Every bit the best dual extruder 3d printer, the
FlashForge Creator Pro
is an affordable printer that offers bully value for your hard-earned money. Information technology has
an average rating of iv.half-dozen stars out of 5 stars
which a good sign of satisfaction, quality and high performance. The printer is an upgrade from the original
FlashForge Creator
which implies meliorate quality and performance. The printer has great features that allow it to provide advanced printing solutions at depression operation cost.

Strong points

  • Dual extruders
  • Tranquility operation
  • Metal frame
  • Enclosed chambers for ABS printing
  • Open Source filament
  • Easy to piece of work with different softwares
  • Heated 6.3 mm aluminum build plate

Parcel contents

  • Dual extruder head
  • The Creator Pro
  • 2x Spool Holders
  • 2x filament guide tubes
  • 2 spools filament. Each spool has a net weight of two.2 pounds. The spools are randomly selected and they tin exist of unlike color or material.
  • USB cablevision
  • Power supply cablevision
  • End stop switch cable which comes as a spare part
  • Nuts, Hex Wrench kit and screws in the accessories bag
  • 4 GB SD card containing user manual, test sample files and software
  • Acrylic covers kit

Pattern and improvements

The print chamber is similar to that of its predecessor but several improvements. Information technology is enclosed by a metal frame which is a articulate indicator that the manufacturer wanted to upgrade the previous
FlashForge Creator

Precision improvements

  • A metallic frame:
    It improves stiffness of the printer, reduces vibration and helps in precision of the parts made. The metallic chassis seals estrus and reduces noise. Information technology eliminated the resultant noise leakage from the wooden frame which was a common issue with the previous model.
  • The build platform is made of high temperature aluminum resistant plates:
    The plates have a thickness of 6.3 mm that guarantee a level platform that can’t bend even during high heating processes.
  • Open build area blueprint:  It makes the printer ideal for PLA printing fabric that needs to exist ventilated and cooled when press.
  • Closed build area pattern for ABS material that needs to be warm when printing.
  • More precision:
    A effect a of high quality 6.3 mm build plate.
  • Y-manual beefed up with corner fittings to enhance easier installation and keep the axis direct.

Blueprint improvements:

  • It has a make clean black pattern that looks sharper:
    It is smoothly finished and highly functional with actress stability.
  • LED lighting to provide a amend view of project when press:
    The light spills from the super-clear acrylic panels on the front end of the printer. It makes the press look magical and more than professional.
  • Improved build plate design:
    Information technology enables college printing speeds with fewer project failures or errors
  • Printer remains more stable:
    Small prophylactic feet to keep the printer house and stable to reduce projection failures
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Inside the print chamber

The printer has plenty space to exercise various printing needs. The working space is sufficient for replacing components and producing prototypes, fun copies for 3d computer models and hobbyist items.

The delivery mechanism is fabricated and optimized to draw PLA (Poly-lactic acid) or ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene). Information technology has two popular thermoplastics that take slightly different fabrication features. The thermoplastics are loaded on spools and feed through the dual extruder at a speed of 30-160 mm per second.

The bedchamber has a apartment aluminum plate, loftier quality associates of rods and guides that brand z-axis move very accurate. This allows for incremental deposits of 100-300 Micron thick layers for precise layering process.

With all these great features, the print chamber allows the
FlashForge Creator Pro
to generate high quality products faster and efficiently.

Control interface

Yous can admission and see the command interface of the printer on the LCD panel. The interface is brightly lit and positioned below the acrylic panel. It features a collection of soft push button next to the LCD readout. It allows users to control the dual extruder assembly to perform tasks while gauging the progress of every function.


The software compatibility of the
FlashForge Creator Pro
provides axis-guides through a versatile duplication of MakerWare and open source Replicator. The input file types include
STL, although press can be done using an SD menu or over a wired USB cable. TheFlashForge Creator Pro
is highly compatible with Linux, Max OSC and Windows operating systems. Afterwards, it should work well with any typical computer meaning you can control it easily using your habitation or part computer.


Currently just over $g USD this printer is considered to exist affordable bearing in mind its great features. The ease of use, filament options, heated build plate, dual extruders and reliable customer support are great specs at this price. While you may detect
other 3d printers for less, you lot volition often find they miss some important features that have made the
FlashForge Creator Pro
the printer it is today.

Gear up tips

As a outset-time user, you lot are likely to observe that this printer is simple and undemanding to employ. All the same, in that location are some tips that will simplify the process for you and ensure a smoothen 3D press experience. Hither are some set-upward tips that you should proceed in mind for a ameliorate beginner experience.

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  • Don’t remove the Kapton record pre-installed on the build-plate because it offers the printing surface.
  • The spool is tightly wrapped. Be cautious not to make information technology unwind because information technology tin can make it messy to piece of work with
    Install the filament spool as outlined in the transmission.
  • Recall that the spool will feed differently when facing the rear side of the printer. For instance, the left spool volition work counter-clockwise while the right spool will piece of work clockwise when facing the back of this 3D printer.
  • To brand the printer operational, install the two extruders and get the software installation CD.
  • It is essential to remember that you will not take to re-tighten the metal frame ofttimes. The frame hardly becomes loose unlike the previous wooden version which had to exist re-tightened from time-to-time.


  • Price:
    The advantages of this printer aren’t complete without mentioning its affordability. It just costs $1199 which is much lower than the price of its competitors.
  • Dual extruder:
    The two extruders offer y’all several press options. For instance, you lot can give each extruder a different press task, print different colors or use different filaments every bit support construction for your designs.
  • Enhanced stability construction:
    The metal frame of the printer optimizes the printing process. It increases the stability of moving parts like the 10 mm guide rods. This makes the moving parts work together to enhance accurate movement of the z-axis.
  • Customer service:
    FlashForge has reliable customer back up squad. This means the Creator Pro is the printer to go for you are concerned most long-term customer support and service.
  • Aluminum printing platform:
    The half dozen.3 mm aviation grade aluminum remains apartment even after continuous exposure to loftier heat.
  • Very like shooting fish in a barrel to use:
    The printer has an on-board LCD interface that guides users on every stride of 3D printing and setup process.


  • The Creator Pro comes with enclosure panels that are relatively fragile.

Customer reviews and satisfaction

FlashForge Creator Pro
will be a adept improver in your classroom, business organization or home. Buying this printer today is a certain way of enjoying a worthy experience merely like thousands who accept used. The
86% rating out of 5 stars
imply that this printer will surely match your printing needs. True to the quality of service, nigh users reviewed the
FlashForge Creator Pro
equally a printer that is affordable, comprehensive, easy to utilize, ready to use, compact size and backed up by excellent customer support.

Mutual complaints

Although the printer has had a good number of positive reviews from owners, there are a few people who take reported several complaints while using it. However, a expert number of these complaints are from beginners. The complaints include:

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Need to monitor prints:
E’er notice the first few layers existence printed to confirm if they are laid downwards well. Make the necessary adjustments if necessary before leaving the printer unattended.

Constant adjusting:
The ABS shipped with the printer may not stick firmly to the plate. This event calls for abiding aligning of the ABS to brand it stick on the plate. This issue is common if the Kapton tape has worn out and yous can buy another
roll of Kapton record
to solve it.

Fragile enclosure panel:
Some users complained of receiving the printer with cracked back console. If this happens, don’t permit it carp you a lot. Instead, contact
for the way frontward.

Startup issues:
When you ability the car, you may notice that the heads want to force themselves in a higher place the top of automobile. This unremarkably occurs when the sensor is not connected properly. To correct it, push the sensor back into identify.


The printer goes thorough quality control procedures before shipping. Owners are yet given assurance for their 3D printer investment in form of a ninety-day manufacturer’s warranty from the date of original buy. There are also warranty extensions through ProCare Extended Warranty Plan that begins afterwards expiration of the standard 90-day warranty. The manufacturer’due south warranty is only applicable to printers bought from authorized sellers and it is not transferable.

FlashForge Creator Pro
ways that the 3D printing is no longer express to well-off companies and homes. It makes quality 3D orienting accessible to all including hobbyists. Moreover, the price tag doesn’t come with limited capabilities. Subsequently, it is the platonic entry-level printer for individuals and organizations that don’t need big pieces, quick printing time and massive production. The
FlashForge Creator Pro
is the best dual extruder 3d printer for you. It will give yous the best value for your money with no printing limitations.

Other Models yous may want to consider

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