Dji Inspire 1 Remote Controller Firmware Update

Dji Inspire 1 Remote Controller Firmware Update

How to Update DJI Mavic Mini/Mini 2/SE Firmware

Making certain that your DJI drone’south firmware is up to engagement is an easy and effective way to ensure that your drone has all the latest software support and features and flies safely and efficiently. Follow our step by pace guide to easily update the firmware of your DJI Mini Series drone and remote controller.

Why practice I need to update my drone’s firmware?

A core component of any digital device’s operating system, firmware is used to make certain that your DJI drone operates safely and effectively. Drone firmware is updated regularly by DJI to ensure ongoing production back up and improvement, new feature support and up-to-appointment prophylactic standards.

Firmware updates sometimes include new piloting and camera features and oftentimes include updated safety protocols and features to ensure safer flights including sensor adjustments and obstacle abstention performance updates. For example, since its launch, DJI has released firmware updates for the Mini 2 to improve battery performance and provide Smart Controller support, making it easier than ever to fly the Mini 2.

By ensuring that your DJI Mavic Mini, Mini 2 or Mini SE has up-to-appointment firmware y’all can fly with conviction and the latest operating features.

Updating firmware is critically important if you’re about to fly a new drone for the commencement time. Past updating earlier you fly, you can ensure that your drone operates with all the latest condom protocols and you have access to any mail service-release features.

How is the firmware updated?

Firmware for your DJI Mini serial drone tin can be updated easily by post-obit this guide that covers firmware updates for both your drone and remote controller.

Drone Update Steps (DJI Fly Method)

This method only requires your drone, remote controller and smartphone and tin can even exist performed out in the field before takeoff.

1. Charge your Battery

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Before the firmware update process can begin, brand sure that your Intelligent Flying Battery is higher up 50%. If two of four LED indicator lights are on, y’all’re set to go.

2. Standard Startup

Ability on your drone and remote controller like normal and connect your smartphone to the controller via the appropriate cable. Once continued, launch the DJI Fly app. Make sure your smartphone is connected to a secure network for firmware downloading.

iii. Firmware Update Prompt

When launched, DJI Fly will automatically search for new firmware updates. If a new firmware update is bachelor, a notification will announced. Merely tap


on the prompt and the firmware update procedure will brainstorm. Do non turn off or exit DJI Wing whilst the update is in progress.

four. Drone Restart

Drone gimbal movements are normal during update installations and should not cause concern. When the firmware update has been installed, the drone will automatically restart. Once the drone restarts information technology is ready to fly.

Drone Update Steps (DJI Banana two Method)

This method requires a calculator to execute but is worth doing to explore the functionality of DJI Banana 2.

ane. Charge your Battery

Earlier the firmware update process tin can begin, brand sure that your Intelligent Flight Battery is above 50%. If two of iv LED indicator lights are on, you’re ready to go.

2. Connect Drone to Calculator

Connect your drone to an internet-continued calculator using the appropriate provided cable. DJI Mavic Mini volition require a Micro-USB cable to USB-A cable. DJI Mini ii and Mini SE will require a USB-C to USC-A cable.

iii. Launch DJI Banana 2

Once continued, launch DJI Assistant two, DJI’s easy-to-use support software for firmware updates, flight logs and more. If yous do not have DJI Assistant 2, information technology can be downloaded for free using the links below.

Please note that a different version of DJI Assistant 2 will be required for each drone. Ensure that you have the right version or DJI Banana 2 volition be unable to register drone connection.

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DJI Assistant 2 for Mavic Mini can be downloaded



DJI Assistant 2 for Mini 2 and Mini SE can be downloaded



four. Select Device

Upon launch, your connected drone will appear in DJI Banana 2’south device carte du jour. Select information technology. If your drone does non appear, check the cable connectedness to ensure it is secure. If and then, check that you are using the correct version of DJI Assistant ii for your drone.

5. Update Firmware

After selecting the drone, the firmware history page will be presented. The latest available firmware will exist presented at the meridian of the list. Click


to brainstorm the firmware update process.

six. Drone Restart

Drone gimbal movements are normal during update installations and should not cause concern. When the firmware update has been installed, the drone volition automatically restart. One time the drone restarts it is set to wing.

Remote Controller Update Steps

It’s of import to besides remember to update your remote controller’s firmware and is best washed in tandem with the drone firmware update.

ane. Connect Remote Controller to Figurer

Connect your drone’south remote controller to your laptop or desktop with the USB cable included with your drone.

2. Launch DJI Assistant 2

Launch the DJI Assistant 2 app when the remote controller has been connected.

iii. Select Device

When DJI Assistant 2 launches it will detect the connected controller. Select the controller from the carte du jour. If your remote controller does not announced, cheque the cablevision connexion to ensure it is secure. If so, cheque that you are using the correct version of DJI Assistant 2 for your remote controller.

4. Update Firmware

Later on selecting the controller, the firmware history folio will be presented. Select


in the height correct-hand corner to begin the firmware download and installation. Yous will be notified when the controller’southward firmware update has been completed.

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What next?

After updating your drone’southward firmware, you’re gear up to fly! Be certain to check your drone regularly to confirm that your firmware is upward to date. If you’re planning on flying in a location with a poor internet connection, make sure to check if your firmware is up to date by starting up the DJI Fly app or connecting your drone to a computer and checking through DJI Assistant ii.

Demand more Assistance?

Struggling to update your drone or have another issue? Visit 1 of our convenient locations effectually Australia and our friendly production specialists and we’ll do our all-time to help. Nosotros are more than happy to help you update your firmware and provide production back up for you lot in-store.

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Dji Inspire 1 Remote Controller Firmware Update

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