Cara Download Ebook Berbayar Jadi Gratis

Lately, many are looking for how to download paid Google Books for free.

As we know, Google Books is considered as a beradab all-in-one application from Google.

You can read various kinds of good and quality book collections practically through Google Books.

In addition, you can also use an alternative to download books so that you can read them at a later time.

Google Books can also be used to cite books so it is very useful for various purposes.

How to Download Paid Books on Google Books for Free

There are so many collections of books on Google Books, they are good and of good quality.

However, titinada all of the books in the Google Book collection can be obtained for free.

You need to spend some money to get a collection of your favorite books.

For example, when you want to read a new book release like It’s You, Isn’t It?

published by Ka’ro’s Publisher.

To get this book about Khulka, you need to pay



However, don’t worry now.

You can also get it for free right now!

1. Z-Library

How to Download Paid Google Books for Free

It’s really annoying when you can’t read your favorite book on Google Books just because the book is paid for.

Especially when you are bored or have no money.

Don’lengkung langit be confused.

For you, I recommend this alternative method.

This method utilizes the Z-Library site.

This is a site favored by many students and the general public.

You can download interesting books that you find paid on Google Books but you can get them for free.

  • Open the smartphone device that you have first.

  • On the Google menu, you can find a selection of the Play Book application.

    If you have found it, then you can click it right away.

  • After you enter the home page of the Google Play Books application, you can immediately find which book you want.

  • If you are confused, you can find references by category.

    For example, bestsellers, new releases, most popular genres or freebies.

    For example in the best-selling category with the title of the book

    Medalion by Tere Liye


  • Copy the title.

  • Next, sign in to Google Chrome on your mobile device.

  • Go to the Z-Library website with the URL address


    Don’t forget to press Enter.

  • Then, you will enter the Z-Library home page.

    In the general search field, you can paste the title of the book that you previously copied.

    If the title of the book is short, you can just type it right away.

    For example,



    Then tap the search button.

  • A few moments later the search parameter will bring up a list of books related to the keyword.

  • You can simply click on the title of the book that matches your search.

    The search parameter will also display the cover image of the book you are looking for.

  • Then detailed information about the book will appear including the year of publication, language and size.

    Read the information to convince yourself that it is the book you are looking for.

  • If you have confirmed it, then you can immediately click the Download option at the bottom of the book information.

    The button is green tosca.

  • The book will automatically be downloaded and stored on your device.

    Make sure the download is done perfectly, yes!
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2. PDF Drive

How to Download Paid Google Books for Free with PDF Drive

To get the book you want on Google Books, which was previously paid for then can be free, is now not impossible anymore.

You can use additional sites to get the book you want.

This site is called PDF Drive.

This site will make books that were originally paid for free very easily.

So, you can immediately read your favorite books by simply downloading them through the PDF Drive site.

  • Decide in advance which book title you want to download.

    For example, Supernova 2: Root.

    On Google Books you can read the book for Rp.41,500.

  • Now save the title of the book.

  • Switch to Google Chrome on your device.

  • Visit the official PDF Drive website or just enter the URL


    Click Enter.

  • Find the search icon on the PDF Drive home page.

    You can find it in the upper right corner of the page.

  • Next, you can enter the title of the book you want to find.

    As was the example of Supernova 2: Root.

    You can also directly type Root in the search field.

    Click Enter.

  • Not long after that will appear a list of books that are similar to the search keywords.

  • Choose the appropriate book.

    In this section, you can also identify the book by looking at the cover.

  • You can also click the Preview option to see what the book will look like.

  • Well, if it’s to your liking, then you can tap the Back option.

  • You just click the Download option to menginjak the process.

  • Wait for the book to finish downloading.’
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3. Library Genesis

Downloading your favorite books on Google Books can also be done for free using the Genesis Library site.

This is the most complete site to find the book you want to read.

Specifically, this site leans more towards journals and general books.

So any book you find on Google Books in paid form, on this site you can download it for free.

You can even find the book with detailed information.

  • First, make sure you know the title of the book you want to download.

    An example is Post-Scriptum.

  • Next, you can open Google Chrome and enter the URL address


    Click Enter.

  • Then find the search field and enter the title of the book.

    Click Enter.

  • Then the system will display various kinds of book suggestions that match the keywords.

  • Continue by clicking on which book you need.

  • In the book info detail view, you can click on the top title.

  • Then on the next page, you can choose the download gaya.

  • Choose one and let the PDF book download perfectly.

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4. ePDF

download google books free with ePdf

Finally, you can download books using ePDF.

This site is a pretty good choice for you to download digital books easily and for free.

The collection is very complete, including about international journals.

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To get interesting books on this site, you don’t have to log in anything.

How to download paid Google Books for free using ePDF is very easy to do as follows.

  • If you have saved the title of the book found in Google Books, then the next time you can directly open Google Chrome.

  • Go to the official EPDF website or via the link


    Click Enter.

  • Click the three line button at the top right of the page and hover over the search section.

  • Enter the title of the book.

    For example, Max Planck.

    Click Enter.

  • Click the appropriate book image.

  • Then you will be taken to the next page.

  • Click the Download PDF option to start the download.

Before Downloading Books on Google Books For Free

You can download paid Google Books for free by using other additional sites.

You will be more free to read your favorite book without spending a penny.

However, you need to respect the author of the book.

Moreover, to resell it without the author’s permission.

Use this method if it’s really urgent, let’s still respect other people’s work by buying the original version.

Cara Download Ebook Berbayar Jadi Gratis


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