Printer is a necessary banana in workplace just some related bug have been reported. In this article from
MiniTool, you will become the methods to remove mistake printing message that is i of the common printer errors.

When y’all are trying to print a document, the task will announced in the press queue. But sometimes, the printer might run into certain problems and the pending printing tasks might be in error printing status. This issue might occur due to USB driver issue and some other factors.

What can you exercise if you keep getting the mistake press message? Commonly, about printer bug can be removed by a uncomplicated restart of the printer. If this doesn’t work in your instance, you can endeavour the following solutions.

Fix 1: Run Windows Printer Troubleshooter

Windows Troubleshoot is a congenital-in utility that tin assistance to troubleshoot various computer bug, including printer problems. This is a quite like shooting fish in a barrel operation and yous can follow the steps below:

Step i: Press
to open up Windows

Stride 2: Choose
Update & Security
and click

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Step iii: In the right pane, select
and click
Run the troubleshooter

58mm Series Printer Error Print Test Page

Footstep four: If you have multiple printers connected to your computer, all the detected printers volition exist listed. Just choose the 1 that gives error printing bulletin and hit
push button.

This tool will start detecting bug with the selected printer. If whatever issues are detected, click
Employ the fix
to gear up them. So, effort starting your printing task once more and bank check if the error printing message has disappeared.

Fix two: Clear the Print Spool Folder

Some users also recommend immigration the printer spool binder, and you can besides have a try. To do that, you need to:

Pace 1: Printing
to invoke
dialog. Input
and click
push button to open

Footstep 2: Locate the
Impress Spooler
service among the list. Correct-click it and cull

stop the Print Spooler service

Pace 3: Printing
to open
File Explorer. Input
in the accost bar and press
primal. This volition open a folder named

Pace 4: Delete all the files in this folder so get out File Explorer.

Step five: Go to
app again and restart the
Print Spooler
service by right-clicking it and selecting

Fix 3: Update USB Commuter

As mentioned earlier, the USB drive might be the culprit of the printer error in our example. If the USB driver related to the printer is corrupted or outdated, the printer will malfunction definitely.

If the problematic printer works fine in some other computer, y’all should pay attention to your USB driver and have action to update it.

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Step 1: Correct-click the
Starting time
button and cull
Device Managing director
to open it.

Step 2: Double-click
Universal Serial Motorbus controllers
to expand the category.

Pace 3: Right-click your USB controller commuter and choose
Update commuter.

update USB driver

Footstep four: Cull Search automatically for updated driver software to go along. This will make your Windows search your computer and the Cyberspace for the latest commuter for your device.

Following the onscreen instructions to install any institute updated. Then, you tin can check if the printer tin work properly on your computer without the error printing bulletin.

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Fix 4: Check the Port Settings of the Problematic Printer

Finally, you should bank check if the port used by your printer is selected in the related settings. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Open
Command Console
and go to
Hardware and Sound
Devices and Printers.

Step 2: Under
section, right-click the problematic printer and cull
Printer backdrop.

Step 3: Switch to the
tab and brand sure the port you plug the printer into is selected here. If not, check the right port and click
to salvage changes.

check the right port