Changes in Latest Firmware Update for Rxa3080

Changes in Latest Firmware Update for Rxa3080

I’m less inclined to use the Music DSP Plan option and they can be a little OTT and I’m more than inclined to apply the Picture palace programs.

Also note that all the DSP Programs can exist configured and have settings to reduce delay, room size etc. Don’t just accept them at face value.

… while trying to troubleshoot the sound I did get a firmware update message, just I could non update the firmware as I kept getting errors during update. Long story short, my 3080 is in the store for no sound. I bought it thirteen months ago. Yes it is notwithstanding nether warranty simply Not happy with Yamaha quality.

I dread to think what you’d call up of some of the other brands then? I remember you’ve unfortunately got a rogue unit with an consequence as opposed to the outcome yous have being inherant to all Yamaha models?

Yamaha AV receivers are some of the best as far equally reliability and build quality are cioncerned.

My RX-A3080 updated to firmware 1.95 yesterday. I can’t find any release notes for 1.95 yet.

It usually takes Yamaha a week or two before they publish the notes and make them available via their site. You could however effort your luck on the Japanses site where YAmaha more oftentimes than non publish the update before their other sites around the world.

  • Correction of surround decoder setting function past “AV CONTROLLER”


You can at present change the decoder manner via the Yamaha control app. You were previously not able to practice this and the controller simply listed the manner it was gear up to without the ability to alter information technology.

Changes in Latest Firmware Update for Rxa3080

What is the issue “inherent” in all Yamaha models? I am non aware of it.

Mutual to all the models as opposed to being specifix to y’all and just the unit yous own.

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They are fabricated of piano wires and old motorbike engines ?

Yamaha don’t unfortunately own the motorcycle segmentation anymore and that oart of their operation is at present a seperate operation.

ive ordered new TV ny first OLED. Its a Sony and then merely two hdmi 2.i ports, the yamaha volition be going into the earc port and id similar to put the ps5 into the other, will i get audio back from the amp if i exercise this with it being on a different hdmi input or will i accept to go on ps5 plugged into the amp for the total 7.1?

ive ordered new TV ny first OLED. Its a Sony so only two hdmi 2.1 ports, the yamaha will be going into the earc port and id like to put the ps5 into the other, volition i get audio dorsum from the amp if i exercise this with it being on a different hdmi input or will i have to go along ps5 plugged into the amp for the full seven.1?

Just one HDMI input will exist ARC or eARC enabled on whatsoever Telly, merely this wouldn’t prevent y’all from accessing audio via any of the other inputs on that TV and passing them through and out via the ARC enabled input.

If the Sony only has ii HDMI version ii.ane compliant inputs so you’d be left with simply i of them gratuitous if the other is the ARC enabled input. If you lot connect the PS5 to the remaining HDMI version ii.1 compliant input then yes, you lot’d then exist able to laissez passer the audio through and out to your AV receiver using eaRC as long as the AV receiver is connected to the ARC enable input on that Television receiver.

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Thanks, ive had avrs for years and only e’er used ane input to the TV.

wondering if i can get some more help. Its regrding lipsync.

I have tried with information technology enable, disabled but i deceit get it correct and looking to come across if there is peradventure a solution im non thinking about.

Information technology seems like im 25ms ish infront of the picture that is with the lipsync set up at 0 just i can ready it to a minus figure merely a positive. It seems to be regrdless of source, internal apps & 4K uhd player is what im using.

ive prepare it audio sync to off on the TV and either manual or auto on the yamaha and tried various options on both Goggle box and 3080 but cant seem to brint it in line. Any advice?

The audio is more ordinarilly ahead of the video because the video is ordinarily being subjected to more processing than the audio. You’don’t ordinarilly get any control over the video so cannot filibuster the video to sync it with the sound. The audio shouldn’t or wouldn’t be subjected to any processing that could or would result in the video being ahead of the audio. There’south effectively nothing you lot can do about it if the audio is being portrayed backside the video. All I can suggest is that you raise thos thing with the manufactuer of the source y’all are using or contact the service via which you are accessing the effected content.

You tin only add a filibuster to the sound and that is the limit of the synchronisation options that the AV receiver will give you.

Thank you. Not the end of the world, merely abrasive

I have the RX-A3080. Does anyone know if we can use this avr every bit a pre/pro exclusively? I have the MCA525 gen 2 for five principal channels and basX-a4 for my 4 atmos.

If possible, what speaker configuration under ability amp assign exercise i cull? I dont see this option.

Nope unfortunately, non in the real sense. The internal amps are always on. Denon has a few receivers that can act equally a true prepro with internals disabled.

However you can still use your external amps. In the settings, from memory, you need to configure front end and back presence speakers. Then select Overhead (for ceiling Atmos speakers) or Dolby Enabled (for upfirers). Afterward that YPAO can be run.

Its ages since I’ve done this but I know information technology’due south all in the manual. It lists the various speaker layout options.

A quick question all…
I wanted to check if tone control effects only the primary F&Fifty speakers?
I have been watching quite a lot of 4K / atmos soundtracks and currently the tone control is set to bypass but I find (recently) that my mains sound softer that the residue of my setup hence me asking almost tone control.

Tone adjustments would apply to all channels and not just the front end left and right channels.

The tone adjustments would not however be in effect if and when dealing with and portraying Atmos.

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I selected 7.2.4 (ext FPRSN, RPSN). I’grand able to run YPAO. I heard test tones for all.

If the internal amps are always on, does this mean nothing is coming out of the pre outs (LRC LS, RS,)?

Sound is sent to the internal amps and pre outs whether you employ them or not.

Typically if the internal amps have baloney then will the pre outs at signal level. Not sure why, but that’s the way information technology is with AVR’s

Besides means the amps are using ability and radiating heat, they won’t close downwards fully. Some other AVR’southward practice allow you to disconnect the point to the amps, just information technology won’t disconnect the power fully (they have eco mode so practice use far less)

Also be aware of Yamahas pre out levels are commonly very poor, check your Yamaha 3080 can provide a adept clean bespeak at the maximum possible voltage required for your poweramp.

Changes in Latest Firmware Update for Rxa3080

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