Alpha Mobile Portable Bluetooth Thermal Printer 58 Tutorial

Alpha Mobile Portable Bluetooth Thermal Printer 58 Tutorial

Can This New Portable Bluetooth Thermal Printer Really Brand Your Selfies Last Forever?

21/09/2021 | Jack Hollister

A new invention direct from Korea is taking the globe by storm. It allows people to easily impress pictures direct from their phone without the need for large ink cartridges, paper jams or over-priced camera store printing services. Top that off with a tiny portable size, ease of apply and amazing toll tag. And information technology’s really no wonder people are calling this the gadget of the year, with some even predicting it’s on its way to be the side by side fidget spinner.

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Do you like those old polaroid cameras that print you the picture every bit presently equally you lot take information technology? Practice you want to instantly brand physical copies of your photos before your phone inevitably dies once more, forth with all your memories?  Do yous want to wow your friends and family with the coolest new gadget to come out of Korea? Well so we have a care for for you lot today.

2020 is finally ending and really in that location’southward a very big marketplace for skillful news afterward such a trying yr. We were stuck in doors, we got bored, lonely and now we really, really need a vacation.

Just, what happens when we go on that vacation, and our phone falls into the water. There go all our vacation photos. Or possibly nosotros made some new good friends and tin’t really think of annihilation to give them to remember usa past.

Well those clever Koreans, as usual, accept thought of all this already, and created a solution.

Gadget of the Year?

This cute little box is chosen the

PrintX Pro
. Korean social media is going wild about the device and it’s already been given an unofficial fan name, “Prixpo” and its unofficial fanbase name, “Prixpos”.

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The Koreans really have outdone themselves, creating a new
portable and affordable gadget for capturing your memories and sharing them with others
, in the long since forgotten non-social-distancing way.

It is remarkably portable, making it quite easy to see why it can already exist institute everywhere from schools and playgrounds to remote tourist landmarks and holiday dinner tables.

Actually, this is the exact type of gadget that we absolutely dearest and we could not expect to get our hands on ane of these.

Is It Worth All the Hype?

With trendy gadgets, there actually are two types. The showtime type receive a lot of viral hype, but are otherwise just a passing fad, providing a picayune scrap of amusement and the satisfaction of having the cool affair everyone is talking about, think for case if say, the fidget spinner. The 2d type receive hype, but even so proceed to provide value fifty-fifty afterwards the public attention passes to something else.

We were very pleased to discover that the

PrintX Pro

is in the latter category. Our favorite gadget category.

Now to the device itself. We were
quite astonished in how detailed of a impress such a small device managed. A press resolution of 203 dpi in a device that fits in your hand is nil short of a curiosity of engineering.

It’southward amazingly low-cal and it’s so
simple to utilise
we got it printing within just a few minutes. There’s only something charming most black and white pictures. No wonder people put it as a filter in social media.
Every picture we printed looked like a tiny crystalized moment in time.

We did eventually accept to put information technology down and actually right out the full feature list. Which we and then took a moving picture of and printed just considering nosotros could:

Blackness and white thermal printing
that’s pretty much about instant. Just click and run into your photos immediately have physical course.

Bluetooth 4.0 and Micro USB connectivity

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Paper width: 57mm (ii.24”) width, each roll is 30mm (1.18”) in diameter
so you won’t be running out very presently (unless you really, really like it and go at it all day, which is not impossible, information technology’s very fun).

High Quality Printing resolution 203 dpi
– again, a curiosity of miniaturization of technology

1000mAh battery
– which frankly is more than than enough but nosotros’re not complaining.

Lightweight and Portable
– really it’s incredibly low-cal, simply plop it in your pocket and pull it out when printing time has come.

Now we know that attaching fan names like Prixpo to products is cringy in the w, but bear with us because after trying it we exercise empathize where all the affection comes from. Information technology really is an adorable device that provides that extra something that turns a hype gadget into a gadget that you lot’ll still be using a few years down the line. It provides memories. Not the abstract kind, actual physical memories.

PrintX Pro

just gave u.s.a. way too much fun. We had to give something back. We wholeheartedly recommend this one. It’s just the type of wholesomeness nosotros needed after this really long year.

But Don’t Just Take Our Word for It, These People Loved the PrintX Pro:

“At first I was a flake skeptical when a friend got me this for the holiday. I idea it’ll be like the thermal paper they use for receipts and that the photos would await weird in black and white, but they actually await really cute. I started a retentivity board in my room where I pin one of these printed photos from anywhere I go. Starting with a moving-picture show of me and my friend. Best souvenir of the year cheers.”

“I got this for my kids and they haven’t stopped playing with information technology since, my fridge is at present covered in pictures of everything from me baking to our dog posing. So highly recommended if y’all have room on your fridge. Mayhap I should buy them an album for all their photography piece of work.”

“I’ve been having so much fun with this. I’d take a picture of a friend sleeping in class and stick it to the blackboard. The professor liked the joke. I then posted them on every blackboard on campus. My friend was less amused only information technology was a very fun twenty-four hours haha. I love taking a selfie with someone and and then press them out a copy similar ane of those old cameras my grandpa used.”

Conclusion: Should you become a PrintX Pro?

Do yous like capturing memories and handing them over to friends? Exercise you like fun? Then Yes. 100%. The

PrintX Pro
is an adorable little device and volition however provide plenty of enjoyment and value even after the public hype train passes. Information technology’due south exactly the type of gadget nosotros whole heartedly recommend, the blazon that last, like those printed photos y’all’ll nevertheless be making with information technology a few years from now.

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  • Very Easy To Use By Anyone
  • Android and iOS APP
  • Instant High Quality Printing
  • High Capacity Battery
  • Lightweight and Portable


  • May Be Running Out Of Stock Shortly.

How Do I Get The PrintX Pro?

Now that you’re enlightened of how great the PrintX Pro, is, you must already exist itching to get one for you or as a souvenir, and then here’re the simple steps:

Pace 1: Nosotros recommend ordering an original PrintX Pro

from the official website here.

Step ii: Put in the thermal paper, connect information technology to your phone and start capturing memories.

The PrintX Pro is selling out fast correct now. Nosotros highly recommend placing order fast by clicking the button beneath earlier this promotion ends!

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Alpha Mobile Portable Bluetooth Thermal Printer 58 Tutorial

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