46

    Specifications Model: KL-60 Input Keyboard Layout: Typewriter (QWERTY) Grapheme Types Alpha (English language and other languages): 151 Numbers: 10 Symbols: 46 Display Type: Liquid crystal brandish Columns: 4 Character matrix: v 7-dot Printing Type: Thermal transfer Width: 5mm Graphic symbol Matrix: 16 16-dot…

  • Page twenty
    CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. 6-two, Hon-machi 1-chome Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-8543, Nihon MO0105-A Printed in People’s republic of china/Imprimé en Chine A344043-i…

Ez Label Printer Casio Kl 60 Manual

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