Difference Between Trademark And Trade Name


Thanks Judy that is a very clear description of the difference between Trademark and Trade name. But there is a legal difference between the two words.

Trademark Represents The Brand Name It Can Be Any Symbol Mark Or Letter It Distinguish Your Product Identity From Yo Dubai Trademark Registration Trademark

Trademark is a legal device that protect unlawful use of the brand name by any one else and grants the owner of the trademark exclusive rights over the use of the brand name.

Difference between trademark and trade name. What happens when you register a business name. More often than not these terms are used interchangeably. A trade name does not need to include additional words or legal phrases eg Corp LLC etc.

The company must register for a trade name with appropriate authorities usually at the state and sometimes at the county level. Trademarks Trade Names. A trade name shows doing business as while a trademark shows the brand name of the products or services.

It is a mistake to use the terms trademark and brand interchangeably as they have very important differences. Trademark and Trade name both the terms may sound similar to you but there is difference between both under the law and provides different protection provisions. That is why understanding the difference between trademarks and registering your businesses name is important.

Registering a Trade Name. Submit a Comment Cancel reply. For example a companys trade name is Mikes but their legal business name is Mikes Corporation.

The owner of a trademark has. The law makes a definite distinction between the twoa trade name refers to the companys official name while a trademark provides a companys brand with legal protection. You cannot register a business name that is identical or too similar to the registered name of another Australian business or company.

There is no direct relation between trade name and trademark. Trademarks are granted at the federal level by the US. Hence many people laymen and even businessmen think it is the same as a businessbrand name.

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Russell on January 24 2013 at 1020 am. I usually explain that a trade name is a sign through which an entrepreneur a self-employed person or a. Every business has a trade name.

The best example is Paytm which is a trademark and its trade name is One97 Communications Limited. For example the trademark Chevrolet identifies the automobiles produced by General Motors from the automobiles produced by other brands such as Toyota. As we know that trademarks are associated with protection of brand logo words etc but thinking that it is same as the business name or trade name is not correct.

Information on the difference between trademarks service marks and trade names for Alabama businesses and LLCs. A trademark or trade name is a legal concept to help the public identify the source of goods or services from the goods or services of another source. A trade name is the name a company uses for official business.

Caron Beesley The Difference Between a Trade Name and a Trademark. These distinctions make it necessary for business owners to understand the vital differences between their trade names and any trademarks they might hold. There is often a lot of confusion surrounding the terms trademark and trade name.

Why do people say trade name when in fact they mean trademark. We often hear the term brand used conversely with the term trademark. A business name is the name you trade under.

Before you start operating you must register a business name if you are trading under a name that is not your own. When business people want to register a distinctive sign for building or expanding their corporate image they come across terms like trademark and trade name that are often used as synonyms in the everyday language. Brand names are like signals that convey a meaning in the minds of consumers and creates a favorable image of a product in their minds to attract them to the products or.

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Trademarks can be granted on distinctive names logos and slogans. Each can be registered independently and provides different rights. If a business owner wants to operate under a different name other than the companys legal name they can use a trade name instead.

A trademark legally protects a logo slogan or other element that affiliated with a business while a trade name is a companys official name7 min read. Glad to help Keith. Trademark A trademark is any word phrase design or symbol that a business uses todistinguish its goods and services from someone elses and to indicate thesource of the goods Trademark is a brand name.

A trade name is also referred to as a doing business name or a company name or a fictitious name. An important reason to distinguish between trade names and trademarks is that if a business starts to use its trade name to identify products and services it could be perceived that the trade name is now functioning as a trademark which could potentially infringe on existing trademarks. There is however a very significant difference between the two.

Trademarks are often associated with brand value and brand identity. Patent and Trademark Office USPTO. Before you start your business you must register your business name with the government if you are trading under a name that is not your own.

Information on the difference between trademarks service marks and trade names for Alabama businesses and LLCs google-site-verificationjaR_LI2p6d08J-cguRgwIhmWOEqC_LMburcA7kfQyNo. While your brand represents your reputation and business in the public eye a trademark legally protects those aspects of your brand that are unique and specific to your company. It identifies who you are to your customers and other businesses.

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