Allen and Heath Qu 24 Firmware Update

Allen and Heath Qu 24 Firmware Update

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Allen & Heath Qu-24 24-channel Digital Mixer – Chrome Edition

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Fast Workflow and Stellar Audio

Whether you’re recording in the studio or mixing forepart of house, your mixer is the cadre of your functioning. If it fights you, your work suffers. Many digital consoles are inscrutable on the surface, forcing you to descend into menu purgatory just to perform a simple function. The Allen & Heath Qu-24 Chrome Edition is designed with a make clean, logical layout, so you lot can get to what you need, fast. Featuring audiophile audio quality, touchscreen control, 24 AnalogiQ preamps integrated with DSP, total recall, 25 flying faders, loftier-efficiency ARM cadre processing, studio-grade effects, an integrated multitrack USB recorder, and truckloads more, the Allen & Heath Qu-24 Chrome Edition volition drastically ameliorate both your workflow and your end production.

Chrome Edition adds more than monitor mixes, spectrogram, and Automated Mic Mixer

The Qu-24 Chrome Edition expands on the already impressive Qu-24 mixer, while also adding high-contrast metallic-finished controls. A spectrogram display has been added to help you find feedback and trouble frequencies fast. More monitor mixes are now bachelor. And the Qu-24 Chrome Edition’s Automatic Mic Mixer mode automatically balances up to 16 microphone inputs, perfect for conferences, panel talks, and Television shows. It’s platonic for novices and volunteers that may non be comfy mixing a large number of mics, and it’s also great for pros who take more of import things to do than ride faders.

Intuitive — and very comfy to work on

Having a mixer with massive processing power and sophisticated functionality is nice, but if you tin can’t get to the controls you need instantly, it’s all for naught. With the Qu-24 Chrome Edition, the digital console has evolved to the point where yous forget that it’s digital and just get on with your session, fluidly and efficiently. Without menu diving. Allen & Heath put years of research into ergonomics and the hands-on mixing experience, resulting in digital consoles that evangelize a natural, logical layout and workflow. Your most-used processing tools are presented clearly on the SuperStrip, with one function per physical command. Whether you’re a digital novice or coming from years of analog mixing, you’ll find the Qu-24 Chrome Edition intuitive — and very comfortable to piece of work on.

Touchscreen control speeds upwardly your workflow

The Allen & Heath Qu-24 Chrome Edition rocks a 16-one thousand thousand-color, 800 x 480 touchscreen with an integrated data encoder – the core of a user interface that gives you quick and piece of cake admission to all your settings. Designed for clarity, the convenient interface has dedicated keys and screen tabs that let yous apace get to your meter and RTA views, furnishings racks, aqueduct processing, USB audio command, setup menus, scenes, and much more.

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AnalogiQ preamps and 24-scrap conversion for warm, musical audio

Allen & Heath fortified the Qu-24 Chrome Edition with 24 of their superb AnalogiQ total-recall preamps. Featuring phantom ability, zero crossing detection, and a unique pad-less, 1dB-step gain stage, the preamps are married to the DSP for optimum transparency and gain accuracy. The analog signal is captured past loftier-quality, depression-latency 24-bit A/D converters matched to high-grade 24-bit D/A converters. A&H has spent considerable time refining the AnalogiQ pattern so it gives you stellar transparency, with minimum distortion and a vanishingly depression noise floor. Simply how do these preamps audio? Take it from Sweetwater, the Qu-24 Chrome Edition is delightfully analog-sounding — warm and musical.

Total-recall moving-fader automation supercharges your mixing

We first saw moving faders on some of the high-end, large-format consoles of the tardily 1970s. With the advent of digital technology, flight faders after became adequately standard, admitting non on entry-level digital mixers. Fader automation is a must-have for efficient mixing, especially when yous’re dealing with multiple monitor mixes. But push a mix cardinal, and the faders immediately wing to the send levels for that mix. The Qu-24 Chrome Edition sports 25 motorized ALPS faders. The 24 channel faders are arranged over two layers, giving you instant access to all your channels and masters in a compact space. There’southward also a dedicated primary fader that dynamically follows your mix selection. A third (custom) layer is bachelor for the configurable user strip layout, where you tin can assign whatsoever combination of Inputs, FX Sends, FX Returns, and Mix masters.

Powerful functionality added in v1.nine software

The Qu serial ecosystem is constantly being refined, and v1.ix of the Qu software adds even more than functionality. More mic presets for Shure, Sennheiser and Audio-Technica mics are now available, making it easier than e’er to dial in neat audio fast with any mic in any application. You’ll observe a ton of avant-garde iPad control options likewise, like the ability to patch channels between dSnake, USB, Qu Drive and ME personal monitoring systems. You can gear up upwardly various User profiles with different levels of permissions, manage your Scene memory, Copy/Paste channel settings, and manage USB devices. And v1.9 adds Windows DAW control back up, for all pop Windows platforms.

Allen & Heath Qu-24 Chrome Edition Digital Console Features:

  • 24 AnalogiQ total-recollect preamps integrated with DSP for optimum transparency and proceeds accuracy
  • Ergonomic layout and workflow is comfortable, fluid, and intuitive
  • Colour touchscreen and dedicated data encoder give you quick and piece of cake access to all settings
  • Key processing tools are presented clearly on the SuperStrip, with 1 function per concrete control
  • 25 automated, motorized ALPS faders (24 bundled over two layers) speed up and enhance your mixing
  • four groups give yous subgrouping flexibility to LR for level masters and/or processing
  • Total recall lets yous save and think scenes (snapshots) at the press of a button
  • Onboard studio-course dynamics and FX algorithms derived A&H’due south iLive pro touring series
  • Congenital-in interface streams multitrack audio to/from your Mac (OSX class-compliant)
  • Plug-and-play with whatsoever DAW supporting Core Audio, including Logic, Cubase, Reaper, and Pro Tools
  • Qu-Drive delivers 18 channels of 24-bit/48kHz recording/playback to/from your USB hard drive
  • 5 defended cores of high efficiency ARM processing provide state-of-the-fine art processing
  • Optional Qu-Pad app frees y’all to tweak monitors and PA from your iPad, onstage or around the venue
  • Fully compatible with A&H’s ME Personal Mixing Organisation
  • dSNAKE port lets you connect to a remote AR2412 or AR84 Stagebox via Cat 5e digital ophidian
  • Matrix adds ii further stereo outputs equipped with full processing to the console’southward all-encompassing I/O
  • xviii-guess, cold-rolled Zintec steel frame delivers strength, rigidity, and distinctive looks
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Tech Specs

  • Digital

  • 24

  • 24 ten XLR

  • 24

  • 24 x 1/four”

  • 4 x ane/4″ (ii stereo in), 1 x 1/8″ TRS (stereo in)

  • 2 ten XLR (left, right), two 10 1/four” (2 track out), two x i/4″ (alt out)

  • four x XLR (mono mix outs), 3 x XLR (stereo mix outs), ii x XLR (stereo group outs), 2 ten XLR (stereo matrix outs)

  • one 10 Ethernet dSnake, 1 ten XLR AES, 1 x USB Type A

  • sixteen-bus

  • i x XLR

  • USB, Ethernet TCP/IP

  • 1 x 1/4″ TRS

  • 1 x Type B, i x Type A

  • USB (32 10 30), LAN port (connect iOS devices with addition of wireless router)

  • 24 x 100mm channels, ane x 100mm master

  • Parametric EQ, 28-band graphic EQ

  • Reverb, filibuster, chorus, phaser, flanger (4 x stereo FX returns)

  • MIDI DAW control commuter for Mac (HUI, Mackie Control)

  • 7.32″ (desktop position), 7.48″ (rackmounted)

  • 19.52″ (desktop position)

  • 24.88″

  • 40 lbs.

  • AH-QU-24C

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Always have been a fan of Allen & Heath boards and this 1 did non let me down. I was hesitant going from analog to digital and after a year of enquiry with many different digital mixers, I decided to go with the QU-24.

Information technology was fairly easy to larn how to ready. I did use the online assist videos available which was a great help. I had this mixer for a week and was confident to utilise information technology for a live gig and it worked great.

The faders brand it possible to rapidly adjust sound on stage and the power to use an iPad to run your mix gives you the ability to take a front of business firm applied science without needing the desk out front end. The QU YOU app has saved me so much frustration because now all my ring members tin adjust their own monitor mixes.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone that is wanting to go from analog to digital. Sounds neat, easy to gear up, like shooting fish in a barrel to sympathize, and a keen layout.

We’ve had a QU24 at our church building for several years now and nosotros absolutely dear information technology. The sound quality is tiptop notch, and the work flow is adequately easy to acquire. We also honey the mobile/tablet apps that Allen and Heath have provided. We take it paired with the GLD2412 phase box and have no issues at all with the dSnake. I highly recommend this mixer, especially for churches with a express budget.
I been using Allen&Heath for a long time and they don’t disappoint when they fabricated the qu series. This lath is user friendly and can be learned in less so a hour. Great for beginners or advance users. The Gld series a major step forward for any touring or church. You lot won’t be disappointed. Dandy job AH
Nosotros were totally impressed with this board, right out of the box straight to a gig. Had never worked this board, a couple of simple instructions and we’re off to the races. the board sounded amazing very little corrections, the FX right on point. fourteen piece Salsa Orquesta and we were very impressed highly recommend this lath.
I run into where a bunch of people hither in the U.s.a. are scared of products that come from Europe. Specially when it comes to Pro Audio. Excuses are always “What practice y’all practice when information technology breaks?” or the always popular “Where tin I purchase parts?” Get over it! Aye, I will agree that in the past there may have been an issue. With today’south technology and the ease of getting parts or finding an “Authorized Service Centre” is just a few clicks abroad. And then quit worrying and check this board out!

Going from Analog to Digital is a big switch. It was for me, simply I could not be happier. I’m one of those guys that sits dorsum on things while the bugs become worked out for the starting time half-dozen months to a year before I make a move. To me, the Qu Series boards were brought in because of the “success” of the Behringer X32. I’grand glad A & H did. The X32 has a agglomeration of great features that, personally, make the board appealing simply I think it adds to how confusing these new Digital Boards can be. Yous can actually overwhelm your cocky with adding in all the niggling nuggets the X32 provides. Style to busy of a board for me. I know information technology well and use one at a venue I run sound for, simply my NUMBER One Pick is my A & H Qu24. The Qu16 & Qu32 are amazing by themselves but the Qu24 suits my needs. Very piece of cake piece of work menses throughout the board, much less complicated than the X32, the Pre-Amps are Legendary, the on board Effects are dandy and so easy to motion in and out for every song or artist. This board is clean! No hiss here! I like the addition of the Chrome knobs, while working in low low-cal. Bought mine earlier the chrome i came out. I also bought the desk lamp that plugs in and information technology is nifty too. Pricey for a low-cal merely you lot become what y’all pay for. I recently bought the Digital Stage Snake AH2412 and 200′ of cable and non 1 issue with latency when making adjustments. I did non purchase the A & H cable. I bought ane that is basically the same only it’s the i Behringer suggests for their Digital boards and snakes. I also have a defended wireless router for the board and use the Qu App on my iPad. I’ll walk abroad from the board to check sound coverage throughout the venue with my iPad and make adjustments as needed. Once more, no latency here either. Some of the performers are also using the iPhone app called Qu Yous because they have performed with me a few times and this lets THEM suit their ain monitor mix. It’due south really a great set up upwards once you have a basic agreement of how information technology works.

I also have to admit that I run the board to a DAW with Pro Tools and I tin can record every performance and subsequently its completed I send a re-create of that functioning to the artist if they request it. Works out well. If you use a Mac you can record all 24 channels in to the DAW.

1 last quick affair then I’m done. With the on going software updates, A & H make this board even better. They’ve added in a library of microphone settings that you can utilize as a starting signal for a given channel similar the kick drum. These settings are very practiced by themselves and make sound checks get very speedily. I’ve found I make slight adjustments, if I apply that mic pre-set. There are plenty of Forums online to respond questions. I know I used them when starting out.

Don”t be scared of Allen & Heath, but all of their competitors should be. Peace!

Allen and Heath Qu 24 Firmware Update

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