Asus Bw-16d1ht Will Not Upgrade to 3.01 Firmware

Asus Bw-16d1ht Will Not Upgrade to 3.01 Firmware

  1. Does anyone happen to have the 3.01 firmware for the ASUS BW-16D1HT drive? I have the 3.00 firmware and the 3.02 firmware flasher. I would similar to have the 3.01 flasher tucked away somewhere.

  2. You should follow TeddyRaspin’south posts like Ch3vr0n suggested. Not sure if the original mail of the firmware contains laser calibration data which is needed if y’all don’t want to compromise a re-flashed drive. Transport a PM to make him confirm or non.

  3. Thanks.

    I found those TeddyRaspin’due south posts and archived his flashers & BIN files but that wasn’t what I was specifically looking for. I take a drive with the 3.00 firmware. I have the official ASUS flasher for 3.02 firmware. I merely am defective the official three.01 flasher and was looking for it. I tin’t seem to observe information technology and I did practise web searches and what not before asking.

    Equally it stands I will exit things at 3.00 until I run into a problem. 3.01 apparently improved some speed issues.

  4. You made a wise determination. Don’t fix information technology if it ain’t broke! I have met Mr. Tater more frequently I expected and didn’t expect.

  5. Equally it turns out I at present have 2 ASUS BW-16D1HT drives. Both came with the three.00 firmware. I’m leaving them both every bit-is until I experience in that location’s a need to peradventure upgrade the firmware on i of them. That existence said, the drives are different. One was manufactured in 2015 and the other in 2017. Different drive housing. Different faceplate. Both piece of work perfectly, notwithstanding.

  6. Amazon is selling the BW-16D1HT with a $25 mail-in rebate from ASUS. They had a rebate through the end of January and they’ve now put out a new one through the end of February. Afterwards taking the rebate into business relationship ($83.99 – $25.00 = $58.99) the cost is the same equally the LG WH16NS40 on Amazon. ASUS might not be every bit quick to update the firmware on the inventory versus the LG drives.

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  7. I just picked one of those up and it was version iii.0. I used the official 3.02 and flashed it a few minutes agone. It was loud ripping with 3.0 and now it is tranquility with 3.02.

  8. Picked one up from Amazon with the $25 rebate. Drive industry date is 2/2017 and firmware was 3.00

  9. Just got mine from Amazon today . Downloaded the rebate form. The manufacture appointment is February 2017. But I dont come across the firmware version on the tag. Practise you have to install information technology to detect the firmware version?

  10. if its non on the tag, the merely other way is to install information technology yes

  11. I took my old LG WH16NS40 (industry date August 2014) with an SVC Code of NS40 and a ROM Version 1.00 out of the external NexStar enclosure and put the Asus bulldoze into it. AnyDVD lists “ASUS BW-16D1HT three.00”. Looks like I am “good to go” with firmware version 3.00.

  12. If at first you lot don’t succeed LOL

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  13. The only place that has information technology is Amazon and they are out of stock for a few weeks, I bet it is getting new firmware
    Become it as shortly every bit Feb. 22 – March 2 if you cull Expedited Shipping at checkout.

  14. It’due south friendly up to firmware iii.02.
    But 3.03 can be downgraded with dosflash.Come on Ch3vr0n, take a closer look.
    Just effort trivial harder sometimes
    Asus Bw-16d1ht Will Not Upgrade to 3.01 Firmware
    (i’m glad you’ve posted the link that proves you incorrect and then you don’t take to delete one of mine again)

  15. That is the exact drive I bought. Information technology came with iii.00 and I took it to 3.02 with the firmware on the Asus site.

  16. And I assume it works with 3.02 firmware as a Friendly bulldoze?

  17. Just fine. It was a bit noisy with 3.00 but quieted downwards nicely with 3.02.

    Here’s what I see when I click your link and what AnyDVD says when I insert a disc.



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Asus Bw-16d1ht Will Not Upgrade to 3.01 Firmware

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