Epson Printer L220 Driver Download Windows 7 64 Bit

Epson Printer L220 Driver Download Windows 7 64 Bit

Epson L220 Driver Download

for Windows XP, Vista, 7, eight, 8.1, Windows ten, eleven 32-bit / 64-bit, and Mac Os.

Epson Printer L220 Driver Download Windows 7 64 Bit

Epson L220 is an like shooting fish in a barrel-to-use printer at the everyman cost per page. This is ideal for homes, small-scale companies and schools, with 10-50 pages printed a solar day. For larger offices, a slightly slower speed (only when printing in high quality) may be challenging. Merely once you get the printed-photo in your hand so its slow speed issue will vanish, because its photograph print quality is just crawly. I am damn sure that you’ll beloved it too.

Equally we all know, the driver helps the printer to communicate with your computer. In that location are 2 types of drivers usually found: a
basic driver
and a
full feature commuter. Here on this page, we accept provided directly download links to

download Epson L220 driver

along with its software. This driver parcel contains the commuter, software and other utilities too. Software and other utilities will help you to scan the document & photos and clean the print-head etc.. Even so, go to the
download section
below to get the download links.

Download Epson L220 printer drivers

for Windows 10, 11, viii.1, eight, Win 7, Vista, XP, Server, Apple’s macOS and Linux Os.

  1. First,
    your printer
    model number.


    Expect at the printer front, top and back physically to get the exact model number

  2. Second,
    operating system version.
  3. And so
    make up one’s mind
    system type: 32bit or 64bit.
  4. You can now download the driver by clicking on the beneath-given hyperlinks – yous have ii options to download the drivers, see below.

Download Links:

Model Number Commuter Type Operating System Download Link
Epson L220 Printer Driver / Scanner Driver
  • Windows XP 32bit
  • Windows Vista 32bit
  • Windows seven 32bit
  • Windows eight 32bit
  • Windows viii.ane 32bit
  • Windows x 32bit
  • Windows eleven 32bit

Printer Driver

Scanner Commuter

Epson L220 Printer Driver / Scanner Driver
  • Windows XP 64bit
  • Windows Vista 64bit
  • Windows seven 64bit
  • Windows eight 64bit
  • Windows viii.1 64bit
  • Windows x 64bit
  • Windows 11 64bit

Printer Commuter

Scanner Driver

Epson L220 Printer Driver / Scanner Driver
  • Server 2000 32bit
  • Server 2003 32bit
  • Server 2008 32bit
  • Server 2012 32bit
  • Server 2016 32bit
  • Server 2019 32bit
  • Server 2022 32bit

Printer Driver

Scanner Driver

Install this commuter using Windows
compatibility mode.

Epson L220 Printer Driver / Scanner Commuter
  • Server 2003 64bit
  • Server 2008 64bit
  • Server 2012 64bit
  • Server 2016 64bit
  • Server 2019 64bit
  • Server 2022 64bit

Printer Driver

Scanner Driver

Install this driver using Windows
compatibility manner.

Epson L220 Printer Driver / Scanner Commuter
  • Mac Bone 10.1
  • Mac OS ten.2
  • Mac OS 10.three
  • Mac Os ten.4
  • Mac Bone x.5
  • Mac OS 10.6
  • Mac Bone
  • Mac OS ten.eight
  • Mac OS 10.9
  • Mac OS 10.ten
  • macOS 10.11
  • macOS 10.12
  • macOS 10.13
  • macOS ten.14
  • macOS 10.15
  • macOS eleven.x Big Sur
  • macOS 12.x Monterey

Printer Driver

Scanner Driver

Epson L220 Printer Driver / Scanner Driver Linux & Ubuntu (32bit) Download
Epson L220 Printer Driver / Scanner Driver Linux & Ubuntu (64-bit) Download


Download the commuter direct from
Epson L220 official website.
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How to Install Epson L220 Printer Driver

If you lot have ii options to install the drivers, check them out beneath:

  1. How to install an L220 printer through CD
  2. How to install Epson L220 driver without CD

i. Install Epson L220 drivers
(Automatic Style)

In this sorcerer method, you have two methods 1 and ii, follow i of them:

Method ane:
– Install Epson L220 drivers
through CD
which comes with the printer –
Click hither for more details.

Method ii:

– Install Epson L220 drivers through a driver setup file which is easily bachelor online on its official website –
Click here for more details.


In option 2 in a higher place, yous can install printer drivers even if you have lost your printer driver disk. At present, y’all tin can hands install the Epson L220 printer commuter without using any CD/deejay.

2. Install Epson L220 drivers through basic drivers
(Manually Manner)

In this manual installation method you have only 1 option iii, follow this:

Method 3:
– In this manual method, you need to
excerpt the commuter file (.inf) from the setup file (installation package)
and then install them through the
“add a printer”
method manually –
Click here for more details.

Epson l220 Ink detail

Epson L220 uses neither toner nor ink cartridges, actually, L220 uses direct ink from ink tanks which are built-in with the printer on the right-side. We are giving you the following details for the INK bottles.

  • T6644 Yellow ink bottle 70ml (C13T66444A) – Produced 6500 Pages.

  • T6643 Magenta ink bottle 70ml (C13T66434A) – Produced 6500 pages.

  • T6642 Cyan ink canteen 70ml (C13T66424A) – Produced 6500 Pages.

  • T6641 Blackness ink bottle 70ml (C13T66414A) – Produced 4,000 pages.
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Epson L220 Error & Solutions

Epson L220 printer does non have any type of display on it, it is not showing whatsoever fault. It tin can display the problem by blinking its LED lights which are placed on the printer. Printer has two error lights + one power light. 1, 2 and 3 lights blinking in a particular sequence is a sign of error. There are lots of different-different problems and different-different signs, you can fix all the problems by using the
Epson L220 reset utility.

Questions & Answers

Would yous like to inquire a question like these?
Ask Question,

you lot’ll get reply within 24 hours.

Information technology’s completely FREE.


Please Ship me Epson L220 driver & Software Windows 7 – 32bit. i need to get this commuter in urgent.

Commuter for windows 7 is already listed in above download section. And then please get to
download section
and download this commuter. Nosotros have sent you the same driver through email.

I Need DRIVER EPSON L220 Windows 10 – 32bit pls. send me the gratis installer for epson l220

When installing printer driver information technology is not responding.

Sometimes, the printer is not responding properly. There might be many reasons behind that. We recommended you to follow the following steps.

  1. Apply
    power drain
    to your printer.
  2. Switch the USB port – Unplug your printer’due south USB cablevision from the computer and then put it to another figurer’s USB female port. Might be the port, where you were connected the printer is not continued properly.
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Don’t hesitate to contact once again for any assist.


How to download gratis l220 Epson printer?

Here’s the download link to download Epson L220
Printer Driver
Scanner Driver.

Afterward download, double-click on the downloaded file to starting time the installation wizard, so follow its on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

Delight transport me driver for Windows server 2012 (R2) 64-bit Epson L220.

Pitiful to say only the driver for particular operating system Windows 2012 (R2) is not bachelor for download, but you still have two options to install this driver. Please check the following options below.


Install the Epson L220 driver through
Windows Update. Click here to become a step-by-step tutorial
how to install printer driver through Windows Update.


Windows 7 driver
on your Server 2012 (R2) using

Compatibility Manner
, it should work.

Please share your experience after followed the above steps, and so that others tin can get help.

Please help me with my printer. It’s not printing and a two red light is blinking what should I practice? Cheers

I’d like to accept a re-create of the installer of the Epson L220, since i cannot find the CD of it to install on my COBY laptop. Thanks.

These days you lot don’t need to go on the driver CD of any Epson printer  because all the printer drivers of Epson accept been listed on their official website. And then here is the driver for all the Windows 64bit as you requested, click on the link to download the  driver:
Printer Driver
Scanner Driver.

Let united states know again if you face any bug in downloading and installing this driver.


Epson Printer L220 Driver Download Windows 7 64 Bit

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