Can the Ninja Inferno Handle the New Gh5 Firmware Update

Atomos has launched the
Ninja Inferno, the latest in its line of off-photographic camera recorders for video shooters. The Ninja Inferno has almost the exact same feature ready every bit the company’south top of the line Shogun Inferno, including 4K/60p recording, a 1500 nit display with x-bit color, and the ability to tape directly to ProRes or DNxHR formats. It as well includes the company’s Atom HDR engineering science, which matches the Log curves from major photographic camera manufacturers to the Ninja’southward brandish in order to show the full Log bespeak on the HDR screen, meaning that cinematographers can run across vibrant, true to life colors while recording in Log.

The major divergence between the Ninja Inferno and its large brother, the Shogun Inferno, is that Atomos has removed a few features that, while important to shooters using loftier cease video equipment, often go unused by DSLR or mirrorless filmmakers. These include SDI plugs, Genlock and Raw recording capability. The effect is that Atomos is able to make the Ninja Inferno available at a very aggressive price betoken of $995, compared to $1995 for the Shogun version.

The Atomos Ninja Inferno mounted on the new Panasonic GH5. Together, these make a compelling combination for a budget filmmaker.

Of particular interest, Atomos is promoting the Ninja Inferno as the ‘ultimate accompaniment’ for the new Panasonic GH5, and there’s a reasonable example to be fabricated for this. It’s a good match for the GH5’due south 10-bit signal and Log video, but more than importantly it supports 4K/60p 4:2:2 recording, ane of the GH5’southward more prominent features. Also, since the GH5 doesn’t include SDI ports or shoot Raw video, users are unlikely to miss those features on the Ninja Inferno, while benefiting from the much lower price.

Nosotros’ve had a pre-production copy of the Ninja Inferno for a few days and take been giving it a workout, and so stay tuned for our easily-on written report.

Printing Release:

HDR 4Kp60 Ninja Inferno Shipping now in conjunction with GH5 for $995

Prices slashed beyond the 4K HDR line upwardly

Melbourne, Australia – 23rd March 2017: Today, Atomos brings the power of 4Kp60 x-bit ProRes recording and HDR monitoring to the GH5 for an amazingly depression price of just $995.

“Our message to video Pro’s is to Go HDR 4Kp60 Today showcased by the GH5 and Ninja Inferno combo”, said Jeromy Immature CEO and co-founder of Atomos. “For less than $3k information technology’s an unbeatable total bundle particularly when considering having 4K HDR content ready for clients, Netflix and YouTube is a must”.

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Atomos has always led the fashion advancing the quality, affordability and simplicity of filmmaking by adding professional features to popular Japanese cameras. Atomos are over again first to launch a portable HDR 4Kp60 10-bit 422 monitor recorder. Timed with the release of the powerful Panasonic GH5 and a $995 price indicate Ninja Inferno empowers the masses.

Just every bit the original Atomos Ninja broke open DSLR filmmaking by giving the Catechism 5DMKIII professional person Apple ProRes recording & the original Atomos Shogun pioneered 4K with the Sony a7s and Panasonic GH4, the Ninja Inferno now arms the Panasonic GH5, the hottest camera of 2017, with HDR Apple Pro-Res ten-chip 4:2:2 4Kp60 over HDMI 2.0 – a feat non possible internally on the GH5. This marks another incredible Atomos breakthrough – professional 10-scrap color resolution, 4:2:ii colour accurateness, high frame rate 4K 60p video resolution & all with the incredible brightness range that HDR delivers in PQ or HLG.

Apart from being an obvious companion for the new GH5, the Ninja Inferno is the world’due south offset HDMI monitor-recorder to take 4K DCI signals from cameras like the Panasonic GH4 / DVX200 / HCX1000 / UX180 / HCX1, Sony FS7 / Z100 and the JVC LS300. Support for the 4096 DCI standard unlocks cinema recording from these 4K video & mirrorless DSLRs.

For the Ninja Inferno, similar its flagship sibling the Shogun Inferno, nosotros take created the ultimate monitor through end-to-cease custom engineering of all components. Information technology starts with a 1920×1200 resolution LCD console and add 10-bit processing in highlights and equivalent 10+ chip resolution in blacks. This is achieved through the patented AtomHDR engine which when combined with our custom Atomos-built backlight allows the power of 1500nits to exist utilized for Loftier Vivid Rec709 or HDR PQ/HLG at 10+ stops. The full-size HDMI 2.0 connection bypasses the camera’due south internal limitations by recording to 4Kp60 iv:ii:2 10-bit pristine video in grading-friendly Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHR. The Ninja Inferno upgrades mirrorless and DSLR camera audio by including counterbalanced XLR input and 48V Phantom Power, negating the need to buy separate audio recorders. For on set up review, the wide angle 7” calibrated screen, playback controls, playlist and XML tagging make the Ninja Inferno the perfect customer or managing director’southward monitor, with playout to the latest HDR PQ/HLG or SDR TV’s. The Ninja Inferno is equally good in the editing suite every bit it is in the field with the recorded files dropping direct onto the timeline of all the major NLE editing and grading software with the HDMI input capable of accepting HDR signals to make the Ninja Inferno an unbelievably affordable HDR reference monitor for portable or in studio color grading.

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The Ninja Inferno, which is aircraft at present for MSRP $995, is the ultimate camera accessory for the GH5, the popular Sony FS7 or cameras with 4K DCI output & other 4Kp60 / 4Kp30 / HDp60 cameras looking for a futurity proof monitor-recorder.

HDR now comes free beyond the Atomos 4K Line-up

Timed with the release of the Ninja Inferno, Atomos have driven downwards the cost of the existing line-upward, passing on the volume savings they receive due to the popularity of the entire HDR range. The Shogun Flame and Ninja Flame are now $995 and $795 respectively (both models transport with mains power supply, recording caddy & travel example. The Shogun Flame also ships with an XLR breakout cable). To complement all models in the line-upwardly, Atomos have developed a tailored Accessory Kit and Power Kit that arm users with everything needed to power, command, dock, charge and safely comport the units at an astonishing toll. The flagship Shogun Inferno continues to ship as is today.

Production New Price (MSRP ex tax)
Shogun Flame $995 ($1695
saving of $700)
Ninja Inferno $995
Ninja Flame $795 ($1295
saving of $500)
Accessory Kit $295
Ability Kit $149