Can I Register A Company Name Without Trading


Whilst there are no real legalities as to how much time you have to set up your limited company after you have begun trading it is recommended that you should have registered at least six months before the new tax year April. You must register a business name in Australia unless you trade under your own name or fall within an exemption.

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Bear in mind that the rules for sole traders and partnerships are slightly different.

Can i register a company name without trading. The difference between a trading name business name and company name. On the other hand your trading name is the name that your business uses on a day-to-day basis. From the list provided select the name you wish to reserve for a further period and choose Continue.

However you have the option of setting up a company and keeping it in a dormant state ie. Log in to your online services account. On your dashboard look under My unfinished business to find the company names youve reserved.

Those who are awaiting approval of company names before April 2012 and who are using a business name in the interim will be exempted from registering their trading as business name. A company which is not trading. Sole traders can retain their privacy and as a fledgling business I felt uncomfortable declaring my new company to the world until I was more established.

It deals with the enforcement of business names and is likely to have an impact on those who need to use a trading name of some sort while awaiting their company names approval. Trading names are not protected by law When you register a company name at Companies House it is protected by law so no other business can use it. However this does not stop either a sole trader or limited company trading as a name which is the same or very similar to yours.

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When prompted answer Yes to Name reservation. Another popular reason for using a trading as name is when you cannot register your preferred company name because it is not available. Trading names must not.

If you are thinking of setting up a limited company some time in the future is there a way of reserving a specific company name without having to take on the obligations of running a live company. Trading names do not receive this protection which means that if someone wanted to register your trading name as a limited company they could do so whilst also demanding that you stop using it. Unfortunately the simple answer to this question is no.

To create an S corp youll need to file form 2553 with the IRS. You dont need to register a business name if you trade under your own name John Smith but youll need to have a business name if its anything else John Smith Plumbing. Further once your business is established you can easily convert it into a private limited company LLP or any other form of your choice.

Nobody else can register a company with the same name safeguarding the interests of your business. A business name is simply a name under which you conduct a business. However I knew that there was nothing to stop someone else registering a company in my chosen trading name so I registered Digitise this.

Can I register without trading. A company is considered active when it is carrying out the following. If you want to trademark your business brand or product name file with the United States Patent and Trademark office once youve formed your business.

Its an offence to carry on business under an unregistered business name unless you trade under your own name such as Mary Jones. It makes it possible to register a separate company name and then trade under the name. If you want your business to trade under a name that is different from your legal name then youll have to register it as a business name.

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If you are a limited company there is a register of company names and no other registered company can have the same name as you. This is known as setting up a dormant company and can be useful even if you plan to carry on as a sole trader. If you want tax-exempt status for a nonprofit corporation register your business as a tax-exempt entity with the IRS.

There is no way that you can reserve a company name without forming a limited company under that name. Be the same as an existing trade mark include. Your trading name needs to meet the same requirements as a business name but it doesnt need to be registered with Companies House.

Unfortunately Companies House will not allow you to reserve a company name. Lets take a look at a few steps to take during your planning stages that may help you to put some measures in place to secure the best possible trading name for your new company. If you are a sole trader there is no register of business names.

If you want to trade under a specific name you need to register it as a business name with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission ASIC. Now here are five reasons why you should not register. Any trading or professional business activity.

Registering a company even though it wont trade protects you against predators trading on your goodwill. You can also trade using a different name to your registered name. This is known as a business name or trading name.

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