Alfawise U20 Firmware Replaced With Older Version?

Alfawise U20 Firmware Replaced With Older Version?

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In this post I will evidence you lot the

Alfawise U20 printer
. It is supposed to exist a Creality CR-10 competitor, since it is very similar in the structure and characteristics. Information technology has a build volume of
30x30x40 cm, solid aluminum construction and brawl bearings for the axis carriages. The build plate is heated and it comes with a

BuildTak-like embrace

which gives a very good adhesion without using whatsoever other material such equally hair spray. If you adopt to impress direct on drinking glass, simply flip the bed and you’re good to go.

Alfawise U20 Firmware Replaced With Older Version?

The black aluminum profiles and the ruby-red carriages give a prissy and cool look to this printer, likewise the cables and few 3d-printed parts which give to the printer a

Information technology comes with a
bowden extruder, and it has a
filament sensor, which stops the impress procedure equally soon every bit it detects that the textile has finished. Furthermore, in that location is a
power sensor, that halts the impress procedure when the electrical power is missing, helping usa to save hours of work.

toll is around
250€ (270$)
, which makes this printer a good candidate for being a best-buy in its category.


No problems in the packaging. The box has some angular reinforcements in lodge to avoid amercement during the aircraft and all components as well-protected.

Opening the box you lot tin can find the base with the heated bed already assembled, while in the lesser there is the Z-axis bridge, the electronics control box and a box with accessories.

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In add-on to a power plug and a USB cable, you can find an SD card, some tools, a examination PLA spool and a filament-holder. To complete the supply you can notice a user manual, containing assembly instructions, configuration steps and parameters. The manual is too stored in the SD carte, in addition to the slicer software, CURA xv, which is
very outdated
now and I’ll suggest to non use it.
I’ll write a post on how to all-time use this printer with recent slicers, such every bit Cura 3.five.ane and Simplify3D 4. Stay tuned!


Assembling this printer is
very piece of cake, simply equally any other similar printer. It takes effectually
10 minutes
to complete: you must secure the Z-axis bridge to the base of operations, then fix the aluminum lateral reinforcements and you’re done.

Pay attention to the cables: they are quite rigid and could create some issues when the printer is moving. Place them in order to have the printer moving freely and not damaging them.


The mainboard ships with a
32-bit microcontroller
and it is
powered at 24V, which let the heated bed and the hot-end reaching the target temperatures in a few minutes. The stock firmware is
not open up-sourceastward but the Alfawise squad does its best to keep it updated and solve bugs that are plant by the customs.

In my first tests I used the 2.thirteen version of the firmware, that was released on Baronial 2018.

Through the colour touch screen you can admission the command menù, which shows all the classic options nosotros can find in almost every other printers present, such as: transmission movements for the centrality, browser for the files contained in the SD card, manual and automatic commands for the extruder and the hot-stop in order to load and unload the filament, in addition to the guided procedure to level the build plate.
The low-level settings department allows to
change speed and dispatch parameters, letting you to alter the behavior of the firmware, impacting thus the impress quality.

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Print Quality

Honestly, from my showtime prints, I can say thatn the print quality is very good without whatsoever initial adjustments. I downloaded some stress-testing models from
and I printed them:

  • Cali Cat
    – The calibration cat, by Dezign  (link)
  • 3D Benchy
    – The nearly famous torture test for 3d printers, by CreativeTools (link)

Final Thoughs

We’re talking about a printer that competes with the CR-x on almost everything, except for the toll. My get-go impressions are very expert. I would advise it to everyone budgeted the 3d print world for the get-go time, since it takes only 10 minutes to assemble and prints very well without whatsoever advanced tuning.

These are only my first impressions. I will test the printer more than extensively, in social club to run into how it behaves on a longer period of time. Stay tuned with my blog and my
YouTube channel!

You lot can purchase this 3d printer following
this link.

Alfawise U20 Firmware Replaced With Older Version?

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