Dropped Phone in Water Now Firmware Update

Dropped Phone in Water Now Firmware Update

“My friend dropped her new-purchased Samsung Galaxy S20 into the water, and she picked the phone out soon. But after the telephone gets dried, she turned on the device and found some important contacts and photos accept been gone. Then she feels worried and wishes to find a method to recover information from a h2o-damaged telephone.”

Information technology is reported that many Android users have suffered this “Disaster” with the popularity of smartphones, and if you’re ane of them, what will y’all do? Today, nosotros will guide yous through the tutorials on how to recover data from water damaged Android phones step by step, no matter you have a telephone backup or not.

Dropped Phone in Water Now Firmware Update

Office 1. Something You lot Can Do to Rescue Your Phone from H2o

When your telephone has fallen into the water, yous can take emergency action to avoid the data losing or reduce the data lost to the to the lowest degree as follows:

  • Become out your phone from the water ASAP, remove the bombardment and take out the SIM bill of fare to reduce the loss or damage on the device. If the battery is unremovable, continue information technology as information technology is.
  • Don’t move or shake the phone frequently and so that the water volition not run effectually your mobile phone within.
  • Yous can use regular rubbing booze to clean your device.
  • Wrap the device with a cloth or handkerchief for a few minutes, and and then plough off your telephone. Identify it into a jar or a pocketbook filled with rice for a couple of days.

put water damaged android phone in to rice

If you have tried the above solutions, but at that place is nonetheless something wrong with your Android, such as
failure to kick, data loss, and so on. You can try the below solutions to recover data from water damaged telephone.

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You lot May Too Need:

Part two: Recover Data from Water Damaged Android Telephone via Android Data Recovery

A cell phone that is immersed in water often has some problems in the follow-up, such as black screen, non-responsive screen, or y’all cannot affect the screen, and so on, which may crusade the cell phone not to work commonly and even cause data loss.

You lot can follow the guide below to gear up these problems and excerpt the existing or lost data from Android as yous similar. All you need is a programme called
Android Data Recovery. With it, you can go admission to a water-damaged Android without locking the screen or enabling USB debugging.

Main Features of Android Data Recovery:

  • Recover data from water damaged Android telephone without enabling USB debugging.
  • Support to recover information similar contacts, SMS, phone call logs, photos, music, WhatsApp, videos, etc.
  • Gear up Android system issues and become your device dorsum to normal statuses, such as virus assault,
    blackness screen, organization crash, phone frozen, telephone drown, countersign forgot, etc.
  • It currently runs on almost Samsung devices, such as Samsung Milky way S6/S5/S4, Galaxy Note 5/Annotation 4/Annotation 3, Galaxy Tab Pro, etc.
  • It is easy to use and 100% secure.

android data recovery

Pace i. Launch the program yous’ve installed on your Windows computer, then connect the water-damaged Android to the PC with a USB cable. Directly enter the way of “Broken Android Data Extraction”, and so you’ll encounter an interface similar beneath:

launch data recovery software for android

Step two. Click the “Start” push button and choose your device information (Device Name and Device Model). So hitting the “Ostend” push button to enter the next step.

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confirm your device information

Step 3. Follow the on-screen instructions to enter the Download mode, then click the “Start” button to scan for files.

scan files on your android phone

Step 4. When the scanning is finished, you tin can preview the results in the form of folders. So select the data you lot wish to excerpt and salvage on the desktop computer.

data recovery for water damaged android

Role 3: Recover Data from H2o Damaged Phone Via Backup

If you have a expert addiction of
backing up Android devices, whether it is backing up to a figurer, cloud service, or third-party application, you can choose 1 of these backup functions to restore the backed-up data to the h2o-damaged phone.

Let’s take Google Drive every bit an case to tell you lot how to get contacts from water damaged telephone.

  • Open a browser on your computer and visit Gmail.com. Login to your Google account.
  • Choose Gmail and click on “Contacts” from the driblet-downwards menu.
  • Click on the “More than” selection and choose “Restore contacts…” from the driblet-down list.
  • restore android contacts from gmail

  • In the new popular-up window, you can select the fourth dimension menstruation yous want to restore.
  • restore contacts from gmail for water damaged android

  • At last, you tin can click the “Restore” button to restore the contacts from Gmail fill-in.


  • The backup space is limited.
  • Only contacts recovery is supported.
  • You need to have backed up the device to a Google account.

You May Also Need:

Part 4: Recover Data from H2o Damaged Samsung via Discover My Mobile

If y’all are using a Samsung device, you can use Samsung’s official “Observe My Mobile” service to perform moisture cell phone recovery. However, to use this method, you must have already logged in with Samsung account credentials on your smartphone.

  • Visit the
    Observe My Mobile website
    on whatever device.
  • Log in with your Samsung account credentials, which you lot have used on the Samsung device.
  • One time logged in, you can come across many options on the screen.
  • Tap “Unlock my screen” and click the “Unlock” button to confirm your operation.
  • recover data from water damaged samsung phone

  • Once the phone is unlocked, connect it to the computer via a USB cable.
  • Open “File Explorer” on the reckoner and navigate to “This PC”.
  • You lot tin can run into the phone’s SD carte du jour or internal memory drive is displayed here.
  • Await for the data you want to recover, copy and paste them to a safe place on your computer.

Time To Verdict

Water damage is the terminal thing you want to happen on your phone. But if, unfortunately, it has already happened, don’t panic. In this article, I mentioned different techniques nigh how to recover data from water damaged Android phone.

If you have backed up your Android telephone before, then you lot tin easily restore your lost information from the backup. For the instant recovery process, it is recommended that you apply the powerful
Android Data Recovery. The software has the near mature scanning algorithm and has a very high success rate for recovering data from water-damaged Android phones.

android data recovery

Nosotros hope this post is beneficial for you and if you have whatever other suggestions, please talk over with us past leaving a annotate.

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Dropped Phone in Water Now Firmware Update

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