Can the Puffco Peak Be Firmware Update

Can the Puffco Peak Be Firmware Update

Peak is a 1-of-a-kind portable vaporizer. From its smart estrus calibrations to its borosilicate glass bubbler, beginners and seasoned connoisseurs alike love the Superlative. If you’re getting started with a new Acme, consider this post your Puffco Peak manual and quick start guide!

What’s in the box?

Puffco Peak Vaporizer

Conveying Case

Actress Ceramic Bowl

Carb Cap Tether

Cleaning Swabs

Micro USB Cable & Supercharger

Carb Cap

Loading Tool

Puffco Elevation Transmission

Download an online version of your Puffco Peak manual by clicking



Puffco Meridian Quick Starting time Guide

Get a Total Accuse

Summit arrives slightly charged, but it’s not recommended to use it right away. Before using your Puffco Peak for the first time, fully accuse the device. It will pulse white equally information technology charges. One time information technology’south fully charged, the device shuts off automatically.

Fill the Drinking glass

Knowing how to handle your Summit is essential to prevent water damage. Fill your Peak drinking glass with water until information technology’due south but in a higher place the air holes. Overfilling the glass will cause splashback during utilize. Make certain the glass is detached from the base before filling. Water volition damage your Summit atomizer and base otherwise.

Can the Puffco Peak Be Firmware Update

Connect the Bubbler

Your Puffco Peak easily separates to brand traveling simple. To connect the drinking glass bubbler to your Peak base of operations, line up the holes at the lesser of the glass bubbler with the atomizer. Next, slowly and advisedly push the glass bubble into the base from the front, then from the back. Make sure it seals completely and try blowing into the Superlative a few times to check airflow.

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Turn information technology On

Now yous’re ready to plough on your Peak! Hold down the power button for three seconds until it shakes, and the LED light band changes to white to plough the device on. When yous’re gear up to turn it off, hold the power button for iii seconds once more. To conserve battery power, turn off the Peak when you’re done with a session.

Fix Your Temperature

One time your device is on, click the ability button a single time to change the heat level. You’ll observe the LED low-cal ring change colors to indicate the rut setting. The lowest temperature is blue, followed by green, then red and white. The everyman two temperatures, blue and dark-green, are recommended for maximum flavour. For more exciting hits, endeavour red or white.

Fill the Bowl

The next stride is calculation your textile to the bowl. Using the Dab Tool included with your Puffco Peak, place your cloth directly into the bottom of the ceramic bowl, non along the walls of the bowl. Be careful not to overfill the bowl, which tin can crusade your atomizer to malfunction. Next. place your carb cap (fastened to the tether provided) on your atomizer.

puffco peak manual fill bowl

Heat Up

When you’re gear up, double-click the power button to begin the heat-up process, which ordinarily takes effectually twenty seconds. The Peak’due south LED light ring will pulse while heating upwards. Once ready, you’ll experience the device vibrate 3 times and flash the LED lite band. Take a gentle inhale and savor the potent hits of the Height!

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Cleaning Your Acme

One reason many love the Acme is its easy cleaning process. Merely take a cotton swab and clean whatever leftover residue in the basin after each session. This keeps your atomizer running smoothly.

Bonus Tip

The Puffco Superlative offers the commencement-e’er social dabbing experience with its Sesh Fashion. This setting increases rut and extends the length of your session by 15 seconds. Sesh Mode can give y’all a quick estrus boost or allow yous to share the session with friends. To activate, double-click the power button and Sesh Style will initiate. You tin echo this process as many times as desired to keep the sesh going!

Can the Puffco Peak Be Firmware Update

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