A95x R1 Amlogic S905w Firmware China Gadget

A95x R1 Amlogic S905w Firmware China Gadget

CNXSoft: Bear in mind that there are multiple versions of Nexbox A95X. Yesterday, I published the
review of Nexbox A95X with Android 6.0, with the model based on Amlogic S905X processor. In this commodity, Karl had a look at Nexbox A95X with Amlogic S905 processor, which he purchased a couple of months agone, merely since he was non happy with the Android 5.1 firmware, he decided to customize it.

Karl here with a review of the Nexbox A95X S905 box. This took a while to even outset. I received the box about 2 months ago and I dived right in and bankrupt it. I didn’t have manufacturing plant firmware, and wasn’t cautious enough and bricked it. I found some firmware that worked but it didn’t work very well for me. Electronic mail’s to Nexbox directly didn’t help and I was stuck with a bricked box… I later on found someone who had
factory firmware
and was kind plenty to share and I was back in business concern. But I still didn’t like it, as it felt sluggish when doing anything else besides Kodi and missing notifications and navigation bar.

A95x R1 Amlogic S905w Firmware China Gadget
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Quest to notice better firmware

There is a dirty little secret with these boxes and it is a niggling unfair to the manufacturers who do brand skilful software but you lot can only almost flash whatever firmware on any matching processor box. The biggest matter is to lucifer the WiFi chip. They will sometimes brick difficult and to restore requires shorting pins on the NAND flash. Information technology is pins 29 and
xxx on this i (TBC). Brusque the pins while connect to PC, and apply power and you are able to flash new firmware. I never had to do it on this ane. The A95X has an RTL8189ETV WiFi flake as can be seen in the picture above. So I did some searching for “S905 RTL8189 Firmware” and I plant some, but they were not whatever better. If WiFi doesn’t matter and yous have Ethernet you will take improve luck or tin can use a USB to Ethernet adapter if the firmware supports it.

Review Turned into a How To

I wasn’t happy with anything (I know….I am needy). So what practice nosotros do? Go and try a manufacturer’s who put out practiced software regardless of WiFi and Ethernet. I had used Tronsmart’s S905 firmware on another box and information technology is pretty adept. So I started in that location and flashed it and the box booted but without WiFi, nor Ethernet, and I assume no remote control either (I don’t typically use the remote and test with Logitech K400R). So I tried to use this firmware as ROM to port from, and now the time consuming part starts…

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Earlier we brainstorm I will put out the typical disclaimer that you assume all adventure and don’t blame me. If you lot don’t want to accept to do this buy a box from a expert manufacturer. Several stand out… search for reviews in CNX Software, or other forums.

I practise all my piece of work in Windows, so no Linux is necessary simply just recently upgraded to Windows ten and with bash opens upwardly some additional possibilities I take notwithstanding to explore. I did try mounting an img just it doesn’t support information technology withal.

Beneath is the chief software that I utilise. If you know whatsoever other alternatives please get out a comment. Especially Across Compare simply 30 twenty-four hour period evaluation. It is non as well expensive and I utilize it for other things. Install all the programs below with defaults and information technology should work except the Customization Tool. Install it to someplace other than Program Files. Information technology will save button presses when needing elevated privileges.

I will be going to go over the basics of this tool. When you first load the tool it volition be in Chinese. The 2nd menu Item in the superlative volition set information technology to English language, and it will recall it the rest of the time.


The first footstep is to unpack the img files. Printing the load push button, and you will exist prompted to what you desire to unpack. I check them all at this signal except the lesser one. At that place is an issue right at present with the tool with the last one. And so choose the img nosotros are porting to. This volition take a while.


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In one case the img is unpacked navigate to where you installed the customization tool and rename the
directory to


Now repeat the process again with the Nexbox Stock img. Don’t close the Customization Tool until we are washed.

At present we have 2 img’s fully unpacked and in each directory we have 2 folders: Level 1 and Level 2. Level 1 has all the individual partitions and we won’t be doing anything in there today. Level 2 has the different partitions broken out so we tin manipulate them. We volition only have to become into arrangement to do this port.


Now in the Nexbox firmware,  delete app, fonts, framework, media, priv-app in the system directory, and copy them over from Tronsmart.

At this point go back to the Customization Tool Printing the Pack button and relieve it somewhere. If I was doing this the commencement time I would flash and do some testing to encounter if it booted, Wifi, remote etc. This besides gets you to a skilful spot to get dorsum to and so in case something goes bad y’all don’t have to do the whole affair over again. As yous are exploring it is skillful to do this oft to save some headache and time.

Beware once y’all pack an img, as you must close the customization tool down and unpack the last one yous packed. There is a bug if y’all pack make a change test then pack again without restarting and reopening. All the img’s after that first pack won’t be able to be unpacked by the tool.

Terminal Tweaks

Hither is our take chances to remove all the bloat and clean the img upwards. When I make clean an img I have a picture of the app drawer with my phone and remove any unwanted apps from the app directory or priv-app directory. Exist aware at that place is too a pre-install directory that won’t install annihilation. I removed everything to tidy upwardly. I did endeavor to fix quickly but didn’t spend much time on information technology.

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I as well replaced the Tronsmart boot animation with a different one. It is in the media directory.

You tin can also modify kick img and logos with this tool. I apply gimp to modify logos. First I would navigate to the logo binder in the level 2 directory. The largest file bootup is a bmp file. Rename to bootup.bmp, right click on information technology go to properties and note the dimensions and chip depth. In this case information technology is a 32bit 1280×720 bmp img. Notice any picture or logo…your imagination is the limit but you take to make sure your dimension and bit depth are exact. In gimp y’all export to bmp and cull 32 chip…if done correctly your file will be the exact same size every bit the original. Rename bootup and delete the original. When done you can pack and enjoy your new logo. I believe the tool itself will import but I like to practice information technology by hand. The only thing I utilize the tool for is to unpack and pack the img.


Then we haven’t touched a couple tools and so far. That is a practiced thing. Only if nosotros did run into some trouble Beyond compare can drastically reduce the fourth dimension to find. With this tool you tin compare all the files from the stock rom, and the rom y’all are porting to. If I ran into troubles with booting offset with comparing kernel in level two. Maybe in ane of the rc files a reference something differently. This tin can lead to many hours lost. I take lost many and non succeeded. Be prepared to do lots of reading and inquiry. I included HXD and Notepad++ if you had to modify a file. In the Windows notepad it doesn’t recognize Linux carriage returns.

If you lot’d just like to install the custom image on your NEXBOX A95X (Amlogic S905 only) TV box, here’s the
custom firmware link.

A95x R1 Amlogic S905w Firmware China Gadget

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