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Device Config Version Does Not Match Device Firmware

Sometimes, people will encounter the error code one – This device is not configured correctly – later on they connected a new device to their PC. This mistake code actually indicates that the device has commuter bug. Luckily, in that location are several useful ways to fix the fault lawmaking i.

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If you desire to use a device or access data in it, you lot’ll need to connect it to your computer. But the problem occurs suddenly when you connect a certain device (such as flash drives and audio devices) to your PC:
This device is not configured correctly (code 1). Then what does this error mean and how fix information technology easily?

This device is not configured correctly (code 1)

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Fix This Device Is Not Configured Correctly. (Code 1)

Information technology’south an annoying feel to see the error code one which says your device is not configured correctly in Device Manager. In fact, this is only a driver related problem and Windows was
unable to load
the necessary drivers information technology requires.

  • Your device lacks a driver.
  • The driver of your device is incorrectly configured.
  • The driver of your device is corrupted or out of date.

Yous should know that the Windows code 1 could happen in all versions of Windows and the error will remain unless yous do something to solve it. In short, you need to keep all drivers working properly.

The device is non configured correctly (lawmaking 1) doesn’t imply a faulty hardware. On the contrary, it’due south just a software issue and y’all may get rid of it by only connecting the problematic device to some other computer where the drivers are correctly installed and updated.

How to troubleshoot when the device is not recognized past computer?

external hard drive not showing up recognized thumbnail

The problem – external hard drive non showing upward/recognized/detected – can be stock-still easily by following means.

Now, I’ll innovate 3 methods for fixing This device is non configured correctly (code ane).

Method 1: Update the Device Commuter

  1. Right click on the
    push button in the lower left corner of your PC screen.
  2. Select
    from the pop-up menu.
  3. Blazon
    into the textbox in Run dialog box.
  4. Click
    button in Run window or Hit
    on the keyboard.
  5. Aggrandize the menus in Device Director to notice the device in question (there will exist a yellowish exclamation mark before the name of target device). Then, select it.
  6. Click
    from the menu bar at the top.
  7. Choose
    Update commuter
    (it’southward besides named every bit
    Update Driver Software…

    in some systems) from its submenu.
  8. Choose
    Search automatically for updated driver software
    and wait for the procedure to complete.
  9. Reboot your computer.
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Search automatically for updated driver software

Method two: Uninstall the Device Manually

  1. Find
    This PC
    icon on your Windows 10 desktop (it is also called
    Figurer/My Computer
    in older Windows versions).
  2. Choose
    from the context bill of fare you see.
  3. Find
    Organisation Tools
    choice under Computer Management (Local).
  4. Select
    Device Manager
    inside it.
  5. Browse the menus in the right panel to find your device with mistake code 1.
  6. Right click on the device and choose
    Uninstall device
    (it’s also named as Uninstall in some Windows systems).
  7. Click on the
    push button to confirm and wait for the procedure to consummate.
  8. Click
    in the System Settings Change window to restart your calculator.
  9. Choose
    from carte bar and select
    Scan for hardware changes.
  10. Go to the website of the device manufacturer; then, download and install the latest drivers.

Method three: Change Registry Editor

You’d better dorsum the registry in case unexpected errors: choose
from menu bar -> select
-> check
(instead of Selected branch) at the bottom nether
Export range

-> give information technology a name and choose a storage location -> click on the
push button.

  1. Open up Run
    dialog box by pressing
    Windows + R
    at the same time.
  2. Type
    into the textbox and hit
  3. Aggrandize

    Command, and
  4. Select
  5. Look for the
    key in the right pane, right click on it, cull
    Delete, and click
  6. At present, correct click on
    LowerFilters, choose
    Delete, and click
  7. Shut Registry Editor and reboot your PC to make changes have outcome.
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If y’all come across Windows code ane, please try the in a higher place methods to fix it at once.