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_http Www.canon.co.uk Support Consumer_products Product_ranges Printers Pixma _

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Printer error – back up non working

Printer has developed a error – the website doesn’t seem to work and has cleaved links etc all over the place. Awful experience – skillful printer when it worked just will resolve this and then avoid Canon in the future. Life’southward besides brusque to waste product thing fourth dimension on this.

What has happened to Canon?

What has happened to Canon?

Poor client service with much fourth dimension wasting, waffle, insulting customer intelligence and obviously and simple incompetence eg like cutting this client off instead of passing to the next department as promised.

Our latest feel. Nosotros bought a multi pack of their own make of cartridges via the online printer link to their online store, at a cost of approx £60 for the pack.

Subsequently printing 2 pages, the printer reported the cartridge was empty. We tried everything to remedy the effect merely it was definitely empty.

So we phoned customer service. Firstly, nosotros were told we cannot have a refund as we had opened up the bundle (!). Afterwards complaining to a 3rd Canon section, nosotros have been asked to return the cartridge for a full investigation, not a replacement.

Nosotros’re still without a much needed and urgent document, and have petty selection than to go out and purchase the cartridge from a shop if we are to impress it.

It would accept been quicker to get out and buy the full multi pack from a shop. Information technology is quite possible we would accept received a replacement or refund from the shop too.

Spending xxx-45 minutes trying to resolve an event at Canon for a faulty cartridge is unacceptable, equally is receiving an empty cartridge in the first identify.

Nosotros’re not interested in whether the fault lies with a manufacturer in Japan (every bit they explained nearly equally an alibi). Every bit a customer, I’m merely interested in a replacement or refund – and for the upshot to be resolved quickly.

We spoke to 3 different departments, oftentimes having to repeat ourselves, and the affair and there has not been a resolution.

We will exist changing printers to some other make now every bit Catechism are not the reliable brand they once were. The support is woefully inadequate, insulting and their staff side by side to useless.

Our advice, for what information technology is worth, is to stay articulate of this company – that is unless you lot wish to waste material fabric your time and effort.

Bankrupt inside ane month – no respond from service

I was nigh relieved to find out that everyone else has the same bug that I have. Printer ate all the newspaper and bankrupt inside one calendar month. Merely the token acknowledgement reply from customer service, nada else four days later on on.

Really impressed!

I ordered a new printer equally ours had cleaved after a few years, first time using the site just was kept upwards to date with tracking commitment etc. The printer arrived well packaged & was such a good toll, with delivery included. I noticed in that location wasn’t a USB cablevision in the box, it wasn’t a problem for me, every bit luckily I kept the erstwhile ane from the previous printer, but it may be for people who are ownership it for the showtime time.

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Canon – the only company in the world selling non-wi-fi printers without a USB cable

Bought a Catechism Pixma MG2550S – easy to install product and quality of printing is fine, just Catechism must exist the only visitor in the world trying to save coin past selling printers not supporting wi-fi connections without a USB cable in the box.

When y’all look for explanations every bit to why their printers come without a USB cablevision (that, if included in the box, would probably cost them peanuts equally you lot can buy one on Amazon for less than GBP one), their responses borders on the ridiculous – people purchase new printers to replace not-working printers and so, chances are, that they already take a USB cable at dwelling house, Canon don’t provide USB cables along with their printers because USB cables come in dissimilar lengths, and so we don’t want to provide yous with a cablevision with the wrong length.

Mayhap Canon sell decent enough products, but I would definitely steer clear of such a scabby and inexpensive company in the future.

Never ever ownership anything Catechism again

Never ever buying anything Catechism over again
I am convinced again that you are the worst company.
The worst of the ring
Information technology seems that no matter where you are in the world, Catechism volition not deliver your bundle on time, nor will accept responsibility for it.
Tracking number
Please refund the corporeality for unfulfilled delivery / RETURN AND Render / Order number: o784073361

Canon printers.

The bulk of the reviews are admittedly right, Canon printers are all-time avoided. My Canon printer when asked to impress something it whirs and clicks for what seems ages, and then if you I am lucky data engineering condescends to print my document. My only consolation is that their cameras are merely every flake bad, onetime fashioned, beefy and dull when compared with contest from the likes of Sony, Fuji, Panasonic etc.

Based on the customer service not the printer I wont exist buying a cannon to supercede my broken cannon.

This is only a frustrating experience dealing with client services, Nosotros take a Cannon MG 7751 which was reliable till out of warranty, it just bankrupt downwardly. And so I looked upwardly the error lawmaking up on-line and followed all instructions several times. Then contacted client support. Waited a long time for the live chat, only no i came to talk to me. Then made a phone phone phone call. Very difficult to sympathize the lady who took my phone phone call, we repeated all the steps I had already washed and she agreed it was broken and brash me that I would go an email telling me how to return information technology for repair at my cost as its out of warranty. Im happy with that. But and so I waited 3 days to receive the email in which they are telling me to double box the printer and print off the returns label and the print the fault paperwork and return information engineering science. Merely they know that the printer doesn’t work. Information technology’south similar a trick existence played. I contact them and enquire them to ship the paperwork in the post as the printer doesn’t work. Well-nigh frustrating is that they then call posting me the paperwork to accompany the printer on its return a “goodwill gesture”. Then I cannot discover whatsoever boxes of the correct size that it will fit in and decide that I wont return it afterward all, but become a new printer. So followed several electronic mail exchanges that were very circular with them repeating questions and requesting information that they already knew, every bit information applied science had all been typed into the notes by the first lengthy painful chat. I was actually happy to have another cannon printer, but at present having experienced cannons thought of customer service I shall non.

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Terrible Service

ordered a scanner as they were showing stock had a notification club was shipped then had an email stating my order was cancelled with no caption or reason why definitely wont utilise in the future.


Bought a Catechism printer a few months ago. The original inks ran out rapidly so replaced them at an exorbitant price. So it stopped press and came upwards with PGBK. I ordered new cartridges which arrived this morning time. I replaced the Blackness, got same bulletin and then replaced them all, same message. Went on website to utilise the Chat and they couldn’t assist. Instead of sending me a replacement pack I have to return them (no dubiety with a hand-written letter of the alphabet to explain as I cannot impress one off!) and and so they volition refund me! Meanwhile I have to social lodge a new prepare up which will accept another 5 days to get to me. This is pathetic customer service – in fact information technology is no service at all. Quicker to go out a buy a new non-Canon printer!

Very poor customer support.

I have had a Pro-10S printer since mid 2018 with no problems until I got a blocked print head which I could not clear. On contacting Canon support or a replacement function or part number, I was told that the printhead could non be changed by the cease user and the printer needs to be returned to Canon for repair.
Whatsoever one who has this blazon of loftier finish photograph printer knows that the printhead is a split up office, y’all even take to accept the printhead out of the sealed foil handbag when you beginning become the printer and place it into the printer earlier the ink.
If this is the level of support of a superlative visitor I detest to call up what the service level repair would be like. This has put me off e’er buying whatsoever Catechism equipment in the future.

Never always buying annihilation Catechism again

Never ever ownership annihilation Canon once more. I take my Catechism Pixma for less than a twelvemonth and having so many quality problems with it. The printer was sent for repair nether warrantee merely information technology came dorsum with the aforementioned issue. I’ve been waiting for Catechism to come up up back to me with a solution, but every fourth dimension I telephone telephone call their customer service I get the same reply. It’s been two weeks at present. Never once once again!

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For goodness sake Canon.

For goodness sake Canon.
Y’all brand terrific cameras but your printers are absolute crap.
They piece of work for about six months and so make up one’s mind to develop unnecessary issues, particularly the “no newspaper” betoken when the tray is loaded.
Sorry but you’ve lost my business organisation.



I chosen this number 02076600186 and…

I called this number 02076600186 and spoke to ‘Efi’ who saturday with me for OVER AND Hour and talked me through my printer to go it started. Nosotros had And then many problems along the mode merely she was then calm and patient with me. We tried then many options and eventually managed to become the printer working. I couldn’t believe it! And then HAPPY AND GRATEFUL! Efi was absolutely brilliant and I volition now e’er buy Canon!


Awful. Waited three days for customer support, no advisor called dorsum but an e-mail.

Ordered Ink, which is at nowadays 5 days from payment none has arrived.

Very frustrating for a business concern to operate with these amateurs.
Cheap printers to buy. Substantially more expensive than other brands to maintain,.

Unreliable: faulty printer afterwards minimal apply

Unfortunately extremely disappointing reliability means this will exist my last Canon printer purchase.
Having previously had an MP620 which worked flawlessly for many years until it needed replacement I opted for a TS8250 despite seeing negative reviews well-near Canons newer models at the fourth dimension given my previous expert experience with them.
At only over 2 years former it now has a 5011 error code indicating a hardware mistake. The scanner has been used less than x times while printing an odd folio every few months. Hugely frustrating this has packed in afterwards very picayune employ and consequently I certainly volition not consider Catechism products in hereafter.

The Canon Please Wait Momentarily aka TR8500

Had a Catechism TR8500 aka the ‘Canon Delight Look Momentarily’ – because that’southward the commonest message I see on the brandish panel – for ii years.

Simply the wait bulletin is a minor inconvenience really.

I’ve only been upward & downwardly stairs & through a routine of reset printer > reset iPad > reset router > repeat several times & and then eventually, for some random reason, the printer finally connects to my wi-fi & I can impress. The issue is that information technology’southward taken me xl minutes to print 2 copies of an 8 page certificate.

This must be well-nigh the 15th-20th time I’ve been through this routine, & right now I’d happily throw the damn thing against the wall.

The printer does take some decent points just i’thou afraid the totally garbage Wi-fi connectivity has to hateful is a Large negative from me.

Update 17th February: Some other 25 minutes of my life wasted trying to become a Wi-Fi connection to this monumentally useless printer. And one time again, a connection was established at random after the aforementioned things that repeated failed previously finally succeeded.

_http Www.canon.co.uk Support Consumer_products Product_ranges Printers Pixma _

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