Best Picture Settings for Samsung Mu8000

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I’ve just got the 65″ MU8000 and actually happy with it and then far.

I was wondering if anyone can share their settings for it.

I empathize at that place are two profiles for standard and HDR, which confuses me even more.

I’ve likewise seen a lot of people have Motorcar Motion Blur set up to 0. I believe this is for 60fps content only and Judder is for 30fps and beneath. And then enabling Blur to 10 would just use the 120hz native refresh which should exist the platonic setting every bit it divides into 60 fps every bit.

Also should sharpness be 0 or 50. I’m certain 50 is the middle, below is soften and higher up it over sharpening?

Turn all of the motion processing off and leave the sharpness at 0

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These are the settings I am using on my MU7000 which is similar to your MU8000

For HDR content the backlight needs to be at 20 and the local dimming should be on high.





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It’due south nearly fourth dimension we had an owner’s thread here. Had this for about 6 weeks now and very impressed with information technology. Once I’yard home later on work I’ll give my impressions of the set and settings that I apply.

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Hey guys,

I am looking for a new TV and I’ve narrowed it down to two Idiot box’s (samsung UA55MU7000 and UA55MU8000). All the same the model names here (Due south Africa) seem to differ slightly (the 7000 here has a curved foot whereas the 8000 has the two distinct legs on either side). I cant seem to find any reviews on “our” 7000 and would detest to buy a TV thats non very skillful (even though it saves me a 3rd of the toll).

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Not certain if this is the right thread to ask but thought I’d give it a shot.

Thanks in advance.

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My MU8000 is coming tomorrow. Anyone upgraded to 55MU8000 from 55KU6400 at all??

I’ve looked at the specs but tin’t see too much departure and then I hope it’s worth the upgrade.

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I have the 75″ MU8000 and accept been happy with information technology. I have remodelled my dedicated movie theatre room and accept taken the PJ down and now have this. So far I haven’t had any bug and the 4k moving-picture show has been peachy with 4k disc. Netflix and Amazon video also wait really good. I take a 2d Sky mini box connected to information technology for general TV and even with the 1080p input from the mini box, yous all the same go a dainty picture…. The blacks are fine for an LCD TV (I have an OLED for my main Television receiver and had plasma before that) better than I expected.

I used settings from i of the reviews for the smaller screen size and then adapted a impact to my gustatory modality.

The BBC HLG examination also looks fantastic on it.

Hello. Would y’all be kind plenty to accept a photo of your 75MU8000? I oasis’t seen it in person simply online I’ve seen it pictured with a silver border and not blackness similar the smaller sizes. Only interested to know!


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