3d Printer Pen Drawing in the Air

3d Printer Pen Drawing in the Air

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The buzz around 3D printers was intense not too long ago but has since dissolved into the background noise. Turns out printingguns, cars and even new limbs isn’t every bit simple equally selecting them from a menu and hitting “impress”. Only while 3D printers have gone back to the drawing board 3D pens have actually found a solid niche for themselves, not and so much as devices by which you can generate complex machinery, only as an outstanding vehicle for artistic expression.

In this review guide we’re going to have a expect at the best 3D pens currently on the market place every bit determined by our production review console. Each of these pens has earned its place on this list and any of them would make a great addition to your artistic kit. That said, let’due south get started with the best 3D pens reviews.

The Best 3D Pen


mynt3d super 3d pen

Take your creativity to a whole new level thanks to this new and improved, almost clog-proof 3D pen. The latest creative tool from MYMTD3D, this Super 3D pen, is packed with features you lot’ll dear and which volition inspire and elevate your drawings and designs. Information technology’s suitable for kids just starting out with design to engineers looking to create 3D models. Featuring a stepless speed glider, it’s a joy to utilise, providing clean and authentic, precise results, thanks to an evenly regulated ink catamenia.Talking of which, you can also use the temperature aligning screw to quickly and conveniently switch between using ABS and PLA color filaments.

This slimline and ergonomically designed 3D pen couldn’t be easier to apply. Plus, you too become access to extensive online tutorials to help fire up the imagination. It uses the same gearbox and replaceable nozzle design equally the brands Pro 3D pen simply without the OLED brandish. But check instead for the carmine flashing calorie-free to change to red, which denotes that the heating mode is ready for employ. So easily punch in using the stepless speed slide to evangelize the perfect extrusion speed for the task in manus. For more intricate detailed work, it can be set to a wearisome and steady clamber. Information technology’s durable, reliable and also comes with a one-yr express warranty. So if you lot want to plough ordinary drawings in 3D works of art, then grab yourself this fantastic offer.

Kit includes three colors of ABS plastic filament

Fitted with a new ultrasonic sealed clog-proof nozzle

Stepless speed slider to regulate menses

Easily turn drawings into 3D works of fine art

Ideal for kids and adults, budding artists and engineers


  • Make
  • Model
    Super 3D Pen
  • Weight
    8 ounces


mynt3d professional 3d pen

The MYNT3D Professional Press 3D Pen is some other fine case of the engineering science at its best. It has all the features that make for i of the best 3D pens including flow rate regulator, temperature control in 1 caste increments and OLED display that allows you to monitor the goings on with the pen. With practice and imagination there’south not much you can’t do with the MYNT.

The control buttons on the MYNT 3D pen have been well thought out and brand for a hassle-free feel once yous get the feel of the pen. Because information technology’s corded they’ve been able to make the device slim and easy to handle for young easily. You tin can also hook it upwardly to whatsoever battery ability banking company with 2A minimum output which means it travels well.

prove more

Delivers a great user experience and features incredible ergonomics

Nozzle can be easily removed and cleaned

Supports all types of filaments including ABS and PLA

Excellent OLED screen displays speed, temperature and period settings

Easily re-charge with USB adapter


  • Brand
  • Weight
    12.8 ounces


three colors of PLA plastic filament included.

Power string allows for slimmer profile, easier treatment for the kids.

Easy to read OLED display.

Total temperature command.


Everyman feed rate doesn’t always work as it should.

Power cord could be a bit longer.


3doodler start 3d pen for kids

The 3Doodler Offset 3D Pen for Kids is a child’due south pen that looks and feels like a kid’s pen. It’s got a nice rotund shape that’s piece of cake for the young ones to take hold of and minimal control options then things don’t get disruptive for your child. There are no obvious hot components for the kids to burn their fingers on and the packet comes with enough stencils to fire their imagination.

The 3Doodler Starting time Essentials 3D pen is the 3D pen reduced to its most basic components. At that place’s an on/off button, 1 feed rate, 1 temperature setting and no exposed hot parts for your child to burn themselves on. They can use it plugged in or, if you think they’d exist better off not having a wire impose itself on their process, it can be used on battery mode for up to 1 hour.

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Child-friendly 3D starter kit features no hot parts

Interactive app packed with ideas and tutorials

Plastic apace hardens in the air with 1 speed and one temperature

Simply plug and play design

Perfect tactile toy for STEM learning


  • Brand
  • Model
  • Weight
    eight.three ounces


The near child-rubber 3D pen on the market.

Easy to use with basic controls.

Comes with activeness guide to go your child started.

1 twelvemonth replacement warranty.


Same equally the pros: limited functionality.


3doodler create+ 3d printing pen

If you are one of the very many people who just dear to doodle, then how nigh getting even more than creative with this 3D printing pen. Information technology’s ideal for all the family from kids to adults akin. You might even get your teenager in on the imaginative 3D modeling action. Featuring dual bulldoze technology, this 3D printing device enjoys improved power, reliability and durability for the best doodling experience to engagement. You can literally bask hours of creative fun.

Information technology couldn’t exist simpler to utilize. You just plug in your 3D pen, insert 1 of your fifteen different colored plastic refills and wait for it to rut up. As soon as information technology does, you are ready to extrude. In that location’southward fifty-fifty an activity guide book included as well as those 15 filaments so that you can doodle abroad to your heart’s content. Your 3Doodler Create+ 3D pen is uniform with 3mm plastic ABS and FLEXY plastic filaments only.

3D printing and doodling pen

The re-engineered pen delivers ultra-shine and precise results

Better speed control to create intricate designs

Supplied with xv colored filaments and a stencil volume

Uses safe and non-toxic ABS and FLEXY plastic filaments


  • Brand
  • Model
  • Weight
    1 pounds


mynt3d junior 3d pen for kids

Why should kids miss out on all the fun that 3D pens have to offer? Well, if you lot let them take a get with one of the other 3D pens we’ve featured, they’d find them too large and cumbersome and it could even exist unsafe. That’s why we’re and then excited well-nigh the MYNT3D Junior 3D Pen for Kids. It features all of the same technology but in a safe and ergonomically suitable format.

If your kid is artistically-inclined, this 3D pen will blow their heed. It’south designed for smaller hands and has a comfortable ergonomic shape that allows them to piece of work for hours, without getting cramps. It’s also much safer for young children. With no external hot components and a maximum internal temperature of 88ºC, you’re not putting them at adventure of burning. This is because it uses PCL (instead of ABS or PLA), which operates at a much lower temperature. The 3D pen is bombardment powered and uses a micro USB charging cable (included).

Works with 1.75mm PCL filament

Maximum internal temperature – 88ºC

No hot external components

Micro USB charging

User transmission, three rolls of PCL plastic, & stencils included


  • Brand
  • Model
  • Weight
    8.78 ounces


Designed for pocket-sized hands

No dangerous hot components

Long battery life

Covered by a one-twelvemonth warranty


Some durability bug


leshp professional 3d pen

The LESHP Professional person 3D Printing Pen is indeed a professional course 3D pen, in spite of the cutesy balloon in the photo. Information technology offers 8 different feed settings, temperature control, loading/unloading push button and an LED that indicates the pen is ready to go. As such information technology offers some of the near precise control of any consumer grade 3D pen on the marketplace.

The LESHP 3D pen feels just right in an adult hand and allows you lot the kind of control you need to create finished products with as much polish or texture equally you demand. It’due south very light in spite of existence fairly large and battery powered. You’ll find it easy to release every bit much or as footling fabric as yous need and work it to perfection. With a scrap of practice y’all can create everything from toys for the kids to basic architectural models.

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8 dissimilar speeds allows you greater control over feed and catamenia.

LED display lets you monitor pen functions while in utilise.

Easy plenty for older kids to use.

Extremely calorie-free weight.


Beware kids. Pen tip gets actually hot.


3doodler create 3d pen

The 3Doodler Create 3D pen is arguably one of the world’s best-selling 3D pens and it’s non hard to see why. Information technology’south slim and comfy to hold, accommodates 3 different types of source material, is reliable, placidity and affordable and is a popular choice for the kids. Just plug it in, wait for the ambience light and you’re good to get.

The 3Doodler Create is something of an enigma. At the same time, information technology provides you the power to create with 3 unlike types of filament it doesn’t offer precise catamenia charge per unit or temperature control. One could enquire why and nosotros’d like to hear the answer. That said this 3D pen withal has enough going for it that information technology deserves a place on this “Best of” list. Those positive attributes include its build quality and reliability, the consistent quality of the extruded materials and the fact that information technology’southward not as well complicated for the kids to choice up on quickly.

evidence more


Comfortable, slim design is skilful for smaller hands.

Compatible with PLA, ABS and TPU filaments.

Controls are minimal but thoughtfully laid out.

Comes with comprehensive instructions.


Can accept 3 types of filament merely doesn’t give you temperature control over them.


atmosflare 3d pen set

Creating 3D structures from your imagination might seem similar such a futuristic affair that exists just in movies, but it’s not. With the AtmosFlare 3D Pen Set, y’all tin become this washed easily and without stress.

The AtmosFlare 3D Pen Set brings your imagination to life effortlessly. It features a bluish LED lite and a spot of special ink, both of which allow yous to draw and sculpt 3D objects in mid-air. With the AtmosFlare pen set, you can make 3D renditions of nature, animals, objects, and others. You can draw on flat or curved surfaces, non-sticky textured materials, even objects like coins or buttons for cool furnishings. You lot can also thicken lines and shapes and create texture by cartoon over your finished work and curing it by shining low-cal on your art.

testify more than

Bluish LED light and special ink for drawing 3D objects

Versatile and tin work on many surfaces

Includes cartridges and ink refills available in twelve different colors


  • Brand
  • Model
  • Weight
    8.2 ounces

3D Pen Buyers Guide and FAQ

Central Features Nosotros Recommend You Consider When Purchasing A 3D Pen

Beneath nosotros run you lot through a few key features we recommend you consider before unleashing your creativity on the world past purchasing a 3D pen. First and foremost, the office of a 3D is to draw, so most pens characteristic three key elements. The ability to load filament, converting that filament and so that information technology tin be manipulated and the physical activity and means of drawing with the pen. Besides those obvious features, some products might likewise include a filament jamming detection arrangement and even LED lights and then that you lot can spotlight on intricate detail. Allow’s merely apace run through the key features of 3D pens.

– For more precise and intricate designs, you need to be able to control your pen. Look for a pen that you can control the temperature and speed of and which features an adaptable product flow so that you lot can regulate the rate if you are more than advanced and confident operating your pen. Just starting out, you might adopt to become for something with a continuous flow option and so that y’all can focus on your technique and getting used to using and controlling the pen itself. Intelligent controls will get more valuable, the more than advanced your method and skill level becomes.

– The get-go 3D pens were very bulky and slightly cumbersome, which did brand them more than challenging to hold and manage. As technology is advancing, pens are becoming slimmer and more than ergonomic in design so that they are easier to acquit, direct, and command. Many pens are now compact in design and can besides be conveniently recharged via USB, which is a significant reward. The design of a pen plays a massive part in how natural it feels when you hold information technology in your hand. Ideally, you want something lightweight and ergonomic but also a pen blueprint that features a visible filament window so that y’all can come across how much ink you accept left to work with.

Filament type
– The blazon of filament yous go for affects the kind of pen design you should purchase and ultimately, the level of results you lot can wait to feel besides. Currently, there are about a dozen or so different filament types being used past the most pop brands. Generally speaking, the easier the filament is to supersede, the ameliorate quality it should be. There are four main categories of filament currently available to purchase; Standard, Flexible, Composite likewise as Speciality types.

3d pen faq

3D Pen FAQs

Q: What is a 3D pen?

A: Design-wise a 3D pen looks like a beefed-upwardly and bulkier version of an ordinary pen or pencil; however, instead of being filled with lead or ink, a 3D pen utilizes plastic to create designs and shapes.

That might sound like a strange concept and something that will have a bit of practice to primary. However, remember what it was like to first pick upward a pen or a pencil? You soon perfected that technique and operating a 3D pen is no dissimilar. Patience and do and a sure level of natural skill and artistry, and you will apace exist creating masterpieces! You hold it in the aforementioned style as you lot would a regular pen, so once you become your head effectually the new technology, the simply limit to your creativity is your imagination.

Q: How does a 3D pen work?

A: About 3D pens use plastic filaments instead of atomic number 82 or ink cartridges which are inserted inside the pen and so heated up to such an intensity that they become a liquid that you can then dispense and piece of work with. Every bit before long as your various colored plastics have turned to liquid format, you’re ready to starting writing and designing. One of the distinct advantages of 3D pens is that you can use them on pretty much any surface, not only paper.

They’re non that unlike in functionality to something like a gum gun. With 3D pens, y’all have hundreds of choices in terms of colors, and while regular drawings using a pen and pencil are limited to be strictly two-dimensional, with a 3D pen, you tin, of course, create endless designs and much more than realistic artwork.


3D pens are a fleck similar tactical pens: there’s a lot more going on with them than meets the heart. Whether yous’re in high schoolhouse or are an established professional designer you’ll discover this innovative engineering science is no gimmick.

We hope y’all found these 3D pen reviews helpful and are able to utilise this information to make an informed decision when it comes time to purchase your own 3D pen. Don’t forget to end back regularly and check out more product reviews from the experts at gearhungry.com.

3d Printer Pen Drawing in the Air

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