Alexa Needs Firmware Update Required for Multi Room Music

Alexa Needs Firmware Update Required for Multi Room Music

The Amazon Echo series of devices have sold in their millions across the globe. Millions of people volition be telling Alexa to plow on the lights, request about the weather in their area or to play a vocal. For the almost part, the Repeat is popular because it is easy to live with and to manage. But sometimes a little manual intervention is required which is why I have put this tutorial on how to update firmware on the Amazon Echo Dot together.

Alexa Needs Firmware Update Required for Multi Room Music

Most of the fourth dimension, your Amazon Repeat Dot volition update itself in the middle of the night. As long as it is powered on and has an net connectedness, information technology will perform whatever updates it needs out of hours so equally to not disturb you or interrupt your enjoyment of the device. Sometimes though, it requires a manual firmware update.

This tutorial was really prompted by a buddy of mine. He has a couple of Echo Dots and wanted to gear up up Multiroom Music. His newer Dot was fine but his older one said information technology needed a firmware update. As he didn’t want to look until it performed the update itself, he did it himself with me to help.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, here is how to update the firmware on the Amazon Echo Dot.

Manual firmware update for Echo Dot

As Alexa checks every nighttime for an update, information technology is rare indeed that you would e’er need to do this. However, if you’re trying to ready something up, you might. First yous might want to cheque whether you’re running the latest software or not.

  1. Open the Alexa app on your telephone.
  2. Select Settings and the Echo Dot.
  3. Select Nigh and check the Software Version.
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The latest version will e’er be listed on this page on the Amazon website.
Bank check your Software Version against this listing to see if you are indeed out of date or not. Currently, the Echo Dot 2nd
Gen is running 613507720 while the 1st
Gen is running 613505820. If y’all have a Dot Kids, it is running 613507720, (July 2018).

If the version listed in Software Version is different from that on the Amazon website, y’all need an update. This should happen that evening just if you’re in a hurry you can ‘encourage’ it to update manually.

There are ii ways I know of to perform a transmission firmware update. The easiest is to mute Alexa then the ring goes cerise. So leave it an hr. As long as it is continued to the net, Alexa should say that an update is needed and then perform that update. Once complete, the Echo Dot should reboot and begin working normally.

The second way is a footling more than complicated only also seems to work.

  1. Deregister your Repeat Dot from the Alexa App.
  2. Power off your Echo Dot and leave for ane minute.
  3. Plow back on merely do nothing for an hr. You should see the bluish ring plough green and spin. This is to tell you the Dot is updating.
  4. Permit the Dot update and reboot.
  5. Perform initial setup with the Alexa app and the Echo Dot.

If this worked as it should, your Dot should have updated itself with the latest firmware. In one case you lot had re-registered it, your old settings should still exist there and your Dot should be fix to use.

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Problems with firmware updates on the Echo Dot

A few owners have reported issues with their Repeat Dot, mainly that it won’t update itself even though it shows an older firmware version with a newer ane bachelor. At that place is a style around that, to manually set your network profile in the Alexa app. This has fixed it for a couple of people I had spoken to about updating the Echo range and it worked for them. Peradventure it could work for you too.

You lot will demand to know your router’s IP address, the subnet mask and DNS servers your router uses. You tin can log into your router’s config screen for that or get it from your figurer. I detect it easier to get it from the router as you lot will need to identify a complimentary IP address to provide the Repeat. If you know the range, y’all tin can find a free IP, otherwise use the router to identify i.

  • In Windows, open a CMD window and type ‘ip config /all’ and hit Enter.
  • In Mac OS, open up Last and type ‘ifconfig;’ and striking Enter.

Both methods will bear witness your PC IP address, router address and subnet mask, public IP address and DNS details.

  1. Deregister your Echo Dot.
  2. Select the WiFi network in the Alexa app and log it in.
  3. Select Advanced Settings in the Alexa app.
  4. Manually enter an available IP address, your router IP and subnet mask and the two DNS server addresses.
  5. Select Connect to join the network.
  6. Complete setup in the normal way.
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In the bulk of cases, the Echo Dot will look later on itself. If you do take to manually update the firmware for it, at least you now know how!

Alexa Needs Firmware Update Required for Multi Room Music

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