Check Firmware Porsche 911 Gt3 Rs V2 Wheel

Check Firmware Porsche 911 Gt3 Rs V2 Wheel

  1. Take a practiced fourth dimension of the day,

    Probably, something most and relative this topic already were discussed somewhere there, deeply in “history”.
    Just wish to try to go some bodily (more of less fresh) info, advices from owners of similiar hardware near what a best from:
    1. Firmware+drivers
    2. Settings (drivers+Air conditioning)
    3. Anything else additional (tips, tricks)

    (https://world wide;old_product_id;230)

    Kind regards

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  3. I believe
    @Cote Dazur
    has that wheel. In case he dont run into the thread ill tag him so perhaps he can share his settings.
    Check Firmware Porsche 911 Gt3 Rs V2 Wheel

  4. Oh, thanks you. Will wait, for sure.. and let’southward meet.. ;-}

  5. I have a Porsche 911 turbo Due south Bicycle , information technology is a fleck older than the GT2, I use driver v261 and the Firmware 756. It works really well with AC. Below are my actuals setting. I also apply FFB Clip(find it at Racedepartment).
    Good race.




  6. I wish I could help just my bicycle is a CSR aristocracy, then quite different than the GT2 bike. It is the first model of the CSW serial, some issue with the two motors at first, only the second set is yet holding on, after near four years.

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    Oct 23, 2017

  7. Have a skilful fourth dimension of the twenty-four hour period,

    Cheers Andre. FFB cip – is kind of “must take” from applications for Corsa, without doubts. But, relative your settings – they looks a chip foreign from mine bespeak. Minimal force, filter, at least – for what?

    What i’m got for this moment.
    Last available firmware
    (win10). Even while using Win7(x64).
    Last available drivers
    All working fine. Seems, even little amend, than before. Few changes actually “touchable”. All “doubts” were – illusion.
    One affair, that default wheel’southward presets now using
    (something like migrate mode) activated in level 2 (max is 5) – it making wheel lighter with more fast returting to center. Interesting and good characteristic, for certain.

    For at present, mine settings is looks like.

    Basic cycle’s preset:

    DRI=ane (0,two – practiced, as well)

    AC wheel’s settings (shot from Ac Content Manager):


    Bicycle’s driver (nothing at all):


    Kind regards

  8. Just a hint : Dampening Strenth to 0% !!

  9. Actually, noticed, that there is no difference betwixt 0 and 100% of dampening (with this Porsche GT2 bicycle) in Corsa.
    May be, exist cause used 0 instead of 1.0 value for DAMPER_GAIN in cfg/assettocorsa.ini


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Check Firmware Porsche 911 Gt3 Rs V2 Wheel

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